I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and fair (as opposed to ugly?) with a predicted high of 88 and presumed rain/tstorms/apocalypse for this afternoon and evenin’. We shall see. I shall betake myself to the laundromat this mornin’ as we are sans dryer until Firday. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house so that takes care of sup. Thus it shall be in swampland today.

Since there should be a MMP on Moanday, this is it. Hijack away!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I must make myself presentable for the laundromat bother that is is.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning. I hope we’re all doing well, and good, this morning. Things are movin’ along around here. My daughter had her second battle with kidney stones, yesterday. She even called off work because of it. She was exhausted. I wanted to take her to the ER, but, she’s too stubborn for that. She takes after me, that way. Anyway, she said that if it happens again, she’ll go to the ER, as she’s soooo over it.

It’s going to be a nice day around these parts! It’s only 65F right now, and will get up to around 86F. I guess I’ll be hauling my arse out back, and pick some blackberries before it warms up. Then, there will be the usual vacuuming, and probably a load of laundry in the cards for me, today. First, I’ll go pick some berries, and have more coffee.

Have a nice one!

Terrifying night - I woke in the wee small hours, and decided to pull out my tablet to help me fall back to sleep. But I had no internet!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I wasn’t about to walk allllllll the way across the house to check the modem, so I finally fell asleep again. Fortunately, there is internet this morning - whew!! Maybe there was some middle-of-the-night maintenance or something.

Anyway, I’m up, I’m fed, and I’m thinking about the day ahead. It’s a bit cooler, so I could mow the ditch. I also have a bunch of stuff in the truck that needs to go to the convenience center. And I need to be at Roxy’s by 1:20 because my daughter has a Dr appt and they’re expecting an HVAC guy this afternoon so I need to be on site. And who knows what else… busy day ahead.

The Christmas-in-July/family reunion yesterday was fun! I got to see some cousins I hadn’t seen in eons - never would have recognized my cousin Joe, but cousin-in-law Clayton looked almost exactly the same as he did in 1962 when he married Eleanor! The White Elephant exchange was fun, but for some reason when Roxy arrived, she was sure all the presents were for her little cousin! Thankfully, my mom and one of my sister’s friends got little gifts for the toddlers, so they had something to unwrap and they had a blast in the pool and playing with dinosaurs. I ate waaaaaaaay too much - I think I had a sugar overload headache while I was driving home. But for the most part, I had decent sleep and I guess I’m ready for a new week. Plus on Firday, it’s mammogram day - woohoo!!! < snerk > So I have that to look forward to.

Happy Moanday!!

So it seems the skunks are back. My house is on a stacked stone crawl space and every few years a skunk will decide that it is a lovely place to set up camp. I awoke this morning to the lovely smell. Guess it is time to set the have-a-heart trap. I have perfected the place a towel over the trap and transport a skunk to the boonies method of removal.

Or, maybe a skunk got hit on the road nearby. Fingers crossed.

Onward! Happy monday, all.

Good morning. It’s Monday and it promises to be an exceptionally busy day. There are a variety of issues that need solving; most of them HR-related. I have a good bit of purchasing to accomplish, as well as some policy and planning, and I need to get to the office sometime this week too. I was planning on doing it today, but I know if I go in, there will be far too many interruptions for what I need to get done today. I think I’ll head in on Friday because there will be less traffic and it’s my short day.

The weather is supposed to be pretty nice today, with an expected high of 78. I’ll need to run the sprinkler again and make sure my posies are watered too.

I’m glad your reunion was fun, FCM. I saw the pics on the Book of Faces and it looked really nice!

I just need to get through this week and next and then it’s vacation time! On the one hand, it can’t come soon enough; on the other, it’s coming up fast and I need to get too much done!

I guess since my sister made it Public, I can share the link…
Christmas in July

What terrific pics! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Taters - it was a lot of fun! Only one (living) cousin was missing, and she lives in Florida. One other cousin died some years back. My dad and his sisters spawned all the cousins in attendance, and except for my mom, all of the aunts and uncles are gone. And one set of cousins are great-grandparents! Guess we’re all geezers now. FCD and Clayton spent a lot of time discussing knee replacements - Clayton had his done a couple of months ago! :rofl:

Abbey came out into the kitchen last night, and we gave her lots of petting. She followed us into the living room, where Goo was watching from the top of the cat tree. Abbey actually used the carpeted scratching post on the front of the cat tree, eliciting hissing from Goo. I think Abbey’s coming out of her shell. (Pity she’s not a tortoiseshell so I could go for a pun.) It may take some time for Abbey and Goo to become friends, but at least Abbey is starting to come out and Goo hasn’t done anything but hiss.

Morning all. Today will mostly be preparation day for the mini-vacation starting tomorrow. Need to decide what to take, and if I’ll drive to the airport or get a cab (driving is more expensive but it does allow me to decide when I arrive). First airline flight in nearly 2 years, hope I remember what to do…

Rain is going to be about most of the day, so except for sammich runs at 11am and 6pm, I’ll probably be a homebody.

flyboy, hope the cats adjust and glad Abbey is being more sociable.

FCM, glad you had fun at the party. Outside of my brother and (maybe) one living cousin on my Mom’s side, the rest of both families are pretty well deceased, so it would be a small reunion.

VanGo, yikes on the skunks! Hope it was just roadkill, trapping it seems like it’ll cause another stink, but I congratulate you for having a heart.

Nona, I have been real lucky so far in my life and haven’t had kidney stones. From everything I’ve heard, they are not any fun. Best wishes to daughter.

OK, back to making a packing list for the great Boston-Miami trip. All y’all have a great day.

Looks like you all had a blast, FCM!

