I'm looking for a video on authentic Manx.


I’ve been searching for a video of authentic Manx. So far, everything I’ve heard does not sound authentic. I was expecting Manx speakers to sound more like the Welsh or the western Irish. All speakers I’ve heard have heavy English accents. What is authentic Manx supposed to sound like?

I look forward to your feedback.

There are many Manx Gaelic clips on the Manx Radio website, and the station regularly broadcasts in the language.

Apparently there are three main languages used on the Isle of man:

Any of these are “authentic”, but the one you seem to be seeking, Anglo-Manx, is doesn’t seem to be used much any more.

This is a comedy clip, but it gives a good flavour of what the Manx accent in English sounds like. Some Manx in it, but only a little.


The spoken Manx language sounds very like Irish. Manx people speak English with an accent similar to the accents of north-west England (Merseyside/Lancashire).

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