I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

An attack of motivation hit - I’ve taken the trash and recycling to the convenience center. No one was there when I pulled in, but within a few minutes, there were half a dozen vehicles! I timed it just right!

And when I got home, I got the nippers and cut back the wisteria/trumpet vine (they both look the same to me) that were threatening to envelop the truck. I have a chicken-and-broccoli packaged dinner - except I have to cook my chicken before adding the box ingredients, and I got out some extra broccoli because generally the box meals have little flecks of green when they say broccoli. Anyway, I’ll start that in about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, FCD is snoozing, so I think I’ll have another go at my book. I was falling asleep earlier when I tried to read.

Looks like we’re looking for a Collections person. The boss of that department wrote ‘A good fit might be someone who is semi-retired and is not afraid to come in and do some dialing for dollars.’

I should have looked in the backseat of the truck before bringing it home
There is a piece something of that goes somewhere, two screws, and a tool.

Grocery order was messed up too, but I have come to expect that lately as the store has moved people around.

Evening, all!

I empathize with the messed up grocery order, Sahirrnee…well, sorta. Yesterday I had groceries delivered from Giant (a regional chain), and at lunchtime today I realized that I didn’t actually have enough tuna for the tuna casserole I’ve been looking forward to making. Safeway will let you pay extra for a same-day, 1-hour delivery window (with just a $30 minimum), so I put a small list together and had it delivered a little over an hour ago. Seems like no matter how many times I make sure I’ve marked “no substitutions” they always wind up giving me something I didn’t ask for/want. The surprises have been more annoying in the past, but at least this time the disruption was minimal: they gave me regular popsicles instead of the no-sugar-added ones I’d ordered. I really don’t need the sugar, but I’ll keep the popsicles. :smiley: And the tuna casserole just came out of the oven! I’m letting it cool/set for a little while, but I can’t wait to dive in. I haven’t made it in forever, and this could well be the last time I ever have it (I’m not at all likely to make it again before my surgery).

Tomorrow I get to leave work early and have a toe removed…um, I mean a toenail. :slight_smile: It was removed two years ago, but grew back just as fungified and it’s time for it to go again. This time, I’m having the doc kill it so it won’t grow back.

Thursday and Friday I’ll be in leadership training sessions for 4 hours each day. I’m hoping the time will pass quickly, so I can get to the weekend and Saturday night’s dinner-and-live-jazz-in DC plans. :musical_note:

After work on Thursday, all of the managers on my program will be getting together for happy hour: it’ll be the first time we’ve seen each other in person since before the pandemic started! I’m actually kind of looking forward to that. It helps that the happy hour venue is super close to my house. :slight_smile:

Time for tuna casserole, and the latest episode of Celebrity IOU!

Howdy Y’all! The doc/vampire visit got done, I came back to da cave, and sloth ensued. Been rainy all day so happy to stay inside and dry. Sup has been cooked and et. Time for more sloth and episodes of Downton Abbey. At the end of what we call the expressway here there is a sign that says “To Downtown Albany.” We have taken to sayin’ “To Downton Albany.” It amuses us.

Early evening all. I am ensconced on the 22nd floor of the Boston Marriott and will go meet up with some friends in about 20 minutes. Really don’t have my flying legs yet, a 2-hour trip seemed to last forever…and this from a guy whose done 14-16 hour flights before. Guess I need to get more practice. But everyone was good about masks, no problems with anybody. And beautiful hotel, but the internet is costing me $12.95! The joys of living with the hoi polloi…

Took the “T” (subway) from the airport to a 5-minute walk to the hotel, I figured $2.40 vs a $40 cab ride and both taking about the same amount of time… But walked a lot in my ‘good’ shoes, so have a nice blister forming on the back of my right heel…soft shoes for the rest of the week.

Sari, glad truck is back.

OK, need to get dressed and share several beers with old friends. Take care all.

