I Suppose There Should Be A MMP

The system I have — the FreeStyle Libre 2 — doesn’t work with any phone; I had to get a separate reader (which was on backorder for a week). When the sensors are in place, it’s so much better than finger sticks! I wondered if sleeping with a sensor on would be challenging — I frequently change positions — but it hasn’t been an issue at all. The three I’ve wrecked got caught while removing clothing or on the edge of a doorway. I hate finger sticks, but the sensors cost $75/month and I’m tired of ruining them. Hopefully, my insulin dosage will stabilize soon and I can stop checking my glucose level as often.

OK, now I’m full.

I had a big-ass salad (bagged) with tomatoes, blue cheese chunks, and homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar/sun-dried tomatoes dressing. Then I had a sandwich made of three slices of thin-sliced turkey from the deli, Tillamook Swiss cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and low-carb white bread. And wine.

Did I say ‘full’? I’m stuffed!

Except for all of the tomatoes, that sounds amazing!

I share your apparent distaste for tomatoes in salads and sandwiches.

When I order books from the library, I have them sent right to my kindle when they are available. No need to bother doing anything else, its all automatic.



OK, you two are making me feel like an overachiever today. Ran a couple of loads of laundry and made jello goop for DH. Can’t figure out why it’s still in the goop stage, when the same recipe yesterday set just fine. Only differences are flavor of jello (but same age), use of a metal bowl today vs. ceramic yesterday, and a different brand of cream cheese.

Raw tomatoes in general. I can’t stand the taste. If a deli forgets that I said “no tomato” until after they’ve made the sandwich and they try just taking the tomato off, I can usually tell and will need to ask them to remake the sandwich. It’s not an allergy, but the taste will make me sick. I also can’t eat chunky salsa.

Cooked tomatoes, on the other hand, are just fine. Ketchup, spaghetti sauce, tomato soup — all good!

Jello and pineapple is a science experiment. Try googling jello-pineapple, it’s fascinating. The jello may not have dissolved completely, the pineapple may have retained some of the enzyme that counteracts jelling, the mixture may need to be refrigerated longer….

I don’t like jello so it is all an academic domestic science exercise to me. Let us know what you figure out. Just don’t serve me jello salad when I visit.

It’s still in the fridge and the pineapple came from the same can as the prior batch (couldn’t find cans the correct size for the recipe, could only find cans about twice as big as needed).

No love for tomatoes? Hater!


The bagged salad came with a little bag of cherry tomatoes. They tasted off the other day. Tonight I popped the smallest one into my mouth. Nearly gagged. I threw them out and cut up part of a tomato-on-the-vine. Much better.

Yep, I’m a ‘mater hater! :smiley:

My son in law is the same way, worse, actually, because he’s allergic to raw tomatoes. He has to inspect anything he orders when he specifies “no tomatoes.” But cooked tomato products are fine.

I, on the other hand, love 'em!! So more for me!!!

We got a bunch of rain this evening and it’s mega-muggy outside. Huzzah for a/c!! And now, I plan to read in bed till I can’t keep my eyes open. No clue what tomorrow holds…

Evening all. Riding through the VIrginia countryside, nearing Ashland and Richmond Virginia. Somewhere south of there I’ll have the attendent make up the bed and see how sleepage goes. Thanks for all the waves.

Sunny, they don’t have ‘double-level’ cars like the western trains do…apparently they won’t fit under bridges or tunnels here in the east. So everything is on one level.

Nettie, Oopsie, just send me your tomatoes, I like 'em.

red, fingers crossed for dad. I’ve done the Empire Builder to Seattle and the California Zephyr to Reno, NV, still need to do the Southwest Chief to LA one of these days. If you;re not in a big hurry, trains are lots of fun (and the seats are lots better than airplane coach).

