I'm leaving my girlfriend

As I mentioned in another thread, I and my camera are off to the South to shoot a friend’s film. The SO is driving me to the airport at 0500 tomorrow, and I won’t be back until almost midnight on the 30th. This will be the first time we’ve been apart since she went on her medical mission to El Salvador two years ago.

She’s like, 'Who will feed me when you’re gone? :frowning: ’ I got her some Trader Joe’s chicken pot pies, and there are chicken breasts, breaded fish fillets, panko-breaded prawns, shrimp, scallops, and ground beef in the freezer. There’s also bacon.

She says maybe she’ll have a party with the cats, and invite the raccoons over. She just got a set of DVDs from the UK, and we now have Starz as part of the cable upgrade. She’ll catch up on a lot of stuff. I need to remember to hook up the PAL DVD player for her.

Anyway, I’m going to be missed.

Not by the cats, you won’t.

Have a great time.

I think Tonka has separation anxiety. He howls when he can’t see us. (OK, he howls when he can see us!) It’s like, he’ll wake up in the wee hours and say 'Help! I’m alone! :eek: ’ He usually greets me when I come home from being out. (OK, after he greets me, he heads for the food dish. But I still think he likes me.) Poor guy. I’ll tell ‘mom’ to give him extra loving.

I gather the subject line was click-bait. The comment about what supplies you provided for “when” (after) v. “while” you’re gone had me expecting to read that you’d decided after that nonsense that you’d be leaving … as in breaking up with … her, but not until after she acted as chauffeur to/from airport.

MPS I don’t need to share, but … no man or woman should be complaining about “who” will feed them in this day and age (unless they are incapacitated). Very weird (weirder that you’d share the list of all the things you purchased, whether or not they are items you usually buy and cook for her).

Apparently, she won’t miss you as much as she’ll miss the cook. Something to ponder.

Be sure to leave her plenty of Vegemite!

You remind me of me when I go on trips. I have to find a transportation replacement and make sure the food and all is in proper order. Have a good time and don’t worry about it.

Yeah, it was click bait. :smiley:

She’s perfectly capable of making meals for herself. She just likes my cooking better. But in reality, that was just her cute way of letting me know she’s going to miss me.

Strangely, she never touches the Vegemite. :confused:

I’m kinda-sorta starting to pack. There are some jeans I haven’t worn in a while, and I put them on the bed to roll them up. I thought, ‘Heh. I hope there are no spiders in them.’ Sure enough, as soon as I oriented them on the bed, a spider with the legspan of about a quarter started scooting across the bed. :stuck_out_tongue: I caught it and took it outside.

Now the question is: Do I pack a good shirt so that I can do Bow Tie Wednesday even in the swamps?

EDIT: Oh, yeah. The PAL DVD player isn’t working. Well, what can I expect for something I picked up at Sears for $25? I’ve ordered a Sony for $32, which may or may not get here before I get back.


Tip: you don’t need to set up a seperate PAL DVD player. Most DVD players can be easily hacked to play all regions. When they make a DVD player model, they are all the same for all regions except for some minor firmware differences.

My son bought some Doctor Who DVDs and then found out they were for the region 2. I did a google search and quickly had his and my DVD player playing those DVDs.