"I'm left handed.."

I love my job…
I hate stupid people…
I work in IT, a woman called me and said I had to get over to her to help her with her with her computer as soon as I could…
ok… great…I have no problem with that… that is why I get paid…
I drop everything I was doing and walk over to her, and she is on her neightbors computer for the day…
I say “hey… whats going on…” and at first I thought my ears were playing a trick on me when she said…

“I’m left handed, I need the mouse on the other side.”

I looked at her in total disbelief and grabbed her mouse… pulled it over to the other side and walked away… She didn’t even want to switch the right and left click… she just called me over to move the fucking mouse…

I wanted to jump out the window at that moment.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Repeat after me the mantra of IT people everywhere:

“It all pays the same. It all pays the same. It all pays the same…”

(This is particularly calming if your department charges her department for your time.)


See, all the people like that out there ensure jobs for life for people like you !

You should have empowered her:

"Pick up the mouse. Good. Now pick up the mouse pad. Good. Set the mouse pad down on the left side of your desk. Excellent, almost there. Now, put the mouse on top of the mouse pad.

Anything else I can do for you today?"

I don’t think I could have done it. I would have asked to explain, in detail and several times, what her problem was and see if she figured it out.

It probably wouldn’t have hurt to call over a few other people for additional assistance.


Hijack to the other end of the spectrum.

I once caught a load of crap from our old IT rep because I moved my computer monitor and keyboard from one side of my desk to the other.

I didn’t disconnect anything. I didn’t add software or reconfigure anything.

It looks like your user and my rep would co-exist nicely on some far awy planet.


What did she do when you moved it? Was she embarrassed or did she really just want you to move it over for her?

Maybe she was attempting (badly) to flirt with you…?

When I was working desktop support, if someone had called me with that problem, I’d have had to put in a ticket for the union to do it, because it was a hardware problem.

I’m as union supporting, pinko-liberal as they come, but THAT was the stupidest thing I ever heard.

You should have peed on her.

I’m left handed.

I leave my mouse on the right. For the same reason that I bowl right-handed and brush my teeth right-handed. I watched others do it that way, so I did it that way too.

She must’ve been one of those “special” left-handers we try not to talk about in our bi-monthly meetings.

Using his left hand to direct his peeing device?

I can actually use a mouse equally well with either hand–right at work, left at home. The upshot is that I’m more comfortable airbrushing photos and doing logos with my right hand and playing games with my left, although I can do either “backwards.”

That is pretty damn stupid. My personal favorite stupid IT thing is when people don’t know about the proper usages of the on/off switch.

User’s monitor dies. I replace monitor. After this apparently intense process, user asks me if all her stuff is still saved on the computer.

Brain thinks, “What the fuck?”

Mouth takes advantage of brain’s confusion and says, “Do the TV stations go away when you throw out your TV?”

User blinks. Blinks again. Starts to blink one more time, but then that body function is halted in favor of more processing time devoted to my perplexing question.

“Ohhhhhh,” she drools, after blinking a few more times. I briefly considered dropping her dead monitor on her foot.

I love users.

Another Lefty here, duck. Hey -* you weren’t supposed to talk about the meetings. * :eek:

I’m left handed and the only time I use a mouse on the left hand side is when I’m two-boxing. shrug

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of people who, under normal circumstances might be considered intelligent, but are reduced to complete drooling morons by a bit of technology.

I’m a lefty also. There is a definite advantage to using my mouse with the right hand because that leaves my left free to take written notes or type.

This link to a FAQ site for customers essentially sums up how bad some people can be with computers.

There are a lot of people who think the computer is inside the monitor. They think the box is just where you put the CDs and turn it on. In fact, some people think turning the monitor off and back on is rebooting the computer.

It’s weird how some people think.