Unknown, didn’t send a message, but my personal best on a train was 424 kilometers an hour on the Shanghai Maglev about 3 years ago. Doubt I’ll go faster on land unless I get shot out of a cannon…

OK, starting to yawn some, so best start the bedtime preparations. All y’all take care, see ya in Florida…

I’m sorry you had to go through Delaware, MetalMouse
Nothing but sand fleas and chicken shit.
The only redeeming quality is that you can get through it quickly because it’s so small.

Misnomer, I also have this problem! I pop 'em off easily, and too often. So, my solution, is to put a bigass band-aid over it. I use the Band-Aid brand ‘Water Block’, 1 3/4" x 4" ones. Works like a charm! Also, they (The FreeStyle Libre people) sell a plastic cover that you put over the sensor, and you can get adhesive strips that cover it, to help keep them on. I haven’t bothered spending that much money, when the band-aids fix my problem. My insurance makes me pay $75/month for the sensors, so, that’s about as much as I’m going to spend on them, other than the band-aids!

So ESPN’s first NHL broadcast on their new deal was an oof(they mixed up the North Carolina NFL and NHL teams).
And I’m Team Tomato. :tomato:

That’s an accomplishment.

Happy Mumperversary BBBoo!

If anyone saw the original of this post, disregard. Must check dates on these things. I think if anything clinically significant really had come up, we’d have heard a lot more since 2014. (Original had to do with study indicating my blood type might put me at higher risk of dementia as I get older.)

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 90 and maybe rain. Or not. TWPTB are in willy-nilly mode it seems. No big plans for the day at all. We shall have a late N.O,L./early sup at the hog trough Golden Corral. Other than that I foresee sloth, nappage, and then more sloth. After yestiddy I derserve such a day. Mowage until almost noon, then back to da cave to purtify and grab some N.O,L., then back to the church house for funeral ush duty. The family had a reception thingy after the funeral in the Parish hall. For a while if felt like they had just decided to move in! Finally they did leave and I was able to close things up and get outta there just before six o’ clock. I was nice the whole time however. Even took a picture of them out in the memorial garden cause I’m nice, dammit! I reminded myself several times that I could not say, “sorry for your loss, but it’s time to go mourn elsewhere.”

MetalMouse vague wave in your general direction even though you are probably through Jawja by now,

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Thursday Y’all!

It’s an amazing 64° here as I write this! I’ve opened a few windows to allow cool air in. We’re promised low 80s with less humidity - I may futz outside for a while today!

FCD has a meeting at 8:30 at the conference center (I think) so he’ll be heading out soon to get his laptop all set up. He found out yesterday he’s been officially funded for the 2-year shipboard project (not that he’ll be going on any ships) and he may actually work out of one of their offices since hooking into their network from home is problematic. And, frankly, I think he’s looking forward to having some place to go on a semi-regular basis.

The only thing I’ll have to do today is go with my daughter when they finally call about her car - they’re waiting for a part from the dealer and it didn’t get picked up yesterday. It’s been promised in the first delivery this morning - we shall see. She’ll pick me up and I’ll drop her off at the shop. Then I may go wild and gas up my car afterwards! WOOHOO! :rofl:

Otherwise, I expect it to be a chill day. And whoever it was who recommended Nevada Barr and Anna Pigeon - A POX UPON YOU!! I’m on book 8 with 9 and 10 in my queue from the library. FCD is always asking who’s trying to kill Anna now! Last night, it was a gator… :open_mouth: She must have a target painted on her somewhere!!

Happy Thursday!

Good morning, folks. It’s a nice-ish morning, with a comfortable temperature of 68*. Not bad at all! I’m about ready to head out to gather groceries, and get that crap out of the way. Daughter will be cutting the grass, later. I’ll probably be watering the houseplants that are on the front porch. Laundry needs to be folded, and put away, and so do some dishes. Well, they won’t be folded, but they will be put away!

I guess it’s time to grab my list, and head out into the wilds of west central Indiana. Joy. I really would rather NOT. But, that’s not how things go. Humbug.

Have a good day.