Enjoy Boston and environs~lived there the first 12 years after college. History is only ever two feet away. Dim sum in Chinatown is fun, I still miss that. Give the Boston Public Library a hug from me when you see ‘her’.

unknown, George is a beautiful boy, as is your late Steve.

Have fun metal mouse! As for the wifi, usually, it’s the business class hotels that charge for it. Those of us who stay at Motel 8 or Best Western, it comes with the room. :stuck_out_tongue:

wordy, have you considered electrified doorknobs for your home office? :d&r:

Irked, came home to no cops, walked Nelson and et supper. I talked to Dad last evening. He’s having an angiogram tomorrow to see if a stent is in order. I’ll call him again in a bit.

I just found out on the evening news that we’re getting a Chewy.com warehouse about 8 miles from where I live. I’m considering submitting my CV for an inventory reconciler position. I would hope that that would include a company discount. :stuck_out_tongue: I just got the order I placed the other day, including a doggy DNA test for Nelson. I used some of my rewards points from irk to splurge. The nice thing is, once it comes back, Sis will know the composition of her dogs too (she has his father and his littermate, his mother and her littermate and his little brother-cousin).

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Let me guess, they’re nowhere near me. :slight_smile:

“Thanks” to the Questionable Vintage Recipes group on FB, the humor section of my cookbook collection is growing, with the aforementioned “Manifold Destiny” and “Original Roadkill Cookbook” (along with the sequel to the latter). I promise the roadkill ones are strictly for the humor value, not for actual meal planning! DH, however, may well want to try some of the car cooking recipes.

True, I have eaten roadkill, after the time my father accidentally hit a good-size deer with a big solid pickup. The late deer came home with him and was duly processed into the freezer, just like the ones that my father and grandfather intentionally hunted. Since it was known to be totally fresh, I really don’t see a problem here.

The QVR group is also responsible for the jello concoction I made yesterday. Two boxes of jello (sugar-free, of course, for my pet diabetic) went into this, along with a brick of cream cheese and half a can of crushed pineapple. DH loved it, has already demolished it (I did eat some and thought it was pretty good, but DH inhaled the majority), and is asking me to make more. Will do so tomorrow, once the Instacart order with more pineapple and cream cheese arrives (I have the jello).

It amuses me, too! :smiley:

I ordered one for Bailey (from Chewy) back in April, but have yet to take it out the the box. The instructions say to hold the swab inside her cheek for 20 seconds (or something), to make sure it gets saturated, and I just can’t imagine Bailey tolerating me putting anything in her mouth for that long! One of these days, though, I’ll give it a go.

The evening t-storms cut the power, as per NYSEG there are 1267 customers without power. Fortunately, my battery ups thingy is running the modem and router. Don’t think it’ll handle the fan or ac.

seanette, unless you move to middle Tennessee, it isn’t. :frowning:

oopsie, I think the hardest part that I’ll have with Nelson is withholding food from him for an hour. He doesn’t eat much while I’m at irk, but he snarfs down his bowl of kibble while I’m eating supper, plus a couple of snacks.

True that.

Made Smoked Paprika chicken with rice and cheesy broccoli. Now watching Chopped, wiith a cold beer in hand, and a warm cat in my lap.

My husband, who is the most doctor-avoidant person going, just showed me his foot which he says he must have hurt when doing some chores this last weekend.

It’s the most obvious case of gout you ever saw. A swollen, hot, red, big toe joint. He says the pain came on at night and it’s absolutely excruciating.

Will he see a doctor? Probably not. He doesn’t want to be told to avoid red meat and alcohol, nor does he want to be lectured about a couple of obvious physical issues he has and won’t take care of. This is going to be a fun next couple of weeks.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Sorry the husband is being obstinate, Lucky.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 87 with a better than average chance of rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. We shall see. ‘Twill be a bzzzy day for da bear. This mornin’ I shall head over to the church house to deal with some church janitor Junior Warden duties as well as help with mowage durin’ the mornin’. I shall attend to ush duty for the funeral scheduled for three p.m. OYKW will tend to the layin’ in of provisions today. We shall swipe The General’s sup.

