I'm over 40 now. How do I enlarge the text size for reading?

Clicking “View-Text Size” on the top bar of the window does nothing.
I’m sure there is a way, but I have not figured it out.

Dang. You’re right; increasing the view size does nothing.

Not sure what to tell you here. Reading glasses?

your humble TubaDiva
Who now can’t see stuff close up AND far away, all at the same time – so I commiserate.

It works for me with IE 5.2 (Mac). What’s your browser?

Change your browser. The text-upsize function doesn’t work all that well in IE6/Win (I just tried it – I think it has something to do with CSS), but works great with Mozilla, Firefox, and I’d imagine any other browser that’s been keeping up with current technology, at least on the Windows side.

The text size thing does indeed work, but not everywhere. The MSN homepage reflects that setting, for instance, but the SDMB apparently does not.

The only thing I can offer you, other than a browser change, is to reduce your screen resoultion in display settings. I have a sneaking suspicion you’re already at the lowest setting (800x600), but if you can choose 640x480, try using that for SDMB browsing.

There’s an excelent browser you can try free, Internet Rider - iRider.com
I love it because you can change size of any page (the entire page, not just the fonts) with one keystroke.
I use it all the time to read my daily comics.com page, where some print needs enlarging, but you want to change size back for the next cartoon.

Try holding down control and scrolling your mouse!

Works for me.

ctl-mouse scroll wheel does the same as going through the menu.

This method was given by another poster: in win98, IE 6, select tools/internet options, click the “accessibility” button in the lower right corner, and check the box for “ignore font sizes specified on web pages”. Then you can change the font size as you wish.

Awesome! It worked. I just set it on “smaller,” and it is still slightly larger than the SDMB font!

Thanks guys