I'm melting, I'm melting in the MMP!

Looks like summer is upon southern Merrylande, and other places, too. Heat, humidity, insects, t-storms, cats and dogs living together… :open_mouth:


When I was a kid, we didn’t have a/c, but we did have a window fan in the dining room. At night, it would be turned on to blow out, and all the bedroom windows would be opened about 5-6" to allow air to be drawn in. I would often go to bed with a damp washcloth and I’d wipe myself down as I lay in the “breeze”, cooling via evaporation.

Now, I lie under a sheet and blanket with a ceiling fan blowing down on our bed, sometimes needing to grab another cover because I get cold. Spousal unit complains of the heat. I’m thinking our windows probably won’t be opened again till late September. Dammit.

That’s this week’s hot topic! Onward!!

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and almost caffeinated! ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 88 and allegedly rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. We shall see. No biggie plans for the day so sloth rules the day. Sup shall be country fried steak, smashed N.O.T. and gravy, peas, butterbeans, and okra cooked together and cornbread. Got a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for some down home cookin’.

I live in south Jawja. So, it’s hot and humid? Well, duh! Then again I am a Summer baby and love me some Summer weather. Plus there’s the cee-mint pond.

And now this…



Now I shall finish caffeinatin’ and feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Awwww. Thank you swampy it just wouldn’t be the same without a Mumper birthday song. :slight_smile:

Happy shoe day!!!

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s warm out there, more humid than anything else as the sun’s disappeared for a bit and let the grey clouds move in. I don’t think it will rain though, we’ll be back to heat and humidity in a few minutes.

Happy birthday, Shoe! Hope you get to do something fun today to celebrate.

We don’t have a/c, to be fair we don’t really have the kind of long, hot summers that would make it necessary in this country although global warming suggests that we will be getting that way sooner rather than later. Last summer, 'im indoors bought a portable aircon unit that’s been unpacked and taking up space for about 12 months. I’m more of an “open windows to let the breeze in” kind of person at home although I do appreciate decent aircon in hotels and places like that.

Had a lovely weekend, we went out to a gig on Friday with real live bands, had a friend unexpectedly staying over as she’d managed to get her hotel booking dates wrong. I did a couple of gym classes, stocked up on cat litter, got my hair cut, we did lunch out, had an afternoon in a pub, and generally chilled out with some good company.

Sadly it’s back to work now and things are getting crazily busy. I know it’s what they pay me for, but we’d really just like a bit of peace and quiet!

Happy Monday all!

I realize that I lurk here more than participate. I have done some research on my profile and have found out that next month I will have been a member here for 22 years. Dividing my post count by the time I have been here shows that my posting average is .44 posts per day, or not quite 1 post every other day.

I need to come out of my shell. I will work on it. I am pleased to be a MMPR, but I need to work on my shyness.

Thanks for listening…

I booped the nose on your avatar. Maybe that will help?

Morning all. Rain has stopped for a bit, but better than 50% chance it’ll be back in the afternoon, along with 82F for the high. Need to do the Moanday sammich-n-shopping run here in a couple of hours, and also need to see the dentist about an appointment for my chipped tooth (and general dental cleaning).

hippy, all your posting means is that (1) You still care about the SDMB and (2) you have a life . Post when you can and when you feel like it, we’ll be here and always happy to see you. Plus you’re learning to adjust to retirement, IIRC, and that is a bit of a change.

boo fae, sounds like a great weekend was had. Makes the irk-week a little better, I hope.

Happy Birthday, shoe!!!

FCM, like you, as a kid we didn’t have AC, so it was fans and open windows. Of course I grew up in Northern Ohio, so it wasn’t anything like the heat is down South now, so I guess I lucked out. Can’t imagine life without AC anymore…

OK, onward into the day. All y’all have a great week now.

Happy birthday, shoe!

It’s my birthday week, too. Friday will mark 50 trips around the sun for me.

Still no hot water at casa paint. Hoping the plumbers will call today to set up a time to remedy that.

It’s been a productive morning! I fetched in some #8X2.5 screws because the short screws holding our bathroom door hinge were pulling out. The hinge is now firmly attached to the studs beyond the frame, so yay! Plus I started the ice maker - we use a lot of ice in this house.

I also laundered the comforter that FCD put on the floor of his office for Higgs. A certain damned feline decided to pee on it and we just happened to be standing there when he did. Stoopit cat. So the comforter is on the line and the electric blanket, which I finally took off the bed yesterday, is in the washer.

I also raked up the weeds and such that I pulled yesterday afternoon and just left on the ground. Then I rode ol’ John Deere around the front and back yards. I didn’t push-mow the ditch, tho. Too humid already and I didn’t want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

FCD asked me to call his knee guy and see if there had been any cancellations so he could get an earlier appointment, but the phone rang and rang and rang and I gave up. I’ll try again in a bit. I’m guessing they get a lot of calls first thing on Moanday.

And I have yet to hit the big chore du jour - finishing the basement ceiling. And did I mention I didn’t sleep much last night because (dummy me) when we had our late lunch/early supper, I drank some diet Coke. That’s way too much caffeine that late in the day for me. So I was awake till after midnight and I woke around 5. :yawning_face:

Let’s try that phone call again…

Happy Birthday Shoe! The hot weather seems to be everywhere. We are looking at 90f (32c) and not a cloud in the sky. We are heading out early for our first official ride on the bikes we bought over the weekend.

we will start out slow and try for 7 miles. Where we live there is a very nice series of paved trails that follow the creek system. they cross under the streets so we are out of traffic.

Happy birthday, shoe!

