Selene, the temptress...

The Moon.

She beckons me.

She says to me, “Come.”

And I must go to her…

I’m happy for you. Just make sure you remain firmly attached to that balcony. :slight_smile:

Personally, I never listen to rocks.

No matter how big or pretty.

Only housepets have anything worth listening to.

Wow, Ice Wolf, I just had an Anubis Gates type of moment…maybe NCB should chain himself down? I knew he had a sort of wizardy air about him…

I thought John Cater Of Mars was the only guy on this Board that got called to other planets.

Does this mean that NoClueBoy is, well…a sort of a Moonie? :smiley:

Who was the Chinese poet who died when he tried to kiss the reflection of the moon in the water?

Are you thinking of Li Po??? I believe his story goes…While attempting to kiss the reflection of the moon on the water, he fell out of his boat and promptly drowned.

Damn, you’re good. Li Po it was.

so NOW I have competition???!!!
vanilla, the Sun Goddess

Well, I’ll always be a sun-worshipper, if that makes you feel any better.


I prefer to worship the Asteroid Belt, myself.

I had to punch new holes in my asteroid belt, it wasn’t fitting quite right.
Space Boy: “You mean we’re going to Jupiter?”

Winkie, the Space Pirate: “You bet your asteroids!”

Um, Dude: I’ve got more than a little experience with this sort of thing. I suggest you pick a celestral body that has an atmosphere. It also helps if there are gonna’ be a few celestral bodies located on the surface of the celestral body you travel to.

I’m just sayin’.