I'm having the Gastric Sleeve performed!

As of right now my surgery date is the 19th. I’ve read many sites and the postings here and while I’m not nervous about the surgery I’m scared about the future.

I’m worried that my friends will treat me differently because I’m going to be a different person. I know that the operation is a tool that will help me lose weight and that I have to change my lifestyle to be successful.

I know I have to get my rear back to the gym and exercise.

I also know my blender is going to be my friend for the first few weeks.

Best of luck to you, hon. I’m planning on having RNY in a few months.

Don’t be scared, do everything your doctor says and seize the day! Do it do it do it!

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[nonmod]Good luck to you![/nonmod]

Best of luck to you!

I wish you luck and good health.

Perhaps you will inspire some of your friends to follow your lead. Enjoy the good health to come.
Best wishes to you.

That’s awesome. I just took a look at some data here, and it says that the average sleeve patient loses about 72% of excess body weight in 3 years. 27% in 3 months.

Good luck! Check in with us afterwards and tell us how it went!

I don’t know how fast the weight loss tends to run after a VSG, but my husband had a RNY (roux-en-y) in mid-December and has so far lost 58 pounds.

One thing to watch out for is taste changes - this varies frome one person to the next and is still not well understood. You may find foods you enjoy now to be utterly repulsive post-op. Just thinking of a Big Mac makes my husband queasy, for example. You may have a few pangs of regret as you discover that previously favorite foods are now off the menu entirely. Does your surgeon coordinate support groups? Emotional support is really important, whether it’s from other people who’ve had bariatric surgery, or your friends and family.

You may also find you become lactose-intolerant post-op, so watch out for dairy in unexpected places. You’ll know quickly if whey proteins such as Isopure get you really gassy, for example. If that happens, you should be able to switch to soy proteins without trouble.

Are you on a pre-op low-fat liquid diet yet?

Finally - congratulations on taking an enormous step to improve your life! There’s a goodly handful of people here that have had bariatric surgery or who live with someone who has, so there’s no need to feel all alone.

Good Luck Manny. I hope everything goes well.

Yes my Dr. runs a support group I will avail myself of it because I know how important support is to lose the weight and maintain it. I’ve heard of the your tastes changing with the RNY not not as much as with the VSG. Currently I’m lactose-intolerant so I already am on the lookout. I’m currently on soy based low fat diet now.

Good luck, MannyL!

I’ve got an adjustable Lap Band, which I got in 2004. I had the surgery in Mexico.

I haven’t lost all the weight I’d like to, but instead of being depressed about that (and there are MANY people who have had weight loss surgery who get totally bummed when they don’t become swimsuit models!), I’m still thrilled I had the procedure.

Before surgery, I was gaining about 10-15 pounds a year. The Band stopped that miserable cycle! My health is MUCH better than it used to be. If I could increase my exercise, I’d probably start losing again, but I’ve had some mobility problems.

The only negative? Why in the HELL didn’t I have this done sooner???

Best wishes for your new life!

I’ve just had a consult with a surgeon who recommended a gastric bypass for me … Scary and exciting prospects, to say the least. Doc was recommended by a co-worker of my wife who had the procedure nearly ten years ago, lost about 200 pounds & has kept most of it off.

Still not sure yet if I’m going to go through with it …

A good friend of mine had this done a few years ago. Prior to that he was pushing 420 lbs and watching him eat was disturbing. I honestly haven’t ever seen anyone that could devour food the way this man could. We (myself and other friends) were always very worried about him, because he was in his early 30’s and got winded walking a short distance, fell asleep constantly and when he did would have apnea so bad it would scare anyone around thinking he wasn’t going to breathe again.

Finally he decided that if he didn’t do something he was going to die. He got the stomach band, but had moved away. I saw him about a year and a half (maybe two) after he got the surgery and WOW! He had dropped at least 150lbs and we went to lunch together. He could barely finish his meal and that was a shock to me, because the last time I saw him he could finish his, mine and still be ready for another course. I am thankful that he decided to do this, because diet and exercise were just not working for him. He feels better, has taken up mountain biking and got married.

I hope that your story will be as successful as his. There is no “cheating” or anything by getting the surgery. As you said, it is a tool and your life will be better than you could ever imagine. Good luck!

Good luck!

If all went well, you should have had surgery almost two weeks ago. How are you, Manny L?
I had a mini gastric bypass two years ago and am very happy with it. I have a thread about it somewhere on this board. I went from looking like this to looking like this.

I’m still alive which is a plus. Also I’m losing weight which is a second plus.
However I can’t get all my protein in through shakes a minus but tomorrow I start Pureed foods! (Hopefully a Plus)

I’m supposed to go back to work April 23rd

Oh good. I’m glad things are going well.

Best of luck to you Manny.

I had an adjustable band in 2006 lost 50kgs, and have kept it off. I would like to lose 10-15kgs more, but ain’t going to go all out again like I did at the beginning. My health has improved dramatically. You have to stick with the program though…change of life style. Wish you all the best!