For people who like ridiculous heat in the MMP

You know who you are. I, personally, think you’re out of your evel-lovin’ mind(s) but it’s our differences that make the world interesting. Right?

So this MMP is in honor of those misguided souls who think the heat of summer is something special.

Happy Moanday!

I do not like heat. I refuse to come out of the mountains until October when I can be sure all of the evil humidity is gone.

No silly heat for me thank you. If it’s cold I can put more layers on and heaters and things, but when it’s hot AC dries my already dry skin out something awful, even if I had it, which I don’t, and there’s a limit to how many layers I can take off, especially in public.

Much as I like to complain about the British summer, on days like today when it’s wet 'n windy and not very warm at all, I do actually prefer that to endless sunshine. When I went to Australia and started being 90+ and bone dry every day, I lasted about 2 weeks before I scuttled off to Tasmania. It was raining and chilly there when I got off the plane and I did a little happy dance on the tarmac.

Anyway, I need to either go to the shops or have lunch. I should probably eat first, or I’ll buy far too much junk food, but there’s not a whole lot in the cupboards.

I love our summer heat. It’s the only time we get respite from the pesky northerners who flee their winter by coming down here.

We full-time Floridiots are optimistic that this winter will have far fewer northerners than normal between our high COVID rates and duelling state-of-origin quarantine orders between Governors Cuomo (D-NY) & DeSantis (T*-FL).

* The T is for Trumpist; De Santis is no "ordinary" R.

I’d completely forgotten that my car had to go into the shop today till FCD reminded me. The a/c won’t work at idle, but it’s fine when I’m driving, so he thinks it’s low on freon. We took it over and Paul promised I’ll have it back today. I like Paul - he takes good care of us and our vehicles.

As soon as I finish my morning surfing, I’ll take my walk. I started the day by stripping the bed, so after my walk, I’ve got sheets and a blanket to launder and hang out. And there’s a semi-eaten chicken carcass in the fridge that needs to be picked over - it’ll either become a pot pie or chicken-n-dumplins. Looks like I’ve got a domestical day ahead.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffeinated, and have broken the fast, so no YAWN. ‘Tis 75 Amurrkin out and N.O.S. with a predicted high of 94 and mostly N.O.S. though we do have a slight chance of rain/tstorms/apocalypse later in the afternoon. We shall see. Today is spiff da cave day. Actually have already started as dustin’ and vacuumin’ have already occurred. Go Us! Need to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and mop and that shall happen. Eventually. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy. Also, I need to go over to the church house to get candles ready as we are goin’ to start recordin’ the Sunday and Wednesday virtual services from there beginnin’ in August which means this comin’ Sunday’s service shall get recorded sometime this week. Thus I shall do my duty.

I like Summer. I am a Summer baby so gimme the heat and humidity. I got a/c when I need it and also a cee-mint pond. Bring it on I say!

Since I don’t need more caffeine right now and rumbly tummy has been satisfied for the nonce, I suppose I shall just go onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning all. The weekly list has been completed and it’s 75F out with a 60% chance of rain later today. Not much planned today, but I may do some housework.

I lived the first half of my life in Northern Ohio and Indiana, where 80F was a hot day, and then moved to St. Louis, where it was hotter and more humid, and then to North Ali-bama, where it wasn’t quite as humid but it was hotter (oh, and from 1999-2003) I lived in Abu Dhabi, where the normal summer temperatures reached 112F everyday for 4 months.

So I do prefer it cooler, but after 30+ years, I’ve learned to manage in the heat (and thank the fates that I was born AAC (After Air Conditioning).

We need these people, otherwise the northern states would be horribly overcrowded. We need people who actually like to live in Florida, New Orleans, Arizona, etc, so leave them alone! :rofl:

The heat doesn’t bother me so much. It’s the humidity.
Air so wet it’s nearly un-breathable.

Last 2 weeks, the garden produce, one by one, was steadily kicking my butt.
I got thru it. Lots of veg in the freezer and canned.
It should slow down.
I still have tomatos over-producing. I’m not canning or dehydrating any more. What we can’t eat DIL will give to her extended family.

