I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

Abbey (Normal) meets the vet next Monday. I’ll take Goo in too just for a general wellness check.

Howdy Y’all! Laundry got laundered. YAY! ‘Tis been rainy out for the past couple of hours but looks like it shall let up soon. My duties as church janitor Junior Warden have also been the cause of extremely weird and kinda morbid conversations and texts today. There shall be two funerals this week (Wednesday and Firday), along with visitations prior to services, and this is mowin’ week. Discussions have centered around how to schedule in mowin’ around the funerals as well as the set up for the two services, and a receptacle for the ashes of the dearly departed for the Friday service. Conversations to be continued tonight at men’s night. My life is so fraught with excitatement, is it not!

Went to the office today as hubby needed to meet someone. I was one of two people on my floor, so it wasn’t very crowded.

Just put together the makings for lime sherbet. It’s not known here, so one of the first things I made when we got the ice cream maker was orange sherbet. This is my first try with lime. I didn’t find any cuts on my hands. :slight_smile:

FCM, the general crowd reminds me of family reunions of yore. Since my grandmother died in 2019, all of “that generation” is gone, and my mother’s cousin is a great-grandmother herself.

Looking forward to more kitty stories, Abbey’s a delicate belle.

Tomorrow’s the big reveal for my MRI, so I need to distract myself with some dumb television. Good thing there’s lots of it.

Enjoy the Monday and stay safe!

Well, truck won’t be ready until tomorrow.
I need to go to the grocery store, so we are ordering in for today, and I ordered enough to take us through tomorrow. If I have to pay a damn delivery fee may as well get the most out of it.

My poor neighbor, he will take my son to irk tonight and pick him up in the morning.
My truck is supposed to be ready early; I sure hope so or I need to find another ride as my neighbor is busy tomorrow.
And he is moving out around the 1st of August. He says the landlord is going to fix up the house and sell it. At the rate they get things done, I may not have any neighbors for quite a while.

I never pictured you as a skull on the wall kind of person, FCM.
Then again, some people don’t mind a

bear in the living room

Good luck with the MRI Dice

sari - the house we bought in VA in '97 had TWO bears in the living room… One on all fours and one reared up. There were other dead animals in there, but we were able to look past them and see how great the house was.

Currently wrangling Roxy at her house. Potty training is progressing slowly. Why is she ok with a wet, poopy butt? Kids…

I think the house has two different bears too. One looks like a cub, I think.
I like the house, but it is way more than I want or need, or can afford.
And if I did buy it, I’d want all the dead animals gone.
I wonder how Ripple, Echo, or Adam would react when they saw the bear?

And I’m back home. We’re going to forage for supper. Then chill. That’s all - boring day.

A guy I used to work with at Edwards AFB in the '80s is going to be here to get a NEXUS pass. He says he’ll be camping at the State Park. I get off work in less than 2 hours, so we’re planning to meet up for some beer.

Amazon is probably a bit annoyed with me. I’ll submit an order, then remember or discover other needed items. I’ve already gotten one batch today, with three other items pending for alleged delivery today. I also have orders set to deliver tomorrow and the next day.

They’re probably also a bit bewildered by someone ordering the assortment I am, and even I find ordering things like “Manifold Destiny”, “The Original Roadkill Cookbook”, an assortment pack of Asian-ish sauces, and kitchen equipment (replacing broken Pyrex measuring cups and the sealing ring for the Instant Pot) around the same time a bit weird (giggle).

Would be nice if I got some decent sleep at night. Mt. Dew when I get up does not seem to get me to fully alert for such tasks as resume tweaking.

Sympathy about the skunk. Once one took up residence under hub’s bike barn. Early one summer morning, hubs went out to work on his loud Harley in the barn, started it, startled the skunk into spraying and ran out of the barn gasping and choking like he’d been maced. I made him strip in my gardening shed and then bag his clothes before he came inside. We did learn to toss a handful of moth balls under the barn every spring which seemed to keep the skunks out.

I don’t break our Pyrex measuring cups, I wash the markings off which makes them pretty useless for measuring anything. Attempting repairs with a sharpy didn’t work because I promptly washed that off too.

I signed up for the postcard exchange so went to the local wild animal sanctuary for postcards. I had to pay to get in the gate, so I walked the park and looked at the rescue critters sleeping and then bought three postcards in the gift shop. When I re-opened the thread, I learned that other people were sending each person three postcards instead of one each, so I guess I will have to go back and look at sleeping big cats again so I don’t appear cheap.

I could probably have asked to be allowed to just go into the gift shop without walking the park, but where’s the fun in that?

When I got back, a neighbor had a young man weed-eating her yard. He had the weed-eater in one hand and his cell phone in the other. I was very impressed with his motivation!

Hurray for the second jab Filbert! Hubs wouldn’t get his shots, so he got COVID last month. I of course was fully vaccinated and I didn’t get COVID, even after sharing the same smallish home and bed for the entire 6 weeks.

You won’t get to be magnetic, btw. I still drop needles all the time.

George has learned what hub’s recliner sounds like. When hub’s lays back for a nap, George stops what he’s doing to go and get some quality time in. VBC will share the lap with George, but they don’t touch or anything like that.

