I'm melting, I'm melting in the MMP!

Howdy Y’all! Olympic quality sloth was achieved today. Also, we added an aquatic part by slothin’ around the cee-mint pond. :beach_umbrella: Go Us! Majik intartoobz pizza also got et.

sunny boo on the migraine but yay on the other stuff!

flyboy here’s to an uneventful move.

red I have no idea just what it is you do for irk but it sounds kinda like what my next to oldest brother did as an inventory specialist. That was his for real job title.

nettie continued appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed you find a better gig or the parachute comes through soonest.

swampy, my title is an inventory reconciler. Once our cycle counters count stuff, whatever inventory is variant comes to me and the other two reconcilers to be researched, written up, approved by someone higher up the food chain and adjusted.

So not a lot of heavy lifting doing inventory reconciling? Good bet for someone with arthritic hips.

I worked out, got home, and realized I forgot to get diet ginger ale at the store yesterday, so I asked myself, “Self,” says I, “Seeing as it’s a mile to the grocery store, do you really need diet ginger ale?” Self replied, “Damn straight,” so off I went, babushka cart in tow. I now have enough to last me into my dotage, if I get a dotage. It’s not the healthiest stuff, but I don’t smoke or drink (much) or do drugs, so there’s that. I don’t like non-diet soft drinks. Isn’t that weird?

Then my brother called, and we talked about Mob families we knew back in Chicago. It’s (mostly) not as exciting as it sounds. Plus we were kids, and what parents did wasn’t that interesting if their offspring were good at Red Rover or were willing to split a Popsicle.

After way too much water earlier this week, we have started the melting season. Well, not quite. We took the one layer of the duvet off the bed, so it’s now in spring/autumn mode. So the duvet’s a lot lighter. But we’re not in summer mode. Not quite that warm.

:slight_smile: I would probably be too lazy. But maybe it’s just the right motivation.

Sounds familiar. I do remember seeing a discussion about it, as it used to be called EIT. Well done on the graduation and job.

Head meet desk. What happened to good old fashioned “do it right the first time”? I keep trying to explain to my boss that errors beget errors. Because it interrupts the process.

Was in the office this week, and they had the moving crates everywhere. But no people. I guess they are having people come into the office, pack their stuff, and then there will be a move. And then they have to come back in the office, to unpack their stuff.

And then return to their normal home office routine. No word on when we’ll ramp up, but mandatory home office ended Monday, one week after the government lifted the restriction. Still have to wear masks in the office and keep the distance, so no meetings in the office. Not too shabby.

Today will be crazy at work. I am doing something wrong that I had to update my work computer to the new version of Windows, then get a new laptop, then update one of the software packages, all in three weeks. Somebody’s not planning well, and I’m not able to drive.

Also, next week is VACATION!

No big plans, except both hubby and I will get our second doses of Pfizer. Good for getting life back on track, and keeping us safe, but probably not very exciting. At least we get to go see a pretty little town.

Happy Friday!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Not sure why people feel that way…
: cleans congealed red stuff off of axe :

Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

Still ouch. My weekly commute is 48 miles.

… especially if you’re in a state where cannabis is legal? 'Cuz that’s some tight inventory management protocol, and needs a head for numbers.

Just throwing it out there. :slight_smile: No need to personally partake, if that’s not your thing.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 89 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. A good day to be inside and dry. I shall spend part of the day goin’ through closets, dresser drawers, etc. to do some tidyin’ up. I’m sure there’s stuff that needs to go and shall to a local thrift store. Sup shall be chikin nachos, just cause.

Nellie if you need diet ginger ale, then you need diet ginger ale. I’m with ya on the taste of non diet sodas. We got use to the taste of diet Poopsie and Coke and now the regular stuff tastes weird.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Firday Y’all!

The soggies continue, and the temps have plummeted - well, for June in MD they’ve plummeted. I was going to make a trash and recycling run today, but we’re promised rain most of the day, so I’m not so sure now. We shall see. I definitely need to push the vacuum cleaner around the house, and maybe run a mop over the kitchen floor. And there are a buttload of tools in the basement that can now be put away, except that “away” is in the shop which requires walking outside… in the rain… nope. :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, lots of indoor chorage today.

