I'm heading back to the Universal Library. Put in your orders now!

If it’s not too much of a bother, would you mind picking up for me the second volume in J. Kennedy Toole’s Ignatius Reilly series, “Dunce harder”?

If you can get me the map from Time Bandits I’d be grateful. At least until I kill God seconds after the big bang and eat his magical giblets*.

If that isn’t in the collection I suppose the actual Constantine movie with Jude Law will do.
*Deus-giblitophagy being the accepted method to steal a God’s power.

The Complete Box Set of all six seasons of Journeyman.

The abridged four volume set of the Wheel of Time.

The twelve volume series of The Complete Adventures of Chrestomanci.

A first edition of Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying.

An autographed copy of Bill Watterson’s Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie.

Bit of list I’m afraid;

But if you can find them, I wouldn’t mind the 3 volumes Tom Clancy wrote pre-sellout, not featuring Jack Ryan.

And the rather excellent Wheel of Time arc, where RJ wasn’t married to his editor, and wasn’t fixated on braid pulling and dress straightening.

If you’ve got time to head over to the A/V section, I have a list as long as my arm, but so as not to stretch the friendship maybe you could check out for me Seasons 4-6 of Deadwood, and how could I forget those excellent Star Wars prequels, you know the ones that George Lucas quite wisely kept completely away from, allowing professional directors and screen writers do the excellent job they did with those films.

For starters, I’d like the real fourth and fifth seasons of Babylon 5, the ones that were written when JMS wasn’t lead to believe he’d be canceled at the end of Season 4 and where he and Claudia Christianson didn’t have their dust-up.

I’d also like the last four (or was it five?) volumes of the Aubrey/Maturin series. I’ll second the request for the full version of Hornblower During the Crisis.

And since I may not live long enough to see them, I’d like the full 100 volume set of Eric Flint et al’s Ring of Fire series, plus all 843 volumes of The Grantville Gazette.


Many members have already requested what I would like; so if I may be wait-listed for


Also may I have seasons 3-10 of Carnivàle

I’ll gladly buy you lunch, dinner and your transportation expenses.

Ars Honeste Fartandi in (sic) Societate, I have simply lost my copy. Thanks.

Most of mine have already been mentioned (the complete Firefly, Crusade, Briscoe County,and Journeyman sets, Ellison’s I, Robot, and the complete edition of Hornblower During the Crisis), but I’d also appreciate it if you could locate the rest of Robert Asprin’s Dragons series, as I seem to have only the first three volumes.

Ooh, ooh! Could you please pick up Rita Skeeter’s The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore? I know it’s trash, but…

Ooo! I forgot:

Volumes 4-6 of Barry Hughart’s Tales of Ancient China.
The third book in Diane Wynne Jones’ Derkholm series. Hell, the next 20 years of her work.

And a +1 to seasons 4&5 of B5 as originally intended without threat of cancellation or loss of Ivanova.

Oh, and George R.R. Martin’s critically-praised, blockbuster sequel to Tuf Voyaging, about the continuing adventures of that sarcastic and slightly power-mad ecological engineer Capt. Haviland Tuf, if you would be so kind. Much obliged.

The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook

Ooh, pick up Chronicles of Chrestomanci, volume 4 for me, will you? The one with the novels about Christopher asking Millie to marry him, and a teenaged Eric Chant first having to take over duty as Chrestomanci.

Well, yes, the Flashman would be nice, and if you could find me some of Buddy Holly’s later work, like Rough Beast, from his revival after he caught the Wild Card, I’d love it. And maybe some of Ozzy’s work with the New Yardbirds, in the world where they stayed that and didn’t become Led Zeppelin.

But if you could find the plans for that 200mph carburetor, the one someone uploaded to Usenet before the car companies could stop him, I’d be pretty thankful. Or the detailed report from Roswell, it’s declassified by now.

Oooh. The Real Final Report of Project Bluebook, with appendices.

If you could pick up Jane Austen’s Sandition and The Watsons, I’d be ever so grateful.

I always meant to get around to reading Hogwarts: A History, so if that’s not checked out you can add it to my pile!

My associate is asking for The King in Yellow, but I don’t really think that’s a good idea. Not unless Act I is available as a separate volume.

You misspelled gay porn.

Transportation expenses are covered, as I simply stopping by the UL on my way back from an Oparian raiding trip.

Meals will be had at the UL’s coffeeshop, which serves the best french dip au jus in the multiverse. Sadly they don’t take gold, US currency, or any credit card I possess, but they do recognize my shotgun.

Kenneth Branagh’s films of *Love’s Labour’s Won *and Cardenio.

Seasons 2-7 of The Famous Teddy Z and Frank’s Place.

I wan to see that Mary Worth where she recommends that someone commits suicide.

Do you think they have the complete series of Martin’s Ice and Fire? I’ve been waiting for a while now, and it would be nice to read over the summer…
Also the second season of “Alien Nation” where they resolved that cliffhanger of a finale. I still have questions from the '80s.

Null request. Not even the UL has a copy of* A Dance With Dragons*. :smiley: