I'm now a marked man.


Just got it about four hours ago. It’s my first. Didn’t hurt too bad, only took about forty minutes. I’m already thinking about going back and getting the ribbon and the arrow fletchings colored in. Just to cover up that damn freckle, if nothing else. Right now I’m sitting around in my freezing-ass cold house in short sleeves, so I can look at it whenever I want to.

That’s my right shoulder, in case it isn’t clear from the photo. It’s the crest of the Cameron clan from the Scottish highlands; my mother’s people. The words translate roughly into “Unity.”

I also threw in a few pics of Ajax, my dog, because I had all this extra space there, and 'cause he’s the best goshdarn dog in the whole wide world.

Um, Miller, all that shows up in that link is an ad for the University of Phoenix Online. Of course, if that’s your branding, I’m impressed.

A decimal equivilents chart!
What a great idea, you being a machinist and all…

Sweet, congrats. I want one too. Where’d you get it? How much was it?

And, can we see pics? The link says your album is empty.

…the hell? Link works for me…

Ah, shit, I have to pay for it for other people to see it. Hang on a minute, folks, I’ll grab my credit card.

WL: $140, plus a ten buck tip.

Okay, hopefully this’ll work better:

Link to ink

Well that just doesn’t look like any decimal chart I’ve ever seen.

I want a tattoo like Dr. Manhattan put on his head.


as long as it means something to you now and forever, like your crest.
I see people with bugs bunny or tasmanian devil(or anything frivolous) and think “hmm I guess Tas/Bugs means alot to them”

Mine represents the Sioux Indian half of me…

Awesome tat, Miller!

You should complain - they just put random letters around it that don’t say anything.

Cool work. Are you getting it colored in or just going with the black and white?

On the contrary it’s an anagram of his distaste for his current job.

“I in a cab hire hole”

Very nice, clean design. I wouldn’t have noticed the freckle if you hadn’t mentioned it.

And you have a cute dog too.

I’m not impressed with Tattoos, but that dog is adorable.

…I thought you meant you were branded.

At first glance I thought this thread was ‘I’m now a married man.’ Oops. :slight_smile:

This gives me a fun idea for a family project - I wonder if I can convince my brothers to get the Murray of Atholl clan crest tattooed on them. The motto is “Tout Pret” translating to “Always ready” and the crest is a mermaid with a mirror. Funky!

And the dog is verrra cute. :slight_smile:


You can get free storage space at http://fff.fathom.org


Very cool tattoo. Be warned: it’s an addictive habit. Next time you decide you want one, think about it for a few months before you get it.

Motto of one of our local tattoo parlors: “Remember kids, it’s not self-mutilation if we do it for you!”

Great dog.

Thanks for the great replies! Now I just need somebody to tell me how to pronounce the words I just had permanently inked onto my body. Oh, and since White Lightning asked, I got it at Spider Murphy’s in San Rafael. The guy who inked it was Brian Fites, who’s a heckuva a nice guy for somebody with tattoos on the insides of his ears.

According to this site on Gaelic, it’s pronounced “oneev ree chayl-eh”, Miller. Hope that helps.