I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

Just typing this because I’ve never posted to the dope while going 110 MPH. On the AMTRAK Acela heading for New York with a very comfy seat and FREE! Wi-fi. If you want to know where I’m at, look here for train 2159 between Boston and NYC. This afternoon I’ll catch train 97 for the trip down to Miami. AMTRAK LOCATER: Amtrak

Sari, guess dogs have their friends and not-friends too; much like people.

OK, just stopped at Providence and a lot of folks got on, but still have an empty seat next to me. Ah, the simple pleasures of travel!

The SSO was at it again. Glad I’m, not management. :smiley: Did a load of whites, now it’s naptime, then the Expansion Draft.

Still less dysfunctional than some of the places I’ve worked at.

We came to the playground instead of the museum. We have picnicked and Roxy is climbing and running. In a bit, we’ll head out for ice cream. It’s warm… She should sleep well tonight.

A spider joined Mrs. L.A. for her shower. She told me I could get it, because I’m better at it than she is. She said she always ends up squishing them. It didn’t spend any time in the penalty jar; I took it right out to the back yard.

Evening, mumpers! It’s nearly 6pm here and still 29C/84F which is way too hot for my delicate pale pasty skin. I was meant to be at a gig tonight but it’s cancelled as the venue has decided not to open up again for another four weeks. So we have decided to go to the pub for a curry instead.

metalmouse have a fantastic trip - we have done some amazing trips with Amtrak, really looking forward to the time we can come back and do another one.

Too hot, been busy all day, need cold water. Then beer and curry!

You may reassure him that these days they will likely just give him some pills. My husband takes them and has avoided any flare ups. Untreated gout can also cause permanent joint damage, kidney stones and all kinds of goodness, so feel free to rough him up, er, gently coax him to the doc. (unsolicited medical advice now concludes)

metal mouse enjoy the train! I love trains. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Today I’m going to try doing a few little things around the house. I have also “productively” spent my time telling Theraspecs that posting that chronic migraine folks are defective (joke or not) does not endear them to me.

Dinner will be sole or freezer lotto. We’ve been craving fish but on the other than the freezer is full, so we may as well eat up. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Wotansday everyone.

Not that it matters at all, but a year ago yesterday was my ‘Mumpversary’ when I got brave and asked if I could join in Mumper fun. fcm was very kind and welcomed me right in and the rest is herstory! :tada::confetti_ball::birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses::tada::confetti_ball:

Roxy is playing with her play doh and her mama and I are chilling, waiting for her car to be ready.

The ice cream place where we stopped has something called The Flight. It’s 6 scoops for $7 which is good for home made ice cream. One of these days I’ll take FCD there so we can sample six. Yum!

Happy Mumpiversary, BBBoo! We’re glad you’re here!!

My grandmother used the word nippers when she referred to nailclippers. So I’m visualizing FCM going after the vines with nailclippers. Probably took a while.

Happy Mumpiversary, BBBoo! I have no idea about my anniversary, so I’ll just enjoy yours.

Crazy busy due to the bossguy leaving, so some long days of work ahead.

The big news it that they scanned my head and didn’t find anything. Actually they found that my RIGHT ear is a bit strange (just structural, nothing to worry about), but since it is my LEFT ear that’s causing me a problem, it’s not relevant to the problem.

So now the doctor wants to put cortizone behind the eardrum. Yep, that means a needle through the eardrum. Not just once, but FOUR times.


And with that, I’m calling it a Wednesday. Still not sleeping right, but the weather’s being warm. And not rainy. It’s saving the rain for the weekend.

These are what I call nippers. As opposed to the long handled ones, which are loppers. :smiley:

I left Roxy and her mama downstairs. I needed a little break. Still no call from the car guys, so her car isn’t ready yet. I’ve already invited them for supper, and if the car still isn’t done today, I’ll let her take my car home tonight - I won’t be needing it tomorrow, and I’ve got the truck if I have to go somewhere.

Just another exciting afternoon at FairyChatEstates!

It’s allegedly 67ºF here. Seems warmer. I’ve just returned from a two-mile walk.

ETA: Catio thermometer says 71.

Daughter’s car won’t be ready till tomorrow, so I sent her home in my car after they ate our leftovers from yesterday. She’ll come pick me up tomorrow on her way to get her car (she uses our car guy) and if I need to go anywhere before then, I have the truck.

We’re getting Chinese delivered for supper, just because. The rest of the day will be dedicated to chillage.

I had a mishap early last month, pushing in the bumper cover on the Prius. I didn’t know if I’d get it fixed, but last week I looked for a replacement on eBay. Found one, primed, for $80 plus tax and free shipping. Should be here tomorrow. I also looked for a driver’s door arm rest. Those are over $90. Go figure.

Happy Mumpiversary Boo!

Today I paid bills, started a load of wash, picked dinner (freezer lotto it is!), and cleaned the cat box. I also found homes for a recliner, a coffee table, a PC, and a mattress pad. I feel like this might be all that I should do for the day. Oh wait, I will load the dishwasher. Then I will stop.

Travel report–stopped in Wilmington, DE with the next stop Washington, DC. Room is nice but it’s pretty cramped with me in it, thinking about 2 folks sharing it…Spent a couple hours in the Moyinhan Station in New York, since I had a bedroom car I got to rest in the “Metropolitan Room”, which was very hoi polloi, or will be when they get it done–the station is still a work in progress.

BBBoo, a most happy anniversary.

Dicey, eeekk!!! Hope it works.

OK, need to visit the facilities (I have a private sink, but everything else is communal). Dinner is after Washington at 7:45pm, so I’ll wave vaguely to FCM and family then. Will be asleep in the Carolina’s and maybe awake to wave vaguely in swampy’s direction.