As typically happens around here, we are back to June gloom for a week or so. Just in time for Graduation Wednesday. The peppers were really enjoying the hot weather, too. Garden work proceeds apace. The pole beans are contemplating trying for “beanstalk” status and growing at least 4"/day.

No classes for those of us who teach seniors, so today and tomorrow are part of a four-day weekend for me. Off to do some grocery shopping in a bit, maybe stop at Trader Joe’s while I’m out. They have a nice Aussie boxed shiraz cheap, and I’m almost out of wine!

Have a great week, Mumpers!

Happy birthday, Shoe. I hope it’s a good one.

Hippy, have fun on the ride, just make sure you make your presence known to the pedestrians on the trails. You’ll feel weird shouting, “Passing on your left!” the first couple of times, but then you’ll realize that ALL of them have noise cancelling earbuds in.

No ride this morning, it was supposed to be thunderstorming, so I slept in. Unfortunately, no one told Thor about the plans. I’ll try to get out later today.

We dropped Fang and Squeaky off at summer camp yesterday. Fang is going for CIT, here’s hoping he’ll get a job offer at the end of it. Squeaky is going for Star Wars camp. His excitement was quite evident. They all really missed going last year. Spike will be going for Harry Potter camp next week; I think he’s looking forward to it, even though it will be a week without his precious phone.

The A/C guy just called, and he’s on his way, so our main floor will have its A/C back. It’s funny, when we moved to Tennessee, I poo-pooed the reports of the humidity. I’m from Raleigh, and we have the Gulf Stream right there, only Florida and the Amazon are more humid. I underestimated the power of the Gulf of Mexico.

Mrs Magill went into her office today for the first time in a year. Since the the senior person in her team at this location, she’s the move coordinator. (They’re consolidating office space, since more people are working from home.) She texted me earlier saying that it was odd seeing actual people instead of little heads on here computer screen. You can say what you want about home offices (the commute really is the best), there is something about being able to say to a cow-orker at the coffee maker, “Hey, were you ever able to get that thing to work?” that no amount of MS Teams or Zoom will ever be able to replicate.

Whoop, there the doorbell. Gotta let the A/C guy in.

:notes: rain drops keep falling on my head… :notes:
Not really. But the kitchen sink hot water will not turn off(it just whistles and shakes,), and my toilet fill float thingie is filling the tank out of the wrong hole. And the shutoff valve doesn’t completely shut it off.I await maintenance, and a geriatric terrier to lose his Skittles. And with regard to A/C, I live in N.C. so it’s mandatory. :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

So you have a screw loose? :crazy_face:

Happy Birthday shoe!!!

: tacklehug :
Post or lurk as you see fit. Also, nice bikes.

I managed to snag an appointment a week sooner than his original one, so FCD is happy - he’ll see the doc next Moanday. He’s home from his meeting, I’ve hung the last of the laundry out to dry, and I’m having a bowl of soup. Once I’m done, it’s paint time! WOOHOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how long I’ll work down there. I could get it all done today. But will I? Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday, shoe!!

And happy Monday, everyone. Today didn’t start out super - overlygirl woke me at 4 a.m. because she was really congested. Her throat has also been scratchy for two days. We fell asleep on the couch together for a while and she woke up feeling “meh,” but I’m not sure whether that’s “didn’t sleep well” meh, or sick meh. Anyway, I’m thinking I might take her in for a covid test at some point tomorrow if she’s not improving. So far she’s just gooey, but not feverish.

So that happened. And I had a painful meeting this morning, which was not really worth talking much about but annoying nonetheless. We’ll see if it gets better from here. I’m so tired I can’t feel my face. I can’t imagine that helped with the meeting’s dubious success. On the bright side, all of us in the house are vaccinated or mostly vaccinated.

…and we have working A/C again. Luckily, it was only the capacitor for the air compressor, rather than the air compressor itself. It was a quick, easy, and cheap(!) fix.

Happy Monday, everyone. I’m eating the first cherries and apricots of the season, bought at our local stone fruit orchard - the last of its kind in what used to be “The Valley of Hearts Delight”. We’re so lucky to live a mile away from the place.

Last year we turned on the A/C early in summer, and the thing conked out. It was 21 years old, after all. We had to call out HVAC guys and unfortunately it wasn’t a quick fix. We had to replace the whole damned thing, so it was lucky it was early in the summer and not during a horrible heat wave that it went belly up. But the new one is way more efficient and powerful. Our town is one of the hottest places in the whole bay area, and we couldn’t live without it.

I’m trying to get an appointment at the skin doctor for my yearly skin check, and it’s like pulling teeth to get them to call me back. I think their main purpose in life is to provide plastic surgery for Silicon Valley corporate trophy wives, and us old folks trying to prevent skin cancer are given short shrift. I’ll keep trying.

In high school and my early-20s, we had a swamp cooler. The only outlet was in the hall, at the junction of the kitchen and the living room. Dad and I would open our windows a crack, and close our doors enough so as to direct the breeze toward our beds.

Happy Birthday, Shoe.

I’ve done half of the remaining ceiling. I might have gone on to finish it, but the remaining half has lots of furniture that needs to be moved and I just don’t want to deal with it. I have Roxy tomorrow and I’ll move the furniture then. And if I’ve got enough energy, I’ll finish the ceiling after she goes home - it’s maybe 90 minutes of work, not counting cleanup.

Now I’m just waiting for her playhouse to be delivered. FCD and I will assemble it so she can play in it tomorrow. Someone spoils that child… Same someone who’s buying a mini-split for his daughter…

I’m going to assume the position and knit. The short sleep last night and all the work I’ve been doing today has caught up with me. I think I can handle Netflix and knitting.