I'm on top of the world (and other random stuff)

Let it never be said that I wasn’t paying attention when things were good.

This thread is inspired by Good Will Hunting, most of a big bottle of wine, the State of North Carolina, my 12 gauge remington 870 shotgun, capitalism, and my beautiful fiance (not nessesarily in that order)

While watching a the movie tonight that I had seen many times previously, a point was made that I noticed more so than before. You don’t notice the small things. You take them for granted. When times are bad, you focus on it. When times are good, you tend to take them for granted. Well, not me. Hence, this thread.

Times are fucking great. I’m in love. I’ve been engaged for about a year and a half and I’ll be married late this summer. She’s great. (I’m a boy and I’m marrying a girl. We’re old fashioned ;))

I’m so lucky to have her. We’ve known eachother for about a decade. I was a freshman in college and she was still in high school when we met. We immediately were drawn to eachother. Years later, she looked me up. Thank goodness she did. I actually gave my mom shit for giving her my phone number! “What do you mean, a random girl called your house and asked for the number for me in Lowell? You gave it to her? I’ve got enemies! Don’t ever do that again!” I’m so glad she did.

I’m the type that doesn’t need to be in a relationship. I don’t even like having roomates. I don’t mind being alone. I didn’t seek out falling in love with this woman or anyone, it just happened. That’s what makes it even more real and special. Well, that, and the fact that she’s perfect.

She’s in North Carolina this weekend, visting family. I’m a bachelor again. Horray! But, wait… I don’t know what to do with myself. I made a half assed effort to call some friends and party, but my heart wasn’t in it. I’ve only been away from her for a couple of days and I miss her dearly.

Now, I still love my friends. I’ve got almost a dozen guys that would show up anywhere if I asked them to wearing ski masks armed with baseball bats. Real friends. People that actually would “lie down in traffic for me” (*Movie reference again.) I have always counted myself very lucky to have such a great number of loyal, honorable, fucking batshit motherfuckers to call my friends. I never took that for granted.

I did meet my buddy, (and one of my “best men” at my upcoming wedding) today. We shot our shotguns at a local club. Simple pleasure. It’s men being men, at our fucking finest. We talk about things, but that’s not the point. We just need to be together and do men stuff. Load the magazines of the .22 then go plinking, talk about different cleaning solutions and their merits, adjust the skeet shooter at the range to be just right. I don’t take this for granted. I never have. I enjoy it and I’m aware of every precious moment of it.

I’m not rich. But, I will be soon. I’m 28 years old. Five years ago my net worth was zero. I was just graduating from college. I bought a condo (no money down) and fixed it up with my graduation present money (10,000). A few years later I sold it for twice what I paid. I’m now about to finish my second constuction project. I bought land and have built a condex (two condo’s/a two family/two towhhouses) whatever you prefer, you can call it. I’m going to make a six figure return off of this one deal, and I’m just getting started.

It’s easy. I haven’t done shit personally, really. I just do the thinking. I have a general contractor that knows what he’s doing. My two lawyers have both been good. My finance guy is a fucking rock star. My engineer has earned my trust. All the subcontractors have been doing their jobs. I just keep hiring good people and make sure everyone is doing their job. In a couple of weeks, the project will be complete. I can do this again, and again. And again! Every two years, and I won’t even have to pay taxes on it (Thanks Bush!). I’m not taking this for granted. I love every second of it.

My career is going great also. I’m making almost twice what I was when I got out of school. I’m a systems analyst and I’ve got about five years of experience. I’ve survived the dot com crash and I’m at a great small but growing company. My fiance has landed a great entry level finance job with a prominent mutual fund company. We are both on an upward trend with our careers and things couldn’t be better.

Some day I will get sick and die. Or just die suddenly. Or, worse, she will.

Some day I will get layed of (again) or my investments will go south (again) or the real estate market will crash on me (hasn’t happened yet, but it will).

Some day my family will be in trouble. My parents will get older and sicker and soon I will be taking care of them instead of the other way around.

Some day my luck will run out.

Some day. Some fucking day.

But, not today. I’m aware. My eyes are wide fucking open. I’m at the top of my game. I’m enjoying every damn minute of it. I’m sucking it all in, every last bit. I savor it all like my last meal, over and over again. Even if it all falls apart tomorrow, I’ll remember. I’ll remember every detail.

Let it never be said that I took it for granted. I’m young. I’m healthy. I’m smart. I’m financially sucessful. I’m about to marry a fucking hottie that has brains to match. I’ve got friends and family that couldn’t be better. My whole life is ahead of me.

I’ve got the world by the balls. Even better still, I know it.

I could proofread, but why bother? I need another drink.