I'm Old

I’m competition … to Scotticher??? :eek:

Wow. Thanks! :smiley:

See, Quasi? Now we’re tusslin’ over you. I think. :slight_smile:

Old? Rubbish. 53 is the perfect age to be.

Care to share that info with a clueless old(45) guy?

Can another ancient join this thread? :slight_smile:

Hell, I’m 54 and I’ve never felt better. I wouldn’t be in my 20s again for nuttin. Today, I’m smarter, more experienced, sexier, richer and happier. Youth is totally overrated. :slight_smile:

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Hey Quasi, I’m older than you by a bit and I’ve missed, and still miss, a lot too. Don’t worry about it, pal. A lot of it isn’t worth getting.

Oh, and for those of you in your 30s and 40s bemoaning how old you are, you don’t have the proper perspective…yet.

“Bling” was used to describe the flash of light off jewelry; “bling-bling” has become a slang term for same said jewelry - the flashier (blingier?) the better.

Oh, and we love you anyway, Quasi, even if you’re feeling like a geezer. :smiley:

Let me know if I can bring your walking stick and dentures, ya fogey. Lawrence Welk Reruns are on at 7.30 on sundays.

Of course, I feel like I am 30 going on 78 so you’ve already got me beat.

Cool, another domino player.

Oh Bumba yer just jealous from watching me run up and down the stairs at Portland Dopefest… I swear that child made me lose 10 pounds that day!:smiley:

Psst Bumbazine make a really yummy pot of jambalya( ummmmm better than I can spell it apparently)… oh I see aya… silly kitty… purrrrr

I told you Krisfer, duct tape!. If you tape their ankles together it slows them down considerably. :wink:
Now get out of that catnip, that’s for special occasions.

Appreciate the comments and the good-natured jibes, y’all. :smiley: I really didn’t mean to come off sounding as “low” as I did, but sometimes I catch myself getting all wistful and stuff, and wondering " where did the time go?"

I gotta stop doing that.


Oh, and a special thanks to Maureen, Cheri,Salem and Icy for those lovely words of encouragement. Y’all made this old “geezer” feel really good. :slight_smile:


Cool! Can you bring me one of those canes like Barnabas Collins used in Dark Shadows? Oh shit, that’s right. You don’t know Dark Shadows, do ya’? :slight_smile: I’ll expect it at our next Dopefest! :wink:

The dentures can wait. May not need 'em till I hit my late 70’s. (If I’m still eating solid food then, that is!:D)


What does ‘emunctory’ mean?
And what brought this all on, anyhow? Not keeping up to date with current slang? We’re not supposed to; it’s our job to ask what it means.

Dude, I’m 46 and I WISH I was 53. Little incidents aside, I am happier year by year, having solved the problems that plague young folk so. When I mention to my gf that I’m 46, her eyes turn as wide as pie plates. She considers me, and herself, 19. I WISH I was this happy at 19.

Age is a silly thing to think or worry about. Happy b’day. champ.

Like the song says, youth is wasted on the young. I’ll be 68 my next birthday (about three weeks before Quasimodem turns 54) and I have never wanted to be any younger than I was at any particular time. Other than a few more aches and pains and a little less energy than I used to have, I feel as good as I ever did.

You’ve got a lot to look forward to yet, Quasi. :slight_smile:

Hey Quasi I dont see that dingy Blonde around anywhere… Wanna play Doctor?:smiley:

Hell, I don’t know anymore, j66. Just felt the need to explain some stuff to y’all, I reckon. :smiley:


I’m 420 (in dog years …or is that Vulcan years?). That’s why I took the name “Geezer”. I figured, ‘why fight it?’ It doesn’t feel so bad…except that I can’t get up out of a chair these days without groaning. :wink: