I'm having problems using Fonts in Classic for OS 10.2

I would like to get some fonts permanently installed for use in Quark 4, but I can’t seem to get it to recognize them. I searched Apple.com and found this, but it doesn’t seem to actually work. It just shows that I don’t have the fonts lnstalled. I’m using 10.2.8, if that makes a difference.

How can I get these fonts installed in Classic so that Quark can use them? Thanks.

The best way is to install the fonts directly in Classic’s System Folder. Simply drag the fonts into the “Fonts” folder in your OS 9 System Folder.

That’s what the Apple tech support document I linked to says, too, but it’s not working. Quark isn’t recognizing that they’re there. Any ideas what might be causing a conflict?

You don’t have permission to use the fonts.

No. Seriously.

Click on the font once to hilight it, then click command ‘i’. Make sure you have ownership of the fonts. Also, I’ve found that Quark is flaky as all get out in classic. I occasionally correct the permissions on the Quark folder, then go in the folder and open every single sub folder, then select all (command ‘A’) and do the Command ‘i’ again and fix the rights there too.

It’s weird, because my other 9 apps aren’t giving me as many headaches as Quark is.

All I can say is, you’ll love InDesign. The learning curve isn’t so bad, but it can do so much more, and it was built for OSX. Finish those Quark jobs up and take the leap.

I can control these permissions in OS X? Because the info box there says that all my permissions are Read and Write, controlled by Me. Is that the way they should be? Do I have to do that through Classic in some way?
And I have every intention of switching to InDesign as soon as I can squeeze a little more money out of my boss. He just bought me a PowerBook, though, so I have to wait a little while.

Have you tried putting the fonts into “System Folder/Fonts”, then rebooting in MacOS 9, and trying to run Quark from there?

The fonts should be available to Classic, just by putting them into the old System Folder; I’ve never had any problem with this, myself. Then again, I’ve never used Quark, and have no idea how touchy it is…