I'm moving to the moon, anyone coming?

this week has been the week from hell. The start of it all can be read here. the minor annoyances in the middle i will spare u, but today, the end of the week, just coming home from a hike on my motorcycle, some dipshit throws a slurpee at me, WHILE IM RIDING DOWN THE STREET!!! it completly covered my visor so i couldn’t see, and only out of sheer luck did i miss out on a crash.

so yeah, this world sucks at the moment, and it’s out to get me, so im moving to the moon, aliens have got to be nicer than this, and it’s made out of cheese, so i hear, so i’ll be able to survive. :slight_smile:

c ya’ll when i come back.

I just bought an acre on the moon. Looks like we’ll be neighbors!

I have the deed to the Sea of Tranquility.

There’s a sea of tranquility? wow, the moon is looking better than ever, i need a nice tranquill place to go…
hope u don’t mind me tresspassing :slight_smile:

that’s great xizor! uh, mind if i borrow a cup of sugar?

I’ll trade you a cup of sugar for a tank of oxygen. :slight_smile:

Anyone else want to come? Sign up here

u got a deal!!!

hehehe sucker, there’s a whole lot of oxygen in the air in the atmosph… oooooooohhhhhh…

I’d go live on the Moon, but I’m almost certain you can’t get pizza delivery there. If that problem is ever corrected, I’ll come on up.

and a sea of serenity
and a sea of fecundity (false advertising…a bit like “Greenland”)
and a sea of storms (watch out for that one)


Can I just hitch a ride there? I won’t bug you, I promise. I’ll make my way around to the dark side and won’t come back unless invited. I could really use the vacation and I don’t drink slurpees or throw things at people or anything.

I don’t even need lakeside property. I just want a little place of my own to get away from it all, crank up the Pink Floyd and defy some gravity. I’ll go in on gas to get there.

Think about it. I’m a great neighbor.

Hey, can I come? I don’t get in the way much, pack easily, and promist not to throw slurpees at you while you’re driving your moon rover.

I’ll join up. I’ve always wanted to be a moon man.

I’ve got this spot on the Fra Munro highlands picked out. I’ve got wharehouse space, so I’ll be opening up a pizza joint.

Who’s going to do the Direct TV service up here?

Awwwwwww…nuts, struuter. You beat me to that joke. Although it’s just a wee bit frightening that we both thought of it at the same time. Weird.

As Moon Commander, and owner of the Moon, I must inform you that you’ll have to go through the proper channels before moving to the moon. We could find you a good position. How about “Moon Shuttle Conductor”?

I, for one, am not surprised. :wink:

Just goes to show what great inhabitants we’ll make.

Oh baby, you already know that you’ve got a guarenteed place to stay up here :wink: For as long as you want.

Could I still get Baseball broadcasts? At least Atlanta Braves games?
If so, I wanna go.

Really? I don’t have to be a Moon Commander or anything? I can make a mean cappuccino, latte…jet fuel. I’ll even pack my Sumatra Mandheling for morning coffee. Of course…we’ll have to bring our own water…

xizor, you’re the best. :wink:

Can I live in Tycho Crater, and wait for the monolith to appear?

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…

I sent out your replacement calculator. I addressed it:
Wump c/o The Jetsons
The Moon
Milky Way Galaxy

I hope it gets there OK. Oh, and the postage was a real bitch!