We’re waiting on word about the lil’wrekkers University and how she’ll study this fall. She wants to go back to campus but I’m afraid for it/her.
Hamza the Boyfriend will go back to his job at a different campus, and back to being poor. He made more money on unemployment than he’s ever made working. He teaches foreign students who have language barriers. Many of his students have gone home. So he’s not sure who he’ll teach. But they want him back on campus.
I’ll miss them both. It has been great having them here. I fully realize I’ll never have my baby home with me like this, again.
mid-Daughter will stay on, for a while. They’ve put her condo up for sale. She’s done living in New Orleans. Her husband has cast about looking for work up and away from the gulf coast. She can work from anywhere. She will homeschool her kids.

Mr.Wrekker is still in Georgia. He’s very uncomfortable there. He said 10-20 more days and he’ll self-quarantine at the lake house when he gets back to Arkansas.

Other than all that things are dull around here.

Y’all have a good week.

Happy Moonday!

It wasn’t hot at the park this morning, which is good because I’m not too fond hot days.
It’s already 81 degrees here and supposed to get up to 97.
It’s a good day to find things to do inside.

Tucker didn’t get adopted yesterday, the people want to think about it.
Lily’s mom sent me a text this morning that she was on the way, but they had to detour around an accident and Lily was upset because they went off route. Yep, we had to detour around the same accident and Echo flipped out when we went off route too.
She is so emotional.

Don’t know what I’m doing again today.

Afternoon, mumpers! I live in the UK, we does not do heat here, no we does not. I am not keen on heat although we do tend to travel to hot countries but only because they have AC, which is very uncommon here.

Moooom congrats to the daughter on the offer, appendages crossed for the house thing to go through smoothly.

Boo you’re not winning with nicknames, we also have Vunderbob who went by both VBob and BigBadBobbio (BBBobbio) so it’s going to be confusing all round! You might as well stick with Boo and then I can blame you for everything :slight_smile:

I braved the gym yesterday, was perfectly fine, and will be braving it again tonight. They have made a good job of setting out equipment at decent distances and have reduced class sizes as well. I’m a bit unsure about the class size thing as they’ve suspended online bookings which would have told you immediately if a class was at capacity. Instead you turn up and see if it’s full…

Over the weekend I also had a baffling email from my mum’s solicitor with a copy of a letter they received from one of the companies she invested with. On the advice of her Man At The Bank, she took out an investment policy with a reputable provider, in her ownership but with me as the life assured (he said it was better that way because of her age). Now they seem unclear as to whether the funds form part of her estate for distribution, or whether the policy remains as it is and her legal representatives (me and the solicitor) simply appoint a new owner for the investment (presumably, me). I now have to find a financial wizard to talk to. le sigh

Up, fed (egg, bacon and cheese burrito), and caffeinated (Wide Awake Coffee Co vanilla); time for my cheap drugs. Won’t get dressed until after I shower, and that won’t be for a couple hours because I’ll start sweating like mad again before I can even get my skivvies on…

Weather-dot-gov says 82, heat index 86, predicted high 88, and NOS, with a heat advisory from 1000 today until 2000 tomorrow (high tomorrow 87). Went looking for an A/C yesterday, but everybody was sold out.

FCM, my Hyundai, which we bought around five years ago, is the only car I’ve ever owned that had A/C that worked. If I’m not on the highway, though, I usually roll my window down. If my elbow is out the window and in the right position, the air flows right up my sleeve and across my back. :slight_smile:

Metal Mouse, I grew up in southern MI and northeastern IL, then lived in IA until I enlisted.* Visited Dubai a couple times in '98, and Bahrain in '98 and '01 – summer in the Gulf didn’t bother me anywhere near as bad as summer here in CT does.

