I'm humbled

I’m humbled by the friendship I’ve been blessed with. I don’t deserve it, either, but damn I’m lucky.

I’ve been struggling with depression for the last few months, and right now am overwhelmed with work and school. I have a paper due on Monday, and I’m trying to get my house ready to sell.

A good friend of mine volunteered to come over and work on the house while I wrote my paper yesterday. I tried to talk her out of it, feeling guilty about someone else cleaning my house. She not only came over, did some repair/refurbishment work, she cleaned, dusted, scrubbed, organized, and even washed my smelly dog. She brought over fruit and girl scout cookies for me to munch on while I worked. Then she went out and bought me a dinner so huge that I won’t have to cook for a couple of days.

I cried after she left, I’m so grateful that I have a friend so caring.

Wow. Now that is not only a real friend, but an awesome human being. Isn’t it refreshing to know there are just plain good people in this world?
(And good luck on the house, the school and the depression.)

Now, that’s love. :slight_smile:

All that and washed the smelly dog?? You’ve a great friend there tmwster. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your schooling as well.

Pray thee well.

Keep up the good work.

What a wonderful friend. I bet you do deserve it, tmwster, but you just don’t realize it. Good luck with everything.

I have three smelly dogs that need a washing… do you rent her out? :smiley:
In all seriousness, that is great. The fact that she let you know how much she cares about you is what makes you feel all fuzzy inside. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid my dog was less grateful than I am. I’m eating her leftovers for lunch right now while I take a break.

In celebration of love and friendship, I would invite all of you to share your stories, too.

I had my wisdom teeth out when my kids were small. Grade-school age. I was lying in the bed totally whacked out with pain & drugs when my youngest turned the tea-pitcher over in the kitchen. Now, if any of you has not experienced that nectar we drink in Mississippi known as Sweet Tea, you may need the gravity of the situation explained. Sweet Tea is similar to pancake syrup in some parts. It’s chock-full of sugar, so it’s sticky. Very sticky. So here I am, totally zonked out, and my kitchen is one big glue trap.

Enter my buddy Rosa. She had come by to check on me. Not only did she totally mop the floor, she took the devilish children to her house until my then-hubby came home. She is a true Saint. :slight_smile:

Are you going to marry her?

This happened during the summer of '78. I was going thru Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI - our company was made up of former enlisted personnel and we were getting an abbreviated form of OCS. We also got more privileges than the regular officer candidates, like being allowed off base during the week.

Anyway, one night, I was in a real funk. I felt sad and lonely and friendless, and I didn’t see any of it ending. I was talking about this to a guy in my company who I knew from college. He tried his best to cheer me up, but to no avail. He left my room and I went to bed.

About 1 in the morning, I was awakened as my mattress was pulled off the bunk to the floor. My friend from school and a bunch of other guys from the company were “kidnapping” me. They took me out to an all-night restaurant where they got me relaxed and laughing. (no, we weren’t drinking - I think we were having ice cream) I was really touched that they’d do such a thing for me. They managed to chase my sadness and self-pity away. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it meant a lot to me - still does.

I have a best friend that has done so much for me. Not in one single thing like the OP, but over the course of the last 4 years he has always been there for me, always listened, he lives out of the state, and there have been times when I needed him and he came. When we first met, he became my mentor, and still is. Oh, how I have tried to be worthy of the love he has given me.

She is just the kind of person I’ve been looking for in a husband, I just haven’t found him yet. :slight_smile: