I'm in Cell Hell

I have a very simple phone plan. It’s less than 50/month, no contract, 400 anytime nights/weekends free deals. When I set it up with Dishonest Fucks Inc, I had it billed once a month to my debit card. This proved to be a problem right away as I stupidly entered the next days date when I set up the phone as a payment day. You can guess what happened right? I got charged twice.

Initially I think, well this isn’t a problem, it’ll fix itself next month. It didn’t; despite having more than sufficient cash in my phone account, it still auto-deducted from my debit card. Great, I need to call them. Being the King of Procrastination I keep putting it off, I mean crap it’s just fifty bucks. This was made all the more annoying by the fact that Dishonest Fucks sends me a text message once a month, in the middle of the night no less, reminding me that they will be charging my debit/credit card soon, make sure you have enough money. Meanwhile my credit sits untouched.

Cut to, February, I have one of those really bad days. I needed to take my wife to the doctor in the morning, and both my Mom and grandma during the afternoon; of course all of these are as far from each other as possible, while still being in Stockton. I also have half a dozen orders to get out, and I need to pick up everyone’s Rx from Walmart. In fact that’s where I was when I noticed I lost my wallet.

The next half a day is spent calling the hospital, the hospital security office, the doctors’ offices, and in two cases the building management, the UPS store, the police substation next door and for good measure customer service at Walmart. Not a soul has found my wallet so of course that afternoon is spent calling the bank, credit card Company A, CC B my insurance companies and of course the bank, all of who were phenomenal by the way. I had replacement cards from everyone within the week. Too bad my wallet had turned up well before that, but thems the breaks.

Later that month I get the Text Message, and “oh goodie” my inner slacker exclaims, “problem solved”. I just won’t update the card until next month thinks I, my credit will be used life is good. The day rolls around, I get a text message. “Top up failed” I do nothing. I get another one, I do nothing. The next day the money is taken from the credit. “I am so smart, I am so smart” my inner slacker sings while doing a happy dance. I promptly forget about it.

I get Aprils’ Text Message, and remember that I have to give them the new card info. The next day I spend about an hour on the phone with “Andy”. Well half the time with “Andy” half the time on hold. He get’s it set up and wishes me a nice day. And. Charged. Me. Twice. This time the credit isn’t even on my phone, just the banks record. For Fuck’s sake! I have had enough of this crap. I call the company, “Kecia” looks up my account, sees and explains Andy’s stupidity. She’s very apologetic, she’ll get this to her supervisor or whomever and I should see my credit in 2-3 days no more that a week.

Three days go by, I check no refund. Well I’ll give it a week, I check no refund. I’ve heard of credits taking up to 10 days with some banks I wait. No refund. Now I’m irked, that’s not a good way to call someone I think so I wait. Another week passes and it’s now the 23rd. I call up; this time I get “John”. After explaining to John what happened with Andy and my call with Kecia I’m put on hold. John tells me whomever Kecia sent the request to hasn’t been in and he’s sure it’ll get resolved soon. I asked how long, he implied a couple of days.

Now it’s this morning, two more weeks have passed and still no refund. I call and this time I get Mike and repeat the story yet again. This time I’m told it’ll go to investigation and I should get a refund in 3-7 days. Something tells me they have no intention of giving me my money. This is confirmed 20 minutes ago when I get a text message telling me I’ve signed up for a new plan and now I have a $60 credit.

Does anybody want to give me a hand writing a letter that will get their attention and my money back? Mine has too many Fucks in it.

No problem, I would be glad to, send me all the details in a PM or e mail (I write a great nasty letter BTW)
Email addy is in my profile.

You need to write a letter at this time, so it’s a legal notice. Explain the problem to the accounting manager, but don’t get rude at this time.