BooFae, I loved summer in Scotland. Both weeks of it. :smiley:

Plans for the day include cardiac rehab, cleaning the bedroom, and sweating a lot… :frowning:

* As far as I’m concerned, people from north of the Great Lakes, east of the Alleghenies, south of the Ohio, and west of the Missouri are all furriners. Doc on my first boat, when I explained this to him, countered that for him everything north of the Ohio was southern Canada, and everything west of the Mississippi was North Mexico. (He was from Florida)

I have nothing against these kinds of people - I just wouldn’t want my daughter to marry one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus, I chose this topic particularly for our resident bear. :smiley:

Just back from a very sweaty walk (started too late this morning) and I had a scare - I couldn’t find my phone. I know I had it when I came back into the yard, since I use it to time my walk, but after I hung the sheets on the lines, it wasn’t in my pocket. I retraced my steps - even stopping the washer on the off chance that it had fallen into the second load.

Turns out it fell out of my back pocket when I paused to pee - FORTUNATELY it fell beside the toilet. I need to remember to keep it out of the back pocket at such times.

Daughter has a ZOOM at 10:30, so I get to entertain RoxStar. Thank goodness for the a/c - I’m finally cooling down…

I loathe and despise heat, with or without humidity. I’ve always hated summer even as a kid. In all seriousness, I have R-SAD, reverse seasonal affective disorder. I love cloudy and cool and don’t mind winter. This weekend was in the 90s with 75% humidity. I spent my 2 days off at the barn with my horse, bringing her in from the pasture before she overheated. And since she goes mental in the stall by herself, I sat on a bucket outside her stall. But it rained last night and today is cloudy so I am relatively happy.

I like the heat. Which is a good thing, cause they don’t air condition the hub. We were short handed today, i had 4 supervisors working the sort tabke with me. But we managed.

Also it is 2 days till hockey restarts. :ice_hockey: :smiley: the team left for the bubble yesterday. We did a socially distance wave from our cars for them.

I’m bitchy.

I don’t like heat, and I don’t like cold. I ESPECIALLY don’t like cold in the work environment! I even took a Cuddle-Up blankie to work because I was frozen. I think the entire building found an excuse to traipse through my office to see for themselves the idiot with an electric blanket at work.

The killer for any migraineur is to work in a frosty-cold environment and the walk outside to be slammed with oppressive heat and BRIGHT summer sun. That makes the ol’ head go splodey!

But what I REALLY don’t like? This newfangled board. With abject apologies at the statue of Saint Tuba Diva, this place sucks. The scrolling is outrageous. Browsing to find a place to play is frustating.

I’ll never leave the Dope. But there’s enough aggravation in the world with COVID and Idiot Trump. I don’t want to be aggravated by my online “entertainment and fulfillment” system.


I always had a sweater in a desk drawer because I was almost always cold at work. I understand things need to be kept somewhat cool for all the electronic stuff, but dang!! I even wore fingerless gloves in one place because my hands were frozen!

When I was a teen, I worked at my dad’s office in the summer - downtown Baltimore has especially oppressive humidity, and back in those days, it was also extra stinky, what with the fish markets near his office. One of my duties was as a courier, taking documents to other companies in the area. Nothing like going in and out of air conditioned building in the heat of the afternoon! Good times…

Husband brought the fan up from the cellar a few weeks ago. Last week was the first time we used it all night and I think we’ll be using every night this week.

Yesterday we washed the sheets and changed from the spring/fall duvet to the summer one. Good thing, because it was warm last night.

Finally got our check from the government. Now I have to figure out how to deposit it, since it seems the banks here in Switzerland have gotten even more reluctant to accept checks since 15 years ago. Plus I’d rather not give 50$ to the bank to accept a U.S. check.

I’ve got a couple of options, just have to do some research.

Saturday is the Swiss National Day so it’s possible to buy fireworks. Supposedly they shouldn’t be set off until Friday, but most people don’t want to wait. Mother Nature might bring her own fireworks, at least for the next few days. That would be good, because otherwise I have to water the plants. Oh bother.

My sister, who lives in central Texas, was telling me how Hurricane Hanna was a welcome change in the weather because it broke the heat wave.

That’s me. I love the heat. I think if some of you had to live through Ottawa winters your opinion of hot days would change. I’ll take +30 over -30 any day. (90 vs. -20 F)

Besides, what’s not to like when you can walk around in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals?