I'm politically active!

. . . well, for me at least it’s active. My brother-in-law, who actually appears to **be ** politically active, has snagged himself some Kerry/Edwards lawn signs, and he’s bringing one over this weekend. (I really wanted a sign that reads “Anyone but Bush - but not Nader”, but nobody seems to be making those).

Since it looks like the “we hate gay people” amendment won’t make it to the ballot in Michigan, I won’t have to put out a “don’t mess with my constitution, you narrow-minded hating-people, you” sign.

I bought some candy bars from the local little league. I’m an athletic supporter!

Good for you, Genghis. Hopefully it won’t be stolen like the 400 some odd Kerry/Edwards signs that were stolen in Pensacola. But now I challenge you to call up your local election board, or campaign of your choice and go out and register people to vote. A 51% voter turnout is absolutely embarrassing for a country that prides itself on spreading democracy throughout the world.

If you find one let me know. :smiley: