I'm looking for a gun

Specifically one that I saw at a gun show three or four years ago.

It’s a 22/410 combo pack gun that looks like it was modeled on the M6 Scout.

It’s got the same uncomplicated look and design. Ammo storage in the stock. I don’t remember if it had the squeeze bar or an actual trigger.

The main difference was that the stock folded sideways rather than down. The price tag was about $225. Still kicking myself for not grabbing one or two at the time.

Disclaimer: It might actually be the M6 that I saw and I’m just misremembering the stock folding sideways, but I really don’t think so.


Are you sure it wasn’t an M6? Folding survival rifles aren’t real common. There were Savage .22/.410’s, but they had conventional stocks. There was also an oddball called the Garcia-Bronco that had a wire frame stock and looked like it should fold, but didn’t.

Am I positive? No.

But I am almost sure that the gun I saw hinged sideways rather than down line the M6 does.

Bauer Rabbit was a 22/410 that folded sideways