I'm Procrastinating!

Lets see… its 2:34 and I still have half a report to do for class tomorrow. I am reading the SDMB and fark.com Is there anyway to get me to stop procrastinating? Please help me! AIM screen name Roublard Cache if you have any tips!

I’ll tell you later…

I took a course on procrastination once…

I showed up for the first class and they flunked me.

I can procrastinate better than the lot of you! Want proof? How about me not posting to this…[sub]Oh, nevermind[/sub]

I’m getting ahead of the game. Really. I promise I’m writing this paper that’s due next Monday (can’t you tell?) because I have to be in Atlanta saturday. And I can’t get out of this one, I know. That means monday’s paper, tuesday’s journal entries (ok, if I’d done them all month I wouldn’t have to do them either) and wednesday’s labs have to be done by Friday noon at the latest.