I'm out of ice.

Damn, I forgot to fill the trays.

Get an ice maker for your freezer.

And while you are there, get a sense of creative posts.

Well, it’s better than the guy who kept telling us about his need for the toilet all the time …

Maybe it’s like an electronic post-it note:

“Next time – get the ice!”

Or something. :slight_smile:

I hate when that happens. It’s usually when the kids have taken all but one cube out of every tray so they can say, “Well it wasn’t empty so I put it back.” I love them. No, really. I do.

Welcome to the boards, hydrocortizone.

Don’t Y’all have an “Ice-Fairy” in your house? I do. The magic pixie
whose lone task in life is to magically refill those trays that have been left with one cube, by the lothesome troll who refuses to refill them when they have taken all but the last? I have been plagued, all my life with said trolls. Sadly, the Ice-Fairy is …ME.
(I just love an Icey-Cold beverage)

The Doctor is On, The Doctor is Happy.

O.K., this(having no ice) is a major problem and you would be in big trouble over here. As everyone knows, Ice Is Civilization. Having no ice will wreck havoc on all the various and assorted facets of running a smooth household 'round here. In extreme cases of lack of ice, you may actually be flung out of the earths orbit never to return (…can’t say you don’t deserve it, though) . This cannot be tolerated.

My brother (who posts on the SDMB and may read this) is an ice hog. He has a giant cup of ice water that he fills and refills throughout the day. I have SEEN him empty that giant cup (icewater and all) and refill it with fresh ice and water. Oh, the waste!

Our best solution was to install an ice maker (Oh, the joy!) and have two buckets to catch the ice. One should be (ideally) full all the time (or close to it) and one should be filling all the time.

Now grandma has an ice maker, too. But she seems to use approximately 3 ice cubes a day. Her ice can be weeks or months old. It is stale, tastes bad, and is full of holes (?!). There is obviously no civilization at grandmas, and we resort to caveman ways by drinking our liqids warm over there. This is very close to chaos.

I suggest you mend your ways before you become like grandma. Be aware ther there is no law that says the ice cube tray (such old technology) must be completely empty before being refilled.

But, you have Pepsi?!

We have an icemaker, the kind that makes the thin square shaped pieces, but it has been broken for about three months. Why is it so hard to get someone to fix an icemaker? Nobody seems to want to mess with it. We finally just got it fixed on friday, and it took him about thirty minutes, and the part it needed only cost fifteen dollars, but it was indeed a long and unpleasant three months’ search for an icemaker repairman.

Our ice maker in the frig is broken, but thank goodness we have a stand alone ice maker upstairs.

For those of you who are “ice hogs” do not ever visit Europe. They grudgingly dispense their ice one cube at a time. :frowning:

Ya know, I’ve lived in my apartment for over three years now and the ice maker has never once worked.

And I don’t miss it at all!

I keep my sodas in the fridge, and that makes them nice and cold. The rare occasions when I have a jug of orange juice or something, that’s in the fridge too.

So what do I need ice for?