I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

I like to pretend that there is more to our relationship than master and slave. When I’m not pretending, I totally know better.

George has only been here for a month, so I think VBC is doing very well and I tell her so often. Steve wanted to have a kitty pile, but he was an adult and didn’t have enough time left to win her over. This is Steve aka The Best Cat in the World and hubs about a month before Steve died of FIV. I still miss that cat so much that I’m crying just from looking at his picture.

I thought you would never ask!!! George is indeed a cutie pie and looks like he’s going to be very handsome when he grows up.

Morning, mumpers! I completely missed posting yesterday, it was obviously too hot for me to remember things like that.

Moooom nice pics, looks like a great family get-together. The new trophy is…umm…interesting :slight_smile:

shoe (from last MMP) yes, we do have ice pops and stuff, but I have none in the house. Calories, y’know? They and I are not best friends just now. I do have plenty of ice for my water, so I’m managing to keep cool. 'im indoors bought a portable aircon unit for the bedroom and has had that on for the last couple of nights. Blissfully cool room, but coming out of the bedroom in the morning is like being in a sauna.

flyboy good to hear that Abby is exploring her new home, I’m sure Goo will get used to her soon and learn to tolerate, if not to be friends. Our two oldies adapted eventually when we brought Whisper into the house. Ophelia is very placid and doesn’t really seem bothered by him, Shadow is definitely taking it as a challenge to his place as head of the house. Now that Whisper’s been vaccinated and can go outside freely, things have calmed down although the two boys just tend to keep away from each other now.

Campus day for me today, sitting in the office on my own, with a fan for company. I’d open the window but they only open an inch or so, barely worth the bother.

I bet your ordering algorithm is weird … if you want caffeine get a one-liter bottle of mt. dew major melon it has 1,500 times the daily amount of caffeine one person needs

Happy Toosday!

I’m up way too early.

It’s a cool and dark 65 degrees outside.

I’ll be calling the neighbor in about a half hour to let him know that my son is irking a full shift and won’t be getting off until 7. I hope my truck is ready this morning. The shop opens at 7, so I’m hoping that as he drops my son off, we can head straight out to get my truck.
If I know what time I’ll have my truck I can order groceries and schedule a pick up time.
However, no sense in making plans that probably won’t come together anyway.
It’s not like I’m Hannibal Smith.

Road kill in Asian sauce.
Guess who won’t be coming for dinner.

I’ve got clothes in the washer now as I wore my last clean shirt yesterday.
I hope one of them will be dry by the time I have to leave.

Have a safe and fun trip MetalMouse.

Good Mornin; Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and partly cloudy (partly moony?) with a predicted high of 85 {BRRR!) with rain/tstorms/apocalypse predicted for later in the day. The big item on the agenda for me is a doc/vampire appointment at eight forty-five this mornin’. Beyond that I foresee much sloth. If it is goin’ to be an ick day, then sloth is just the thing, I say, Sup shall be lasagna style Hamburger Helper (don’t judge!), sallit, and cheesey garlic bread.

MetalMouse have a great mini vacation and safe travels.

red I hope they catch the would be thief.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, alack, and bother of all bothers, I suppose I must purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public. Bein’ as this means the doc I shall even make sure I’m wearin’ nice undies.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Morning all.

As usual on the first day of travel, I set the alarm for 6am and got up at 5am. Just nerves I guess, don’t want to miss the start of travel…even if I sit in an airport for 2 hours.

swampy, get the Dr. visit out of the way early, that’s the ticket.

red, hope dad is doing better. And nothing like a little true crime to enliven the day (glad you got your stuff back and yeah for neighbor).

OK, need to bathe and finish packing. All y’all take care.

Once I finally fell asleep, I had a pretty solid night of snoozage. I needed it. It’s relatively cool this morning, so in an hour or so, I’ll do the push mowage, then break out John Deere for the rest of it. Last of the outdoor chores will be harvesting whatever veggies have ripened. The cherry and grape 'maters are going crazy - I’ll be giving a few to my daughter.

Tomorrow, I’ll take Roxy for a few hours so her mama can do some major house cleaning without “help” - we’ll go to the marine museum, then maybe have a picnic - there’s a little playground in Solomons by the boardwalk.

This morning, FCD goes to see our family doc for his pre-surgicals - first knee replacement in 2 anna half weeks away. He soooooooo needs this done! Stoopit COVID backed everything up - otherwise I think he’d have had at least the first one done already. Fingers crossed for some major pain relief.

I’ve been told that it’s easier to have multiple girls than even two boys. We’ve had 2 girl dogs with no issues and we’ve got one of each cat-wise right now, so I can’t speak from experience. But it kiinda makes sense if it’s a dominance thing. And with boys, it often is a dominance thing…

I’m only sorry it wasn’t something like a moose head! :rofl: We’ll see how long it lasts in the basement before it creeps me out. If nothing else, I have a future White Elephant ready to go!

It reminds me of a roll of Christmas-themed toilet paper that was passed around in FCD’s family for a number of years. No clue where it finally disappeared, but I suspect the psycho ex-sister-in-law may have tossed it. She was a real piece of work.

But enough of that memory. I shall finish caffeination, finish surfing, then I’ll don grubbies and attack the ditch before it get oppressively hot out there.

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning everyone.

It was one hell of a long workday yesterday. I worked 12. 5 hours and would have kept going if the husband hadn’t come upstairs to ask when I was wrapping of for the day. I really just wanted to finish what I was doing, but on the other hand, I shouldn’t have been working beyond nine hours. It’ll uncompensated time because I didn’t ask for permission first, but I think I’m going to request some credit hours and just have them pre-approved in case I do work them. I have so much to get done this week and next and I just don’t have enough hours in the day with all the interruptions, “must have nows”, password resets, HR issues, and meetings, in addition to my usual ridiculous workload.

