I'm heading back to the Universal Library. Put in your orders now!

As explained in previous threads I am too lazy to look up, my lending privileges at the Universal Library were briefly suspended while my alleged role in the arson of the Piers Anthony wing was probed. Happily, that investigation (long stalled because of the series of mysterious eviscerations, deaths-by-stampede, and scaphisms befalling the agents involved) has been cancelled, and my card is once again accepted.

And just in time! The ninth season of Firefly has just been released, and I’ve been dying to know how the Kaylee-Inara-River love triangle resolved itself after the eighth season cliffhanger. (Not to mention that thing with Zoe & Mal.) And of course Professor Tolkien has finally finished both the prose and verse versions of The Fall of Gondolin, so I’ll be picking up one of those too.

Anybody else want anything?

I’ve already reported this thread as a dupe.

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