All y’all have a good night.

MetalMouse my biggest complaint with the sleeping cars on Amtrak are mattresses. I think nowadays they could find something much more comfortable that still worked within their space constraints. I make a point of getting a sleeper when I travel with them, so it’s not like it stops me. The family unit has a lot more space, but they are usually sold out. They’re also on the bottom level, which doesn’t work for everyone.

Evening, all!

I’ll wave vaguley in Amtrak’s general direction when you go through D.C., The_Stainless_Steel_Rat. :smiley:

I’m just back from having my toenail removed, plus a stop at CVS for after-care supplies. The toe is still numbed up pretty good, but I have some “just in case” Tylenol. :slight_smile: When I got home I had to take the doggy out and start some laundry, but I’m finally on the couch with my foot up. My plans for the rest of the evening include a lot of quality sofa time.

Not much different from most evenings, now that I think about it. :wink:

In other news, I cannot seem to keep a FreeStyle Libre sensor in my arm for more than a few days at a time! :angry: In the past month I’ve ruined three, including one just today. It had only been on since Sunday afternoon. They’re supposed to last for two weeks. I think I’m just going to do finger sticks for a while.

I’m starting to feel a little hungry…may as well heat up some leftover tuna casserole (yum!) before the anesthetic completely wears off!

Happy anniversary, BBBoo. I’m looking forward to mine, everyone is so much fun. But, gosh everyone sounds so much more productive than me and sometimes I feel like I should get up and do something. I play with George for a while and feel like I’ve accomplished something, LOL.

Lucky, a (male) co-worker came down with gout and limped around until his wife got mad. His doctor suggested he start watching his diet and drinking, but prescribed pills. Co-worker also now swears by cherry juice and cherry juice supplements. He said that even with the pills, he could feel a flare-up starting after a family Thanksgiving meal and would slam the juice and it seemed to help. I don’t know if you want to suggest this to your husband, or just let him suffer until he decides to deal with it.

Metal MouseI’ve never read a post anywhere from someone doing 110, so very cool about that. I hope you keep having a great time and free internet.

Our community association has a agreement with the local food bank to take the excess produce and perishable food and give it to anyone in the community who shows up at the community center at 8am on the third Wednesday and all the other Thursdays of the month. I don’t know why the schedule is like that, I haven’t asked, they are all churchy people. I like churchy people but sometimes its best not to ask about churchy things unless you have a lot of time.

So anyhow I usually go and get some. Back in the before times, I could “shop”. Of course I couldn’t pick through the produce to find the best ones, but I could tell the volunteer that I only wanted 1 bunch of celery instead of the 5 bunches he was trying to give me. The world ended and now they make big boxes for people to pick up. You drive up, give them your name and how many people in your family (For their records, the boxes don’t change with more people. Or at least it didn’t get smaller when I lied and said there was only one person in our household instead of three.)

While I was waiting in line to get my box, I was seeing something yellow and was getting excited because that could be bananas or lemons, both of which we use almost daily. When I got close enough to see it was a big bag of Lay’s potato chips, which we don’t use at all and I was all sad and disappointed. When I got home and we went through the box, I found a bunch of bananas cleverly hidden under the chips and was happy again.

Our housekeeper was late because she also wanted a box, her adult daughter, son in law and three grandkids are living with her, so I always remind her to get a box and understand that she will be late. She got here to clean about 5 minutes after I got home and I let her “shop” out of my box. She took a case of coconut water, all of the chips, 10 lbs of potatoes but didn’t want the HUGE box of frozen chicken patties because she didn’t have room in her freezer.

I still had a box full of fresh bell peppers, tomatoes and stuff along with the other box of chicken, so hubs and I went to the food stamp office where I used to work and dropped it off for the workers (who must take it home themselves, they are forbidden to give food to their clients).

Breakfast happened at a Mama and Papa Mexican place and then we came home. That was so much activity that hubs and George had to take a nap, so I went out on the deck and happily watched it rain.

Tonight I will feast on baked brie (put in a baking pan, put a few pats of butter on top, sprinkle with garlic powder and back at 350 for about half an hour) and Texas Toast compliments of the community center church folks.

lucky, the pills they prescribe for gout are much less of a problem than the pain. Once he’s there, he may find that getting some of the rest of the stuff under control isn’t as scary as he thinks.

swampy, HRM Nelson already gets addressed as sir (albeit, usually in a snarky way when he’s being ornery) on occasion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mooooooom, not just a Hoosier thing, but a midwestern thing. Any cold side dish with jello or mayo and/or fruit tends to get lumped into the salad category.

metal mouse, your train adventures sound like fun. I’ve never ridden one cross country (regional ones like the South Shore from South Bend, IN to Chicago or the Music City Star). Have fun!

oopsie, I’ve never tried the sensor. Given that I am separated from my phone during the workday, having a receiver would be the issue.

Dad had his angiogram today. I’ll find out more when I talk to him tonight.

Irked, came home, walked HRM Nelson and et. Once KP is done, I’ll putter around in the studio for a while before surfing some more and hitting the hay.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

I was trying to figure out how to describe it~red did it better. If it isn’t a dessert, a meat, a vegetable, or a main dish casserole, then it, by the process of elimination, must be a salad. The Lutheran church basement potlucks do it best.

My ‘Mumpversary’ is fun for me to think of because it is such a joy to remember how nice and welcoming so many were~nellie, swampy, mooom and more. I was the funny looking new kid at the edge of the playground asking if I could join in and y’all yelled back “sure. Come right on in”. Still makes me smile.

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do as little as I do. Getting my reserved library books picked up on time is a notable event, a crowning achievement. Cue the fanfare!!:tada::tada::tada:

And here’s another vague wave for metal mouse :wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3: