The SO has flown

She hasn’t fled; she’s flown off to Central America on a Hands of Hope (Joyce Meyer Ministries) medical mission. Actually, she should be landing in San Salvador about ten minutes from now. She had an epiphany while she watched the coverage of the Indonesian tsunami, and decided to become an RN and help people in need in other countries. This is her first trip.

So for the next week, it’s just me and the cat! Let’s see… Leftover chili-cheese fries from Thursday, leftover Round Table pizza from last night, a leftover pork chop and mashed potatoes and gravy from last weekend, I can make hot wings with the chicken in the freezer… Hm. Gotta get some ground beef for porcupine meatballs, and some Polish sausages and buns.

I’d really like to move the stuff in the little bedroom into storage, and turn it back into a bedroom. I hope I have time. It would shock the hell out of her when she gets back.

Hey, my husband is out of town this weekend, too! I’m starting to paint the living room while he’s gone. That’ll teach 'em to leave us. :smiley:

It’s a conspiracy! The wife is in Boston until Wednesday. I’ve been indulging in onions and the like since she left. Only 2 days, but still. Now I have to get the laundry finished and keep the kitchen sink clean and empty. That’ll shock her!

My wife is upstairs and already I miss her.

Tonka got into my lap. I had to move him so that I could use the computer. But I let him lay there purring as I stroked him for about 10 minutes. He’s over my shoulder on the back of the couch now. He’s mom’s cat. (The one that doesn’t adopt the cat or pay its vet bills is the one cats bond to. It’s a Rule.) He lays on her legs, and she’ll pull him onto her lap like a sack of potatoes (or he’ll go there himself). After ten months, this is the first time he got into my lap on his own.

And your spiders.

My sweetie just got back today after being with his folks for a week. His dad had surgery and his firstborn son came to help out, drive, and miscellaneous other things. He’s a good son. But now he’s home. YAY!!

I live alone. But I have Monday off from work, so maybe I’ll join you all in some chores. I still have to upgrade a bunch of electrical outlets.

mrAru hasn’t left home since he retired from the Navy, so it would be really strange for him to go away for a few days or longer now. Back when he would vanish for various amounts of time I used to eat beans and onions [serious fart making foods for me] and indulge in cheesy mockumentaries on aliens and ghosts and suchlike, and play MMORPGs with really loud music playing when he would normally have been trying to sleep.

Had the chili-cheese fries for breakfast, and the pizza for lunch. I’ll probably do the pork chop in a couple of hours.

Just played Mouse with the cat.

I’m going to tentatively assume that porcupine meatballs aren’t made from actual porcupine meat. Right now I have a mental image of meatballs with quills sticking out of them . . . :smiley:
(Random digression: Over at a house that my sister was dogsitting for, the dog’s food was labeled ‘Kangaroo Meat’. I thought it was a slang term or nickname for something else - apparently not :eek:).

Porcupine meatballs

When my wife goes out of town, my first order of business is to go to the local grocery and buy several of the cheapest frozen pizzas (Totino’s or Tony’s, doesn’t matter), a box of the Velveeta mac and cheese, and a box of the frozen White Castle cheeseburgers. I’ll eat some combination of those the first and second nights. Third night is for regret. The fourth night is for vegetables and other healthy items to try to restart my digestive tract. And to clean up all the incriminating evidence and get it into the bottom of the recycling bin in the alley.

Ooh… Mac’n’cheese with SPAM[sup]®[/sup] in it!

It’s been about 91ºF in San Salvador, but dry. The SO said she acclimatised fairly well. I got an email from her today saying they had their last clinics. She’ll be glad to get back to the cool and sleep in her own bed.

She sent a photo from her hotel room Tuesday, and I shared it at work. My cow-orker made a comment that implied that the area was a bit substandard. I saw it differently. On first glance it looked like a somewhat slummy area. I think it might be because of the corrugated metal roofs, which are common in tropical areas that get a lot of rain. But the structures were nicely painted and tidy. Frankly, it looked a little bit like some of the older areas in L.A. Different outlooks, I guess. My coworker and I had different upbringings (and she’s in her 60s).

I didn’t clean out the back room. No time. I did finish off the chili-cheese fries, and I did make porcupine meatballs. No deep-fried Polish sausages, but I had a couple of Trader Joe’s uncured jumbo franks this week. Today I went to Arlington to see an old family friend from Lancaster, and stopped on the way home at a burger joint I’ve seen for years but never tried. And I made a burger later.

The cat has seemed a little needy this week. He got into my lap again today. Poor little fellah!

Flightaware shows her over the northeastern corner of Oklahoma now. Fewer than 1,600 miles to go, and just over three hours. Should arrive half an hour early. If I leave at 20:00, I should get there just about on time.

Wow, what an awesome thing to do! I hope you are giving her the welcome she deserves.

Do let me know if she ever makes it out to Niger. I have some friends out there and may be able to give some advice.