You do realize that most of us here are in or bordering on dotage so it’s no surprise if some or most of us forgot an encounter lo these many months ago! :rofl: But, yeah, I have vague memories of that post - just not the name associated with it. Still, yay for the job! Sounds like it should provide variety, which is always great in a job.

FCD decided he’d do the UAV antenna job even if it isn’t the shipboard installation. Apparently the previous contractor just quit. He was doing the analysis in Excel - not exactly the ideal platform for stress and vibration analysis. So there’s work thru the end of the year. Remember how I said FCD dissolved his company because he was ready to retire? Yeah, I knew that would happen. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Tho for now, it’s great - it gives him something to do that doesn’t stress his knees and back.

Since I have a couple of Roxy-free months, I’m thinking I might just crawl back into my studio and play with clay some more. Of course, it’s going to take a month just to clean and organize my studio, since it’s become the dumping ground of the basement… Plus I need a new vent line for the kiln - the old one was destroyed when SIL shoved something under the kiln and shredded it. Oh well…

Onward into the sogginess! Happy Firday!!!

Good morning y’all. We have a 60 percent chance of rain with predicted sun breaks. We’ll see what happens.

All government departments need to have a return to office plan submitted by 19 July. I am pretty sure I’ll be returning to the office pretty much full-time sometime in August. I have to admit, I loved my commute and I’m going to miss just working from home. Even though I probably worked more hours, I was “home” sooner and didn’t have to fight the JBLM and 512 gridlock. I would leave the office sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 and often times wasn’t home until after 5:00. Plus, I save a ton of miles on the Jeep. Not looking forward to racking those up. But, that’s life and I’m lucky to have a job that didn’t dissolve because of coronavirus and work for an organization the took the health of its employees seriously enough to let us work from home. Truth be known, they’re looking to extend telework options for many people, and I hope to be one of them. I don’t need to telecommute every day, but three days a week or so would be really nice.

Yesterday was another wild and crazy day, but I got through it and will continue to get through it. It helps that I have a super supportive team and people who believe in me and my abilities. In actuality, it’s kind of daunting when they tell me they know I’m going to succeed or I can complete the big task or project because I’m always afraid I’m going to let someone down at a critical time. It’s also just a completely different dynamic from the shithole that I left two years ago. Two years have gone by and I still am not used to be people actually being nice.

I am really glad it’s Friday. I’m tired! I don’t have any plans for the weekend; maybe some yard work between rain showers and I have to pick up medication for Polar.

After sleeping in the last several mornings because it was supposed to be raining (it never did), I jumped on the bike for what was supposed to be a dry morning. It was… for the first four miles. On the bright side, I didn’t have to rinse out my exercise shirt. Also the newspaper was delivered on time for the first time in months. I guess reporting a missing paper every morning at seven and asking for credit has finally paid off.

Some bastard deer has bitten the top off one of my tomato plants. The rubber black mamba in the garden didn’t frighten him off. Time to try the deer repellant spray. You can eat my tulips, but don’t’ touch my tomatoes.

I’m having the same issue, Maus - I’ve resorted to putting bird netting over my tomato cages and tacking it down with cheap tent stakes from the hardware store. Otherwise, if the deer don’t nip the leaves off, when a tomato is almost ready, a squirrel will come along, pluck off the tomato, take a single bite and leave it for me to find on the patio. Little turds. I tried spraying on some repellant but it wasn’t super effective.

I had a gigantic bowl of grits this morning after I realized there was nary a slice of bread to be found in the house. I threw in a ton of cheese, some garlic powder and salt and hot sauce and wondered where these fabulous bits of corn had been all my life. It’s boiling hot and humid outside - a lot like being slapped in the face by a sauna when you walk out the door. Hopefully swimmage will happen this weekend. I’d love to go back to the pool, chill and listen to the tree frogs.

Well, back to work. I get to put on my pointy manager hat today and make sure everybody’s got their stuff up to date in our system. I have my suspicions that a lot of it is related to a reorg that has yet to be announced. My boss has said a couple of times, “I’ve had to have some hard conversations,” and hard conversations usually aren’t great. Last time we talked I didn’t ask for more detail since we didn’t have the time, but that’s #1 on my list for next week.

Holy crap on a cracker, is it pouring!! We ran to Staples for some heaving paper FCD needs and we just got back. So glad we park in an attached garage!

