I'm looking for a thread

I recently saw a thread that was about low priced products that turned out to be completely worthless.

I’ve tried searching for “low” and “price” and “priced” but have been unable to find this thread.

I think it must have been in either one of these three forums:

  1. Cafe Societ
  2. In My Humble Opinion
  3. Mundane Pointless Stuff

I could be wrong about that. But those are usually the only three forums I ever examine.

I remember one post was about low cost Q-tips. Someone complained they bought some at a grocery store and they just fell apart when they put them into their ears.

Does anyone remember this thread? Can you tell me what forum it was in?

Thank you.
Dang! I found it. I searched for Q-Tips and found it.

Here is a link:


Sorry to have bothered you all.