i'm not too average am i...

sometimes i feel that i’m not like the average teenager. i could be very much wrong, which might be, and probably is, the case.

for one thing, i try to have resons for whatever i think. i won’t go saying that this sucks alot and have no reason. i won’t just say “it just does”. that’s not me. and i attempt to understand my own actions. to let myself think rationally on things, not tolet myself act impulsively.

and another thing, i try to look at things from different angles, so to speak. maybe from my own view and ideas i can’t understand why someone would do or say something. but then i try to see it form their mind. of course this doesn’t always work, such as in the case of hitler.

and i think i’m the only person i know that’s looking into different ideas than normal ones. i don’t know anyone who is reading things on the gaia theories and the likes. or who tries to make ideas that others haven’t already.

and unlike almost all people i know, i want to help humanity. i don’t mean like to be a politician, or a spiritual leader. i’d like to be someone like gandhi, a leader who didn’t try to be one.

i’ve even had friends say that i’d be a great politician. but all the same i don’t want to to be one. if i’m going to gain any sort of power, i don’t want it through a system like the government.

i suppose that’s all i have to say. i tried as hard as i can to put my ideas into some wort of sensible plan, but my best apoligies if they’re not too understandable.

and by the way, i didn’t spell check this, i’m hoping it’s not too bad.

Ironically, a great many teensagers feel just like you. A word of advice: don’t spend alot of time comparing yourself to your age group. Humanity in general is just too varied and wonderful and dynamic. Whenever you pick something arbitrary like “age” to compare yourself by you can find people of all abilities in all areas, and you end up either 1) comparing yourself to people who are far your inferiors in a given area, make yourself feel good, and so give yourself an excuse to stop striving, or 2) end up comparing yourself to people who are far your superior in a given area, make yourself feel terrible, and so give yourself and excuse to stop striving.

Furthermore, soon you will be an adult, and you no longer get to use hte “for your age” tag. This sucks, but such is life: very, very soon it will no longer be good enough to be smart “for your age”, responsible “for your age”, or mature “for your age”. You just have to be smart, responsible, and mature, and you don’t get credit for these things–you just don’t get blamed. Might as well start getting used to it–this is already true here on the SDMB, where there seems to be a long tradiditon of assuming that anyone who finds their way here dosen’t need punches pulled.

Lastly, you are showing symptoms of an inevitable phase in everyone’s intellectual development. It’s the period of time between figuring out that you are smart and figuring out that many other people are, as well. There’s nothing to be done about it, you’re high on your own heady mixture of awakening brain power and hormones, and all you can do is ride it out. Try and remember that at least some of your teachers, and later, almost all of your professors, went through the exact same stage–the realizations that lots of folks are stupid–and have all that same brain power you have, plus another 20 years worth of thinking about things. So try to be open to the possiblity that they might have something to teach you. And save little essays like this, which you can pull out in ten years and feel nostalgic about.

Oh, and capitalize, for god’s sake. It makes it look like you don’t think our convinence is worth the bother of pushing down the shift key, and after that sort of insult, no one reads something in a positive state of mind.

Man, ain’t that the truth. Geesh. I’m getting depressed just thinking about it.

Hey, (your name here), don’t sweat it though. You actually are really smart and mature for your age. Sounds like you’re thinking about some stuff that I only started trying to get figured out when I was several years older than you are now.

And while it may be true that a lot of people are smart enough to realize it, that doesn’t make rational thought any less admirable a goal. Being able to think clearly and independently is one of the most important skills there is.

From what I’ve seen, anyone who wonders about being an average teenager intellectually, probably isn’t one.