Got a text from my old workmate. Traffic and accidents will delay his arrival until 1800.

I went to my PCO for a routine checkup Friday, and they didn’t have a record of my second inoculation, which I got on 7 May. This morning I got a text from the state’s Dept of Health saying that one or more people at my phone number may need the second inoculation. Hm…

I called the pharmacy that gave me my shots and asked if they reported vaccinations to anyone. Yes, they report them to the state. While they did report my first shot, someone dropped the ball on my second one. The woman said she would fix it.

Taz will wake from his nap on one recliner to join me on mine when I raise the foot rest. I know it’s just to steal my body heat.

And recently, Higgs has started launching herself from the aforementioned foot rest to the couch when she gets tired of snoozing with me. Critters - they certainly keep life interesting…

OK, back to my recliner and my book!

Too late to edit. ‘PCP’.

Howdy Y’all! Home from men’s night over to the church house and a marathon set up in the church for upcomin’ funeralizations. We left others to do clean up tonight. I was tahrd. Plus before we went over, we had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up a ‘script and that took way longer than it should have. I know y’all are worn out just readin’ about the hectic pace of my life. How ever will I get in my recommended daily sloth allowance if this keeps up!

Evening all. I think most everything is in order for departure tomorrow, still have to pack but since most everything is clean and ordered, that’s just a matter of stuffing the suitcase (I always tend to overpack) before heading off to bed tonight. Flight is at 9am so I want to leave by 7:30, it’s about 20 minutes to the airport and shouldn’t take more than 20 more to get to the gate (small airports are wonderful). Meeting some friends in Boston for drinks if the flights are on time.

Celebrated by going to 5 Guys for my monthly artery-clogging meal (those fries are so good…) so that’ll hold me until Atlanta, I think.

flyboy, there are 78 abbreviations for “PCO”, including Primary Care Office, so you weren’t that far off (for the other 77, see: PCO - What does PCO stand for? The Free Dictionary). Hope they get things taken care of on your shots. Enjoy your time with your friend.

Sari, glad you have such a good neighbor. Hope truck is back in action.

Nut, congrats on the second stabbing.

OK, need to be about the last-minute things. All y’all take care.

He just texted that he was 60 miles away from the brewery, so he must have been just past the Stillaguamish River.

Squeaking into the new thread on Monday night… {phew} !

Somehow I missed until just now that nonacetone’s Mumper name is nona: the cat that my family lost in the 1976 fire was named Nona. She was a beautiful, patient blue Persian. :slight_smile:

Nice pics, FairyChatMom! And good to see your face!

I’m glad that Abbey (Normal) seems to be coming around, Johnny_L.A.

Dinner was two surprisingly tasty frozen burritos and some sugar-free pudding. I’m all full and comfy now, and Bailey is snoozing on the couch next to me. I’ll spend another hour or so watching Ambulance and setting up my new FitBit smartwatch, then I’ll turn in. {yawn}

Bit of an altercation. Abbey isn’t really a foodie. Goo is very food-motivated. We’re feeding them in separate rooms, I left a door open and Goo went after Abbey’s leftovers. That ain’t gonna help. Mrs. L.A. says that will teach Abbey that she needs to eat all of her food.

unknown, you do know that there’s a rule about kitteh pics, don’t you? George sounds like a cutie pie.

I hope that your daughter has no more problems with kidney stonesace.

I do not envy your skunk issues VanGo.

Moooooooom, perhaps the way several family members have wound up with your skull and antlers was through the white elephant exchange. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a busy day. Before I even got into irk, I got a text from the sister in Chicago saying that Dad was in the horspistol. His defibrillator went kerthunk three times last night and he called for an ambulance. They’re keeping him a few days for tests. He sounded tired when I talked to him this evening. His plan had been to try a no-drive September to try out his transportation plan, then, if everything went well, give up driving and sell his truck. That has now been bumped up a couple of months. I’m just glad that he had already made the decision and no one had to actually pull his keys. He knows he’s not as alert as he should be and hasn’t driven after dark for a couple of years now.

When I got home from irk, there were two police cruisers on my end of the complex, one of them in my space. When I got my apartment, the neighbor in 1106 hollered at me and I went over. There was another gentleman there that she needed to finish up with (the father of the guy next door to her). It seems that he had had a breakdown, gave a bunch of stuff to a new neighbor in building 9 and when the guy in building 9 and his lady came to get it, they picked up the package from da Jungle on my stoop. She hollered at them to put it back and called the police. They put my new dremel back and booked. When the cops got there, his truck was gone and no one was answering the door. They asked if I would like to press charges. I declined, as I had the package and saw nothing. It is, however, on record. I also called the apartment office and let them know what happened. I hope they get rid of this guy pronto.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

The usual Monday, but still had decent hours, since they forgot they needed to load 4 trucks out of Top Yellow.

So if you find a human skeleton in the woods, you’ll go go full Ed Gein. Got it. :wink:
But glad it was fun.

Alex Catt likes to sit on my nap. But if Gordie comes over for a butt skritch, she’ll reach out and touch him, too.

Abbey wouldn’t fit in in this household.