This weekend was fairly good - had a good dinner with my mom at our place, and overlygirl was gone most of the day yesterday and overnight so my husband and I got some time with overlyboy to watch movies we normally can’t watch while his sister is around. All this after I got to wander through a bookstore aimlessly for an hour while my son patiently watched me look at just about every book in the fiction section and most of the current events and science magazines in exchange for Starbucks.

I hope your daughter feels better, Nona - I’ve heard that kidney stones are miserable and can’t imagine powering through them. Best of luck to her and fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again or that she heads to the ER next time.

For the benefit of those of you who don’t know my face - I’m the one in the blue shorts in this pic. FCD is the geezer on the cane talking to our nephew, the engineer. The woman on the right is my sister’s best friend since forever - she lived up the street from our childhood home.

I’ve emptied and started refilling the dishwasher. I packed some chickie tits for the freezer. I chunked up a cantaloupe for easy snackage. I’ve taken out the household garbage and I’m making ice. I think I’ll drop it off at the convenience center on my way to my daughter’s house. So, now what???

Up and about early today. Off in a bit to scope out the offerings at a liquor barn about 30 miles down the road, since Bevmo in the next town over has a paucity of selection for armagnac and I feel the need for a little class before I go back to teaching real ones next month. While I’m out, I shall take advantage of the fact and hit The Hat for lunch. Maybe even get take-out for tomorrow while I’m there. We shall see.

flyboy - Good for Abby! I’m sure Goo will come around sooner or later. It’s been 11 months since Tango joined the household and there is still the occasional hiss from Havoc when he gets too close and she’s in a mood. Caelan and Pix he plays with avidly.

Predicted to be in the mid 90s all week, and actually cool down to the high 80s on the weekend. No rain, of course. California is rapidly reverting to the desert it has always been underneath.

Have a safe and happy week, Mumpers!

Happy moonday!

According to my window the sun is shining, according to my puter it is 75 degrees.
I don’t have a weather app on my phone anymore, I got pissed off at it and got rid of it.
In order to check the weather, I’d have to wade through the covid info first.

Got all the Purple Heart stuff out, it’s still sitting on the porch. I’m thinking there is more I could put out.
I guess if they don’t show up, I could haul it all to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

I’m supposed to get my truck back today ::crossing fingers::. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’ll wait until they call me.
I don’t want to be like this woman I know. She has been trying to get a plumber for weeks now, and two of them turned her down flat, and the other two never showed up and then blocked her calls. Found out she was calling them like 10 times a day asking questions. I told her over and over, they are the experts, they know what they are doing, you don’t need to know how they do it, you just need it to be done. You do not need to know the diameter of the pipes or what they are made of, you do not need to know what kind of tools they use, you do not need to know if it will be one person, or two people, or three people who show up. You do not need to know their gender (she doesn’t trust female plumbers. By God if you are in one of the trades you need to be a man, a big burly man. She probably expects them to have a beer belly and show rear cleavage as well).
All I ever want to know is: 1, Can you fix it? 2, How much will it cost? 3, How long will it take? 4, When can you be here? 5, Are you okay with dogs? I already know they are licensed, bonded, and insured because I checked that out before I called them.

Congrats on the new cute kitty, Flyboy.

The party looked like fun, FCM. Whatever will you do with your gift?

I supposed I should get cleaned up and dressed. First time I’ll have gone out since Saturday.

It’s going over the fireplace mantle in the basement. And lest anyone find it offensive, I did get the story behind it. The deer was found, dead, with its antlers caught in a fence by a friend of my youngest sister. He gave the skull with antlers to my sister, because why not? Terri’s house had a unique decor at the time. When she moved, my sister Kathy took the skull (dunno why) and her son Shawn ended up with it (dunno why.) He’s the one who brought it as his white elephant. So it’s not a hunting trophy - just the remains of a tragic antler/fence accident. Had it been a trophy, I’d have just cut up the antlers - Higgs loves her antler chews - and buried the skull. But I’m OK with a non-trophy on my wall. Is that weird?

What am I saying - of course it’s weird…

I was informed the cats were squaring off by the litter box at 0400. I didn’t hear a thing. Mrs. L.A. got out the small litter box, and I put it under the utility sink about an hour ago. Abbey used it. Abbey’s been here less than 48 hours, so it’s too soon she and Goo will be besties. They’ll get used to each other.

I got up early this morning since Mr. Blackadder was calling. Abbey came into the bathroom with me. She seemed surprised or mystified that the door moved when she rubbed against it.

I had to zoom in on FCD to make absolutely sure that wasn’t actually a picture of me. Holy doppelgänger, Batman! Did I marry Mooooom and forget?

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Afternoon all.

Mooom- should see my Dad’s roadkill skelington collection. Mum made him get rid of most of them, but he still has a good skull selection.

Back to irk today, after the most social weekend I’ve had in a long time- meeting up with 2 different friend couples- 'tis unheard of! T’was a sloooow day.

It’s still too hot for England, and expected to continue so for a few more days at least. It’s OK inside though, now I don’t live with people who turn the radiator on to dry their washing then bugger off out leaving the place to turn into an oven.

Got my second stabbing tomorrow, finally!

His beard is a little grayer (I’m not far behind) and he wears what’s left of his hair a bit longer than I do. Otherwise, it’s kind of eerie.

There are others of us out there, too. Some years back, I was in line at a hotel breakfast buffet when a woman came up behind me and put her hands around my waist. Assuming it was my own wife, I turned around to see a total - and totally mortified - stranger. “Oh my god! You look exactly like my husband from the back!” She kept apologizing but I was laughing too hard to worry. I saw him later and, yeah, he did look like me.