I'm melting, I'm melting in the MMP!

I’ve just picked up Tonka. The box is rather large – about twice as large as Creamsickle’s. There’s a sympathy card with The Rainbow Bridge in it (I can’t bear to read it), and certification of cremation. There was also a blue satin bag in the gift bag. I opened it to find an imprint of Tonka’s paw on an elliptical terra cotta tile.



{{{{{{ :broken_heart: }}}}}}

{{{{{{{flyboy}}}}}}}. I don’t even own a pet and I can’t read the rainbow bridge tale without tearing up. My best wishes to you.

Front yard is mowed, I am taking a break (Pepsi + 2 White Castles) and will shortly go do the back yard. While the square footage is comparable, it seems the back grows faster, I always end up with more grass clippings to bag in the back than the front. Filled three mower bags and one 30-gal trash bag on the front–will see what the back yard gives me.

Onward into the afternoon. Take care all.

I am so very sorry, flyboy.

It’s raining here, too. Of course, that’s not that unusual. I’m debating whether to walk to the gym now or hold off until later this afternoon, when it might clear up.

Y’know, I really have, but I didn’t mean to make it sound like I spent my youth hanging with hitmen or anything. There were a lot of people in rather mundane roles. I have a couple of stories, though…maybe some Mumpfest.

sunny, not much to share can be good. Hope your recuperation continues to go smoothly.

{{{{{flyboy}}}}} I teared up reading about the pawprint. :broken_heart:

The place down here did the same thing with Brindle when we lost her last April. I still tear up when I see the box on the mantle with her collar on it.


Mrs. L.A. came home between patients. She likes the box. She thought it was sweet that they gave us Tonka’s paw print. I’ve ordered prints on photographic paper of the photo of Tonka I posted earlier with his name and dates. The box gave dimensions a little greater than 4x6, and the glass part isn’t that big. I ordered two prints; one 4x6 and one in the specified size. They’re 40¢ each, and they have a minimum order of $1.00. May as well get two for the price of one.


We got caught on our bike ride today too. The storm front moved in pretty fast

I have boxes for Al and Clint, and fully intend to have a box of cremains for Nikki when she gets there.

I like knowing my kitties, and their collars, are nearby.

I do NOT have the same for my Other Shoe which weirds some people out. My mother, for example, positively lost her mind when I clarified this.

“No urn for husband?!?”

I dunno. It’s difficult for me to articulate, but it feels rights. Johnny is lost to the winds. My cats are MINE dammit.

Howdy Y’all! I went through, organized, and (gasp) got a buncha decent tshirts and assorted other stuff together and went and donated them to a local thrift store. Thus, I did adult today. Go Me! Chikin nachos have been consumed. It has rained off and on all day. Right now the sun is out but more rain could be headed our way, or not. TWPTB have taken willy-nilly to Olympic levels.

{{{Flyboy}}} I cannot read “Rainbow Bridge.” Just too much. The Tonka paw print is a nice touch.

I raised slothage to an art form today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do what I intended to do today.

At least it’s stopped raining…

And it was black as twilight when it moved in. I had to turn on lights in the house. Lovely stormy noises and smells though. I love a good storm. I got a few sprinkles on me coming in from my early morning dentist appt.

Boo doesn’t enjoy being anywhere to have her gums scraped at 8am, but I got 2 hugs from my dentist, making up for lost to pandemic hugs. I’ve been going to him for more years than two of my kids are old. Unlike my AC, my teeth are just fine. No work needed :upside_down_face: I have dental insurance so no charge. Double :blush::blush:

Afternoon all. Back yard has been mown (2 more bags of clippings) and bath has been relaxed in, so life is good. Been cloudy but no more rain, maybe tomorrow. Big Bowl O’Sallit has been prepared and is currently being consumed.

Looks like laundry day will be Sattiday, ran out of unmentionables today so need to do 4-5 loads to get me back to zero on all items.

All y’all have a good evening.

I’m really sorry Johnny.

Thanks, everyone.

I got some salmon with pesto butter and dill from Costco. Should be done in 20 minutes or so. I’m steaming some cauliflower, and I’ve made cheese sauce out of Velveeta. Can’t remember the last time I bought Velveeta. It sure is rubbery!

And now… to the margaritas.

They did not fix things while I napped, but considering what’s been going on this week(2 water heater replacements, a major water leak underground, and multiple A/C issues), I’ll let it side. I’m having a gin and tonic, since my scurvy is acting up.


I have the late Nellie K. Beagle on the shelf, with pawprint and Rainbow Bridge scroll. I suppose I should take some to the beach, since she escaped every October, and tried to migrate to the sea,(which is how I ended up with Gordie)

Some day off of yours, I’d love to read the full story.

Is this somethng @dogbutler would be interested in, too? :slight_smile:

Very annoying day, including a mild spat with sup. We’ll see how things go Moanday. Long story short: from my POV, the way she handles schedule adherence for some tasks leaves me feeling penalized for being faster than average.

Moanday and Tuesday are going to be freaking traffic nightmares here and the second half of the week will involve triple-digit temperatures. I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge, which may well feature heavily in tonight’s dinner plans. Might even bake it first.

nettie, it depends upon what kind of inventory that you are reconciling on whether there’s any heavy lifting. My position is about 80% desk and 20% out on the floor. We distribute / process returns of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, so nothing really heavy. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some bending though. Retail, manufacturing and logistics are all different in the way that you go about it, but all in all, I like the work. I spent the first half of my career in quality assurance and sometimes, there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference.

magic, do you have a privacy fence? If so, you (and the boys) can take a nightly pee around the parameter of the garden to help keep out the varmints. My grandfather used to do this and he didn’t have very many issues with uninvited wildlife.

metal mouse, I don’t think my manager had much of a choice after consulting with PW. :stuck_out_tongue:


Irked, came home, ordered groceries via InstaCart. I threw my back out earlier this week (prolly sneezed or something) and really didn’t feel like shopping, then schlepping the groceries 150 feet into the apartment. I also picked up a burger and fries from Steak - N - Shake on the way home, so supper was an easy fix. Hopefully, heat packs and rest will help the back.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!