I'm just about to gouge my friking eye out.


4:30 AM, still working at the office and I have the mote from hell stuck on my left eye, it’s driving me nuts.
Since last Thursday/Friday (two days, one shift) in fact, get the fuck out of my eye already!!!
I can feel the little bastard moving around a little but still it won’t budge. As soon as it seems to be gone it slowly inches to a spot to the top right of my iris, halfway down my eye socket where it can cause the maximum amount of misery. That’s how devious it is.

:smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack: GET OUT OF MY EYE YOU MADDENING GRAIN OF SUFFERING!!! :smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack:

I’m just about to start bouncing off the walls, and since there’s nobody here to start an perfectly justifiable axe-murdering killing spree I need to vent somehow.

Holy mother of despair, here it comes again…:smack::smack::smack::smack::smack:

Have you thought that it might be a good idea to see a doctor about this?

IANAD, but in my experience it might actually be gone now…

If you have something in your eye like that, it can scratch it. And it can even feel like it is moving around due to the fact that various parts may be scratched, etc. The most important thing is to not rub your eye! It may feel like there’s something still in it, but there probably isn’t. It can feel very convincing though that it’s still in there but by rubbing it you’re probably making it worse.

If you’re absolutely sure there’s something in there, then just wash it out as best as you can with water or saline if you have it.

Feeling better now.

Probably it’s just that I’m too tired to give a fuck by now.

I’m guessing that whatever the foreign object is, it’s long gone and you had a scratched cornea. Which is unpleasant enough but usually heals quickly.

If it’s still bugging you when you’ve had a little rest, not a bad idea to try to see the doctor in case it’s embedded in the eyelid or something.

Dude, I feel your pain. I’ve had a giant canker sore on my gum for the last week. My tongue rubs against it, my food rubs against it, everything I drink irritates it and brushing my teeth is like stabbing myself with an ice pick.
Go away!

Maybe a scratched cornea. See your doctor (the eye will heal quickly, but infection might be a concern).

That’s almost certainly a scratched cornea. I got a particularly painful one when I was in high school. For some ungodly reason, the gym coach decided we all had to unpack some mats, which were so dusty the crap flew everywhere - and scartched my cornea. It went through rounds of pain and numbness, and was alternating tearing up and me holding it shut. When I got home, dad drove me out a local clinic who smeared some gel on it, then put a bandage on it mostly to keep me from rubbing it, although I had no intention of doing so anyway. The next day was a little annoying, but after that I was fine.

I somehow managed to get a pine needle from a hemlock in my eye once. Couldn’t get it for 10 minutes. A wee bit uncomfortable.

May had been that, last week walking out the office some piece of random crap falling from a tree hit my eye, I didn’t notice any discomfort then and there though.

The eye feels normal now, thank goodness. I was already considering the Long John Silver costume for this Halloween.

Arrrrr! :dubious: