I'm not getting smater. Just older, dammit!

Playing trivia with a younger (25ish) group of friends at the bar the other night.

The MC was throwing out some ridiculously easy questions out there. I was absolutely amazed that none of the friends in my group were getting them!

Then, I finally realized that most of the questions I was getting that they weren’t, had to do with events that happened before they were even born. :smack:

Oh well, at least I got to see what it feels like to be the “smart” one for once. :smiley:

Hehe “smater”

Homer: I’m S-M-R-T SMART!

:slight_smile: Take what you can get.

The original Trivial Pursuit game was a tough one, for my generation. My parents had less problems with it because many questions happened in their lifetimes.

I notice that I do best on science questions.


Don’t be such a smateypants.

And here, I was gonna say " ‘R’ you?"


I occasionally play TP with some old people. Just wait until you call 30 year-old music “new”. Then you** know** you’re old.

I hate to tell you, but, if fact you’re probably losing ground in the smarts dept.

Arrrrr, Smatey!

Just because I knew MacGyver’s first name was Angus…does not makes me old. it makes me trivial!

That it started in 1982, THAT makes me feel old.