I'm happy with Facebook and Twitter: sell me on Instagram and Snapchat

I’m 49 and have been on Facebook for years. I enjoy it because it’s a great way to conveniently interact with friends, coworkers and relatives as well as see how old classmates are faring.

I got into Twitter a few years ago and discovered its a great way to get breaking news, interact with celebrities (I’m a huge sports talk addict and found Twitter is a way to participate without calling) and anonymously troll right wing assholes.:slight_smile:

Instagram, on the other hand is an app I keep downloading then deleting when I run low on storage. I just don’t GET IT. It’s hard for me tell where a post ends and the next one begins; it just seems to be a lot of useless photos and videos I don’t care about. Am I just too old? I know many social media users love Instagram so I can’t knock it.

Then there is one I never tried: Snapchat. Another wildly popular app and I believe it’s like Instagram except your posts are then erased? Whats the point of that?

Am I just a fuddy duddy? Are most social app users like me and stick with 1-2 outlets? Does anyone use all 4 and if so how do you decide where to post what where or do you have a setup where if you post something on one app it shows on 4

What apps am I missing?

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I can’t. I love photography, and Instagram doesn’t allow you to enlarge photos.

I don’t see the point of Snapchat. I guess if I want to send a dick pic it is good, if I don’t want the person to forward it… but, of course, there’s NO way for someone to capture it…

And one other thing… get off my lawn!

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I use Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is good for all the reasons you posted above, but it does come with some drama. Instagram is for sharing photos with people, but you’re not really looking for a big discussion or drama. Responses tend to be brief and less conversational.

I like Instagram because it’s simple and just photos. It is fairly fun, “follow” people and bands and such that you are interested in and you’ll likely see some interesting/amusing/inspiring content that you don’t see elsewhere from them. I too am frustrated at the small size of the photos. I post photos occasionally and get good reactions.

I love Instagram. It’s more about finding neat images and connecting with people who share your interests than keeping up with friends. There’s no drama or political bullshit. I have an instagram for my weird-looking dog and one I just started to forcemyself to do art every day.

The majority of my late teen/twentysomething coworkers use Snapchat exclusively. The “messages disappearing after X amount of time” is the big draw because you don’t want your parents to know/see what you’re posting now, do you?

I won’t do Twitter. I’d find it as mind-numbing and waste-of-time as I did Pinterest.

Instagram can be fascinating but it’s more of a gallery and less of a community IMHO.

FB, Insta, & Twitter user here, mostly dropped out of FB, too many ads. Insta is a little better for me for following some of my favorite restaurants and bands. still too many ads. Twitter is best for me for quick news updates. I stay out of Snap.