I'm on Wheel of Fortune!!

Hey, it’s no Jeopardy, but it is my moment of glory. Check me out tonight (Friday) I’m the big winner. Now you can tell your friends that you know somebody famous, or if you’re like most the people I know, you can tell your mom or grandma, who loves to watch the show!

Yes, Vanna is tiny, but friendly. Yes, Pat is aloof and a bit of a jerk…Yes, the wheel is hard to spin, I came home with bruises on my wrist from those metal spikes.

No, I don’t have the check yet, it comes 120 days after the original air date (April 1)

How cool! And it’s your second post since joining a year and a half ago. You like to save it for the big stuff, eh? :wink:

Which contestant are you? (I know you’re the winner, but they usually save that announcement til the end and I want to know who to root for so I can be right.)

Hey, congrats! I’ve been in the audience a couple times. I got that feeling that Pat really considers himself a Supastar! Gag.
Glad to hear you won a bag 'o money.
I’m going to on the road to the in-laws about the time it comes on so… How much? :smiley:

I’m in the number two spot, the yellow podium. I would tell you that I’m the one in the tangerine shirt, but we had a little color theme going on. It looks bad for me at first, but I finish strong…to the tune of $53,750!!

I’ve been lurking even longer than I’ve been a member…guess I just like to soak up knowledge rather than share my own (though that’s not what my husband and students would say!)

If I find out you bought vowels when you didn’t need to there’s gonna be trouble.

Congratulations goransmom! You were great!

Read this just in time to watch the last 10 minutes. Yay goransmom! You and your hubby looked like you were both enjoying the experience… Really had fun watching!


Just saw it, congratulations goransmom!
can never get the answers myself -go fish HA

Way to go g r nsm m! I caught the last 10 minutes.

How awesome for you!! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I missed this thread earlier, so didn’t get to watch the show. But congratulations on the win!

You were on across from The Simpsons unfortunately so I had to make a choice. I did get over to you in time to see your husband give a big thumbs-up to the camera.

I missed it. :stuck_out_tongue: Can anyone share the bonus round puzzle, after the letters were selected? I like trying to figure those out the most.

I never watch the show and saw this thread too late to tivo.

I take it if you win you don’t return the next show eh?

So you won yeah? I’m interested to know how that all works. Do you sign something after the show that says “I won $X amount. $X is removed for taxes. Expect $X in the mail on or around X date.”

Did you win prizes as well? Someone told me you can opt to cash out the prizes if you wish. Were you given that choice?

Poop. I missed it!
I mean, congratulations! $53,000!! Holy moly!

Watcha gunna do with it? Anything fun? Travel the world? Open a flower shop? Donate it all to charity?

moves to the edge of her seat

Poop. I missed it!
I mean, congratulations! $53,000!! Holy moly!

Watcha gunna do with it? Anything fun? Travel the world? Open a flower shop? Donate it all to charity?

I thought she was going throw a HUGE doper party! :slight_smile:

For those who missed it…the bonus round puzzle theme was Fun & Games

It looked like this:

_ _

You get the free letters LNRTS E, so I ended up with:

_ _
_ _ S _

I guessed K H D I and ended up with:

_ _
_ _ S H

Take it from there!

I didn’t win any prizes, but I’m pretty sure there was not an option to take the cash value, mostly becasue the values are a little inflated. You can decline a prize if you don’t want to pay the taxes on it, but that’s about it.

I did sign a paper stating what I would be getting a check for and when. Also signed that I am responsible for all federal and my state taxes. The only tax they take out is California Income Tax.

So, what to do with the money?? Well, the fun part is deciding how to spend it. Maybe that’s why they wait so long to give it to you! But it will probably be a little of everything… save some, spend some, donate some. (Not forgetting to leave a third in the bank for Uncle Sam next April)

c _ _ g r _ _ _ u _ _ t _ _ n s!
Does this mean everyone gets a free year’s membership on the SDMB? Just pass on that Visa card number. We promise not to abuse it, really.

I like the show, but the one thing that annoys me by Pat is how homophobic he is. He doesn’t shirk from grabbing ladies and hugging them (the younger they are and the larger the chest, the better) but godforbid an obvious Gay guy even tries to put his arm on Pat’s shoulder…he rudely steps back and goes into panic mode.

I once flew to NY and Vanna was sitting in first class when I walked back to the cattle car section of the plane.

Sorry I am reading this too late to have seen the show.