Lucky hope the husband will give in and go to the doc about his foot. I’ve never had it but I’m told gout is really painful.

red hope all goes well with your dad and the doc. If it turns out Nelson is related to royalty will he insist on bein’ referred to as His Majesty?

VanGo hope the power is back on for y’all.

MetalMouse have fun and enjoy the fancy intartoobz.

Nettie some of those Questionable Vintage Recipes were obviously invented by Satan. Do not make any of them whilst standin’ in a pentagram.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I shall make myself presentable enough to head over for mowage. Then I shall return to da cave and do all I must to be presentable for funeralizin’ ush duty. How bothersome!

Happy Hump Day Y’all!

My MIL frequently serves jello “salad” with dinner, made with the sugary jello, sugar-sweetened fruit, and cottage cheese. Why she insists on calling it salad, I have no clue. My daughter made one of her recipes for the party last weekend - pistachio instant pudding, a can of crushed pineapple, mini-marshmallows, and cool whip - she calls that pistachio salad. Um, OK… is it a Hoosier thing??

Today, I’ll be giving my daughter a few hours to clean by taking Roxy to the marine museum, then to a picnic. Or maybe we’ll have our picnic at the museum - I think they have tables there… And afterwards, I may possibly be taking my daughter to pick up her car - she had to have some $$$ front end work done and it was supposed to be ready yesterday. She hates the car, but she can’t afford to replace it, especially with the insane car market these days. So she got it fixed and she’ll put up with it for a while longer. This is the second time she made a bad car-buying decision - maybe she’s learned??

Anyway, after a productive yesterday, I think today will be pretty easy. But I deserve it, right? :rofl:

Happy Wednesday!!

Morning all. Typing this from the big soft bed in my hotel room, have about 45 minutes before I need to dress and head over to the train station for my 30 hour journey to Miami. Yeah, this is a fancy hotel, so of course they charge for internet, the rest of the trip it should be free.

lucky, when the pain doesn’t go away when he ignores it (standard man-remedy), he’ll see the doc.

red, looking forward to reading Nelson’s genealogy. And good luck on the application.

FCM, enjoy the picnic. And of course you deserve an easy day–you’re nice, dammit!

OK, need to do a couple other things then get ready to ride the rails. Take care all.

Lucky, I hope the husband is persuaded to see the doc - that sounds terrible.

I just got back from an hour’s run with a friend. I would like to relax and drink coffee but, alas, we have an early leadership meeting today because…just because.

I’m seriously considering trying my hand at smoking a brisket this weekend. I guess I’d better decide soon - I just have a gas grill, but I hear you can use wood chips to smoke even on gas grills, so it might just be worth it. If the Dope has any suggestions, I’d love to hear 'em.

Anyway, it’s muggy and gross out - I was incredibly sweaty by the time I got home, but I always tell my kids that sweating is a super power. If I were in the process of being mugged and someone tried to grab any part of my body, they’d either scream in disgust or be completely unable to get a grip on me because I’d slide right outta their grasp. Or both.

Happy Hump Day!

Nice pretty morning, 73 degrees.

Finally, back to the park.
Disappointing though, because we wanted to see Lily, but Panini and Bread were there and Lily didn’t come in because she and Bread don’t get along. Echo and Panini don’t get along but as long as Panini stays away from me Echo will leave her alone.
Lily would leave Bread alone, but Bread is still a baby and likes to get into everyone’s face.
Ripple doesn’t care, he likes puppies and tolerates their obnoxious behavior. Echo holds her down and chews on her head. Bread doesn’t like having her head chewed, so she is learning not to get into Echo’s face.
I dropped them off at daycare on the way home.

I have to call the car shop about taking the truck back in, joy and happiness. At least I know how to get there now. I hope it’s something I can just wait for them to do.
What I’m really hoping is that one of my friends knows what the part is and can put it back on for me.

Then I have to call AT&T AGAIN, because the phone bill is all messed up. They are charging me about $100 too much.

I think the little pitas of life just never end.