I had plans for going into the office sometime this week, but I think I’m going to scrap them for now. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you got the skunk issue resolved, VanGo.

FCM, I hope the pre-surgical visit goes well!

Polar is still a choosy-butt regarding mealtime and even treats, but I got him to eat some chopped-up chicken thighs with rice and broth yesterday. This appointment can’t come soon enough, damn it.

All righty - mowage is done! It was relatively cool this morning and not humid, so I didn’t even break a sweat while doing the ditches. The riding part is always easy, tho it was dusty on the side hill where grass is sparse.

I am now showered and dressed in reasonably adult clothing, I also picked a bunch of little 'maters. FCD won’t eat them, daughter won’t eat them, SIL is allergic - MORE FOR ME!!! Tho I do have a shrimp florentine recipe that uses halved little 'maters that FCD likes, so that’ll be on the menu one night this week. I also picked 3 zukes - they’re small, but it’s my understanding that the smaller ones are better. FCD won’t eat them, so again, more for me!

It’s just now hitting 80° - I finished in good time. And it’s almost 11, so time to think about lunch.

And if you’re wondering, Higgs is pretty much back to normal. I don’t think she’ll be taunting the neighbor’s dog any time soon.

My old workmate from Eddie’s Air Patch finally made it up before 19:00. Mrs. L.A. and I met him at Beach Cat Brewery. He remembered her dad, as he worked for the same company we did (although in a distant hangar). After he finished his sampler board, Mrs. L.A. finished her cider, and I finished my second beer, we drove up the beach to the house and hung out in the catio. Mrs. L.A. disappeared at some point, and old cow-orker left a bit past midnight. I had to park the MG on the street, move Mrs. L.A.'s car across the street, put the MG back into the canopy garage, and put Mrs. L.A.'s car back. I finally dropped off about 00:30, got up around 03:30 to urinate, and my alarm went off at 04:20 (and 04:30). I’m in Seattle now, and I did remember to wear pants for the staph meeting.

There was a cat fight last night, but it was quickly broken up.

The rain cooled things down. Which is a good thing, since the Senior Shouting Officer spent most of the shift shouting at us, and the smalls supervisor(who got yelled at for rounding up the SSLAW machine pace to 9000. From 8980. :roll_eyes:) SSO is ex-Army, but I never knew that there was a shouting MOS.

George is indeed a cutie. And if he’s full Maine Coon, VBC should start currying favor now, before George is full grown.

Maybe something Southern instead of Asian?

'Tis sunny and unusually mild for summer here. My first meeting was set to start at 7 my time but was moved to this afternoon. Apparently my boss’s admin forgot her employees are in a different time zone, so we all got a rash of reschedules via text around 6:30 this morning. I could’ve used the extra sleep, but the additional quiet time was nice.

Anyway, dad called last night to tell us about his diagnosis again. This was the third time for the big reveal (he has Alzheimer’s), so things seem to be accelerating, which sucks. But I do appreciate that he’s still thinking of us. I just acted like I didn’t know and asked the same questions I had before.

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t wait until the kids go back to school and we can go into the office. My husband keeps coming into the doorway of the room and just staring at me or asking questions. “What are we doing tonight?” “What’s for lunch?” “What’s happening after work?” “Are you busy?” My kids (overlygirl in particular) come over and start fiddling with my hair, talking to me and reading over my shoulder. I’ve got a sign, dammit. It says in large, red letters “DO NOT DISTURB.” I think it’s time for another intervention.

Wouldn’t that be “drill instructor”? :slight_smile:

Morning all. In Atlanta airport and sweltering (I swear they’ve set all the airport’s (including my home one) to ‘hot and humid’ today. And guess what, a First Class ticket doesn’t get you admittance to the Sky Lounges–that’s an extra $59 (I declined). So sitting here in the boarding area and will go forage for some lunch before boarding around 1:20pm (it’s 11:55 am local now). Ah, all the forgotten joys of flying…

Stiil, things are on time and everyone seems to be masked with no complaints, so there is that. And airport Wi-Fi is free and fairly speedy.

So everyone take care as I wait in hope for a plane to show up at the gate.

In varmint news, the skunk smell has gone, but there was someone in the have-a-heart. A possum, who has now been transported several miles away and released. He really didn’t want to get out of the trap.

VanGo poor possum. :frowning:

Metal Mouse have a good trip.

flyboy I’m glad you had a nice visit with your friend. It’s always nice to catch up.

Mooommm the Christmas party looks awesome. I’m very impressed. My daughter would love your gift. She draws and loves skeletons. When she was much younger, she asked me if she could take roadkill and follow some complicated process to clean the skeletons. I offered her the far end of the yard, but she did not take me up on.

talky I’m sorry about your dad. It’s very hard to watch a relative go through that.

No big news today, per usual. 'Beamer got to pick a restaurant last night, so he picked BJ’s. Tonight it shall be a roasted chicken. I would like to do roasted squash or something to go with it, but not enough to actually buy one. I might have already that I can use. Something to research in a bit.

Our roof pigeons are doing well. The chicks have hatched, and we believe that both parents avoided becoming hawk breakfast, unlike one of their brethren.

Happy Toesday!

Turns out the staph meeting isn’t until NEXT Tuesday. I wore pants for nothin’.

I’m sure your effort was appreciated.

Well, I did get a compliment. :blush:

Truck is home, finally.

We have to pick up groceries in an hour.
I forgot the bananas.
My son will live without them.
I got a small order because I feel all discombobulated anyway.

Now to get through the refinance, and appraisal (which I still haven’t heard anything yet), and life maybe can get back to a normal routine.

It’s a hazy 90 degrees outside.
We won’t be putting the seat covers back in now.
Way too hot for that.