I'm Old

Before you jump to any conclusions, “read” me out:

I guess at 53, I have missed a few things in my life. I don’t know about certain computer games because I was concentrating on other things at the time.

I don’t “get” certain “catch-phrases” although I probably use them a lot. “I hurd dat!”, comes to mind, here in Georgia, as does “Yeah, BUDDY!”, among others.

But really, I have enjoyed my travel, and I got to know some really fine people, among them Y’all here on SDMB and also on G’DOPE, and I wouldn’t trade any of you for any amount of gold on the face of the earth.

So if I seem a little clueless at times :D, please overlook it, wouldja? I try to keep up, but it’s a little difficult sometimes.



Its okay to trade me for gold, but I want a commission.

If it’s your birthday, happy birthday! If it’s not and you’re just feeling old, I heard on E! last night that Denzel Washington is 48, just a few years younger than you, and many women think he’s fine.

And I’m not aware of either of those catch phrases, either, at an even dozen years younger than you. The general cluelessness we’ll just have to live with.

Quasi. you’re not old OR clueless, well maybe there was that one time :p, but what brought this on? As much as it can be difficult at times to face that I’m at that middle-aged time, I also wouldn’t trade many experiences for youth. Both have their high points and each has its time. You’ve earned your stripes, you wear them well, now go wear them proudly! (And that was in my best authoritative voice, too.)

:points and laughs at old man!:


Actually, that works too. :smiley:

ShibbOleth: Not until 12.31.

Will you come back and wish me a happy birthday then?

And thanks for making me feel better! I appreciate it more than I can express!



Quasi – Really? 12/31? Baker and I will both be turning 49! on New Year’s Eve!

Shall we start the planning now? I bet Baker is good for a cake – I’ll bring funny hats and kazoos. Oooh, this will be fun – or as much fun as a bunch of fogies such as ourselves can handle.

That’s it. There is going to have to be an online party somewhere, on or around 31/12 for our treasured Quasi.

(Wolfie goes off to note diary … then remembers she’s old at 40, and worries she’ll forget.)

Quasi, mate, don’t sweat it if most of the zing-zang jargon coming out these days goes right over your head and makes a splat on the wall. It’s okay, love. Consider the minimal information contained in most of the stuff these days – and the HUGE amount of information, experience and life skills you possess, especially with the travelling – and maybe you’ll come to realise you’ve got the upper hand.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? In most cases, the new tricks are crap, and in others, the old dog already knows 'em. :wink:

Take care, my friend. Good seeing you around. :slight_smile:

23 skiddoo!!
(I’m old {40}, and ever so slightly clueless)

Thank you, Doll-Face Icy! You are my on-line friend and sweetie, and I don’t care if you are married and have a hundred kids, I will always think of you that way. :slight_smile:

Sometimes us old “Fogeys” just get swept away with all the new stuff. Doesn’t mean we love y’all any less. Just means we need a litlte more patience, k?



Some of us older Dopers discovered the SDMB later in life (Like when we had to learn computers in order to do our jobs,), but once we discovered it, we got “hooked” (like when they taught us how to use the mouse by playing SOLITAIRE). But we got left behind when we realized it was going to be a means to continue our livelihood and get our paychecks.

So we got a minimal introduction to computers and the internet. (For me it was “The Chat House”, anyone remember that place?)

So my point is those of you who got real computer education
are a step ahead, and always will be because of the foundation training you got. I missed out on that.


And after we celebrate your birthday we can celebrate my eleven years of hell— I mean WEDDED BLISS! Yeah, sure thats what I meant… ah hell twicks pass the Glenlivet will ya?

Oh… this cat is 38 is that almost old enuff to play wich you old geezers?:smiley:

Quasi, you are NOT old. Do I need to sit in your lap and whisper in your ear to prove it?


Quasi, my treasured friend from the North … I have had minimal computer education of th’ formal kind. A couple of courses, here and there. I’m mainly self-taught, a timid technophobe who quietly and by myself went into programs and played with 'em until I was confident enough to use them. Including Internet browsers like IE.

I was a couple of years too old to enjoy the flowering of computer science at my high school.

If stuff starts to overwhelm you, just take a step back, and ask questions. You’re not an idiot for doing that – quite the opposite. That’s how I learned, and I’m still learning, thanks in very large part to the members of this board, of G’Dope, and in particular a very, very patient TheLoadedDog. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah – I’m single, terminally so. Which gives me time to keep on this journey of self-discovery of mine. Which is a good thing – 'cause this scaredey-wolf technophobe needs lots of time! :slight_smile:

Much love to you, Quasi. You’re a special man. Keep in touch, my dear friend.

Crap! I’ve got football programs older than you.
(Actually, I do. I bought them last week in the store. Navy vs. Notre Dame programs from 1940-47. They bring about $30/each on eBay.) :smiley:

I’m 59. What you need is my three kids. I can ship them as a package deal for $50./delivered.

That is to say, I’ll give you $50 if you take all three of them. :smiley:

Nothing like teenagers to keep you abreast of the latest.

Meh, don’t worry about that, I’m 22 and I’m the same. I’m perfectly comfortable with words like ‘defenestration’, ‘phantasmagoria’ or ‘emunctory’, but I only just found out what ‘bling’ means a few weeks ago. And I don’t think I know how to use it in a sentence. So you’re one up on me if you actually know how to use catchphrases!

goes to sit in Clueless Corner with Quasi :slight_smile:

I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Is this the hug thread? :slight_smile:

My darling, to me you are not old, and you never WILL be old.

Because you shine, that’s all. And you’ll shine when you are 95, just the same as you do now. (Unless you forget who you are and become someone else, and I am betting you aren’t going to be doing that. Actually, you aren’t ALLOWED to do that, hear?) :smiley:

You are, quite simply, wonderful.

My Love,


PS…forget that Ice Wolf lady…not only does she have a husband or three and a bazillion children…(I know, I know…she says NOT…but can we beLIEVE her?) but she lives all the way across the world. At least I live on the same continent, you know?

[sub]All of the above should not be taken as a slur upon Ice Wolf, you understand. I love her dearly. She is terrific and darling. But you know, one must slur the competition as fully and completely as possible. Or so I am told.

Okay, NOW I feel like a total worm. [/sub]

Feel free to just shoot me. I deserve it. [sub]Please PLEASE see sig. :)[/sub]