What’s your favorite social media platform?

Poll coming. I am not including an option for those who don’t use social media, however.

For me, I use Twitter for politics, Facebook for general life updates, Instagram for trivial aspects of my day to day life and rarely use Snapchat. Instagram is getting my vote in this poll as my current favorite.

I use all of them to some degree. I refuse to vote for any of them, as they all have very fundamental flaws that makes me hate them while I’m still enjoying some of their other features.

I only use Instrgram. It’s not much of a “social media” platform the way I use it. Just a way to share photos with the kids. The SDMB is the only social media that I really participate in.
I think the world would be a better place without twitter and Facebook, so I self-righteously avoid both. I’m not entirely sure what snapchat would be used for.

Waaaah… a None and an Other might have been handy.

I waste so much time here that I don’t have time to be “social”. And this way I avoid family Facebook drama.

Of those listed I only use Facebook. Winner by default!

I was going to come here and say “message boards”.

But then, I guess I just did. Can’t do it in the poll, though, so didn’t vote in that.

FB is the only one I really use, so FB by default. And it technically does everything all the other aforementioned apps do, and more. Plus more of my friends are on it.

No love for Pinterest?

Definitely Pinterest for me.

Twitter for ‘news’ - politics and restaurant reviews mostly.

LinkedIn for work. Also Pinterest (I’m a designer).

I have so few friends that bother with Facebook these days that my feed is just full of ads and my niece’s multiple holiday pics. It used to be good, but just feels like it’s had its time.

Instagram is like Facebook but with more annoying tagging. I can’t be bothered to get into it, although I have an account.

Same here and while it may basically negate the purpose of your poll slightly I only use it for a very few people from my actual life. Its not so much a case of keeping track or up to date as allowing another future avenue in the event of some emergency in our/the future.

This? Wouldn’t this be social media even if it predates the term?

What you said. +1.

Facebook, by default.

I have a Twitter account for some reason, but I’ve never used it for anything that I can recall. I probably created it to give somebody shit about something, but I don’t remember. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to delete my account right now.

Are those really the top four? I’ve heard of and, to some degree, understand how they work, and I always assume anything I understand in the realm of social media must be passé.

I’m not going to vote. I do use Facebook and none of the others, but voting for Facebook looks to me like I favor it in some way, which I don’t. The others may leave Facebook in the dust, but I can’t be bothered.

Twitter - Easily, by far, my favorite and most used of the modern SM sites.
LinkedIn - It’s an online resume, which is useful, and also valuable for reviewing business people’s bona fides. Boring as fuck, however.
Largely deactivated my FB account by never logging in - I detest that site with the fire of a million suns.
Never had an Insta account - part of the Zuckerberg empire, not really interested.

All the others, I never even visit.

I’ve been using Reddit a lot more lately, but of those four, Facebook.

Probably Twitter, I don’t actually have an account, but I check Trump’s tweets periodically.

I have a dummy facebook account that I only use to access things that require a facebook account to use, but don’t actually use it. I have never used any of the other two you mention.


Of the ones listed by OP, twitter. I find facebook to be fairly boring nowadays. Its just virtue signaling and political fighting anymore.

Same here. FB is the only one I’ve ever used. Mainly b/c a couple of groups I associate with communicate via FB.

One time I thought I’d check out Twitter just to see what it was about. When I saw I had to register, that was enough to dissuade me.

No idea what all of the other things I hear of do, or how they are different from each other.

The poll results are likely a good indicator of the average age of posters here.

I think you’re right, this board definitely skews older. My friends are significantly younger than I am, hence why I’m so active on social media.

I didn’t include the SDMB or Reddit as I see them as being discussion boards where the conversation tend to be more in depth than you’d get on a Twitter or Instagram. Admittedly, some of the subreddits are pretty silly, but there’s also a lot of good discussions.

I should have included Pinterest, that’s the one social media I don’t really use so it wasn’t on my radar.