I'm looking for sympathy, empathy, and good vibes

I had 2 teeth pulled 9 weeks ago in my lower jaw, a cracked molar and an impacted wisdom tooth. I had a lot of pain, made many visit to the oral surgeons, and was healing slow. I had dry socket, which is a blood clot pressing on the nerve. VERY painful.
Then, the wisdom tooth socket got infected, and I was treated with 2 kinds of oral antibiotics. There was very little healthy bone, and they told me there was danger of my jaw fracturing.
Sunday morning, as I was waking up, I felt myself biting down, and I heard and felt my jaw break.

Bottom line, I had my jaw wired shut today for 6 to 8 weeks. I also have to have an IV line placed in my arm for IV antibiotics for 6 to 8 weeks.

I’m scared.

I am a singer and a radio DJ.
I will be able to teach my music classes, but I now talk through clenched teeth.
I am starting to cry as I type this. Not so much the pain, but the fear.

Reaching out to all of the good people here.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way, David.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated on how you’re feeling.


Good thoughts from me as well; I hope you heal up quickly and soundly.

Oh, good lord! Scary, scary stuff.

Good vibes sent your way.

That’s terrible! Definitely sending healing vibes in your direction! Feel better soon!

Sending some good juju your way.


Good vibes heading your way! What you went through must have been horrifying…

You have really been through a lot, seriously. I feel like whatever I could say would be pretty trite compared to what you’re experiencing, so here goes… just hang in there, do what you can do to get better right now, and worry about the future when it comes. We’re rooting for you. <hugs>

BTW, I once had an extended period of unrelenting tooth pain (not so bad as your situation, but bad enough) and there is just something about it that beats you down. It really, really blows. so, <empathy>

Hope you feel better SOON—Check in here once in a while, hopefully it will keep your mind off of your misery a bit…

(Don’t be afraid to ask for some pain medicine; Lord knows you have earned it!!!)

You’ve got oodles of sympathy, empathy and good vibes from usn’s at The Farm :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t bother you, I’ll pray for you.

Sending good thoughts your way too.

Oh dear! Poor David. Good thoughts, sympathy, and hugs all heading your way. Why don’t you get a massage or watch a feel-good movie? It will distract you and calm you down. Have you mentioned your fears to your doctor? He/she might be able to reassure you.

You’ve been through a lot, but it sounds like the worst of the pain is over, and it’s just a matter of healing from here on. Your body is made for that, so try to trust it. And remember, we’re here for you along the way!

You have my full sympathy. I can imagine how awful that is for you, especially given your profession. And any kind of injury to your mouth is so painful and wearing. There are just so many nerves that get set off.

But since there’s nothing you can do but wait out the time for healing (and you will heal, and get back to your regular life), maybe you can take advantage of the break to your normal routine and activities and find/learn something completely new and different. Something you wouldn’t have had the time to pursue otherwise. You’re obviously musical- how about picking up an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn? Or writing some songs?

And if worse comes to worse, you can practice ventriloquism…get yourself a dummy!! Maybe you’ll end up with a whole new career!

Quick healing to you!

Bones heal and infections stop being infected! You’re at the bottom now and you can only go up from here! You’re doing all the right stuff and there’s NO REASON you shouldn’t be able to continue without a hitch in two months, once all this horribly awful stuff is over. And it WILL be over! You’re under a Doc’s care and you’re taking your antibiotics and this will all go away, as far away as it seems right now. I know it sounds crazy but you have to be a Pollyanna right now; keep your spirits up. It will help you heal more quickly and help you get through this. I’ve had an infection and a surgery where I assumed worst-case-scenario and I got through it in half the time they predicted…I know that doesn’t make you feel much better right now but trust me, assuming the best will happen can REALLY help you.

And FTR just reading your OP made my teeth hurt; I can’t imagine what it’s like and I won’t try. But please know we’re sending good vibes, karma, prayer, and the kitchen sink your way.

Keep your chin up! (No pun intended.) You can do this.

Lots of sympathy headed your way. In a word, that sucks, man.


I had an IV line installed this morning in my arm, snaked around to under my breastbone. The infectious disease doc called a little while ago. He is sending a home health care nurse tomorrow to teach me how to give myself antibiotics through this tube ONCE A DAY for 6 weeks. They will draw blood through the IV and it will be tested to see how the infection is being curbed. I see the oral surgeon again tomorrow as well.

They gave me a liquid narcotic, which just gave me nightmares last night. I’m going to stick with the liquid Tylenol for the mouth pain right now.

I have 2 banjo students coming by here tonight. It will be a good distraction for me. I won’t talk as much, we’ll just play music.

I wish my mind would stop racing with the fears. I wish I could say I believe in prayers, but I don’t disbelieve them. The serenity prayer is something I can say to myself, and it can be calming.

Again, thanks.


Man…I wish someone would wire MY jaw shut. Empathy and stuff your way, though.
You, uh…you want I should blame George Bush for your troubles? I wouldn’t mind.

Wow that sucks. I had dry sockets without a broken jaw and that was bad enough. I assume that unlike some patients I’ve seen you’re intelligent enough to leave the wires on for the recommended time period rather than cutting them off because they’re annoying an then bitching about how your jaw won’t heal. Have you considered asking one of your various doctors to prescribe something for anxiety?

I’m sending you good vibes, Dave!

When I was 14, I had my jaw wired for 6 weeks, as a result of a car accident. I also lost 4 teeth in the process. Other than the damage from the accident, I was healthy, and went on to a full recovery. Here’s hoping that you will, too!

I drank some protein shakes and whatever would fit in the blender. I did eat a good variety of whatever mom made that night, just sometimes pureed, or else cut up fairly small. One day, because I just wanted one, dammit, I bought one of those Hostess fruit pies, and ate it about 1/2 cherry at a time. Normally I could have eaten one in about 2 minutes without rushing. This probably took about 15 minutes.

You’ll need to be hypervigilant about dental hygiene. I had a WaterPik, which really helped since I couldn’t use a brush much.

I’m no psychologist, but it sounds like this might be overwhelming you a bit right now. One of the best things I’ve found in this situation is to take positive, concrete steps to deal with things. Tackle a little problem first if you need to, and build on that success. After a couple of those, you’ll see you can have a track record that will get things moving in your favor. This really can help with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

BTW - that first yawn will be incredible. But stick to relatively soft foods for awhile afterwords, because your chewing muscles will have atrophied a bit.