I need to help him make a template, then my chores start.

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s grey and overcast here but humid and there are occasional glimpses of sun. Generally cloudy, but temperatures are tolerable. I’ve been doing interviews all day so am glad that’s over, I have a job I wanted to finish from yesterday that I couldn’t get done because our student records system went offline for maintenance until 11am today. So perhaps I can get that done before I log off for the weekend.

My interview notes are written, I’ve sent them off along with my scoring grid so my responsibilities there have been completed. I am off to make a cup of tea and contemplate what to do next.

We have no idea about returning to campus, at the moment I’m happy with one day a week, especially as we have new variants of covid that are spreading quickly, we are still being asked to limit travel where we can. And there’s so little happening on campus, I don’t honestly see the point of being there. I’ve become very comfortable with my two-minute commute (well, more like 20mins as it involves feeding the cats, medicating one cat, emptying and cleaning four litter trays, making drinks and getting some breakfast)…

Anyway, less grumbling, more doing! We are going out to see a couple of bands tonight, I have two gym classes in the morning, and we are doing cocktails tomorrow night. That means I need to clean the floors tomorrow afternoon and get the bedding changed and laundered, because I will be spending Sunday impersonating a sloth.

It’s hot & getting hotter here in western Mitten State. The snow birds coming back from their Florida winters all seem to love it … I hate it.

In better news, I start training at my new job tomorrow!! :partying_face:
I am so sick of sitting home, alone, bored, worrying incessantly about money and stuff.

Swung by previous job for a celebration joint. The manager who was forced to term me (long story) was so overjoyed to see me, she had me get out of my car for a hug.
So I gave her another one. Two hugs!

More people contact than I’ve had all week.

TL:DR - shoe officially starts a new job (same cannabis industry, just a different dispensary) tomorrow, and is happy about it.

Morning all. Stayed in bed until late today (retirement is wunnerful), should look into mowing the lawn since the rain has apparently left us for awhile and the grass is nearly jungle stages, but temps are heading up (80’s today and to 90F for the weekend), so not really thrilled with the idea. May do the front yard today and go for the back on Sat/Sun, depending on the weather.

Boo fae, sounds like you are enjoying life–but take care.

FCM, yeah, retiring is a state of mind…you don’t mind doing nothing (swampy and I are good at retiring). Guess FCD isn’t quiet there yet…

nellie, you’ve led a rather interesting life…

Tabco, after your description, plumber might be a good MMP name for you. What does the assembled masses think?

red, having a boss that listens is worth a lot in the bureaucratic world…good for you.

OK, need to think about getting the lawn mower out–want to do any mowage before bathing, for obvious reasons (it’s already 80F outside). All y’all take care.

There was a late air, a late shuttle, and the drivers left on time, so some stuff will be late. But I got paid to stand around(and cool off) Laundry, then naptime.

Speak for yourself, Grandma. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Cool. I still have the mugs, Canes doggie, and the FairyChatMonster.

Well, I’ve helped FCD take some measurements on an aircraft panel and I’ve sucked up 2 or 3 cats’ worth of hair with the vacuum. And I had lunch. Motivation is flagging and the rain is still falling.

Shloe Congrats on starting tomorrow!

MetalMouse I like “cola”, which someone suggested upthread. Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

My second day with not much to share.

Happy Firday everyone!

The weather guessers are predicting rain for the next 3 days. :roll_eyes:

Yesterday I took a big bag of aluminum cans and other returnables to the animal shelter and went to the grocery store. Spent $72.xx dollars and didn’t even get near the meat counter. Coulda spent more but the place was filling up with loungeabouts and I don’t like peoply places anyway.
I did score a couple of cartons of Coke Zero, Cherry and Vanilla. (I don’t like regular coke, or any colas really.), and a carton of Barq’s. I haven’t tried Poopsie Zero yet. Have you, Swampy?

Today’s errands will be a stop at Bimart for bird seed and omeprozole, and a run to Home Depot for plumbing stuffs. I’ve also got 3 big storage boxes of electric train stuff that I could take to the storage locker temporarily. I’ll have to think about that. May put that off til it stops raining.

This is getting tedious, on the other hand, I’ve discovered stuff that I had long ago forgotten I owned. :flushed:

Happy day y’all.