I'm quite pissed off with ANYONE that would endanger school-children

Here it is, the first day after spring break. My husband is on the Capital Beltway and calls me at home. “Have you heard the news?” Apparently, while driving to work he heard a radio news report that says there have been some small handmade bombs found on the grounds of some ELEMENTARY schools in our community. The news report did not name the schools.

So, I call our son’s school and would you fuckin’ believe that his school is one of three that have found these bombs on their premises? [Paraphrase:] “…police officers are here right now doing a massive sweep of the grounds and they will remain here throughout the entire day. So, we have every reason to believe that we are safe here.” Ummm, thanks for the vote of confidence lady…but my kid is going to work with me today (I work at a children’s learning/daycare center).

I went up to the school and got his work for the day so he won’t fall behind. My son thinks we’re just taking an extra study day…


If it’s not one thing it’s another in the frickin’ DC metro area. 9/11 terrorist-type fears, terror alert concerns, a friggin’ sniper, and now this shit! I have always LOVED living in this area…but its becoming a little too much for my nerves.

And not to add to your fears, but don’t forget the anthrax letters.

what anthrax letters?

I think he means the ones from the past to the senators and such.

I saw some news snippet about ‘mystery powder’ found in a letter in a post office in LA.

A white powder “containing a biotoxin” that is “not anthrax” was found this morning in a mail-sorting facility in Greater Vancouver (New Westminster or Burnaby, I think it was). Four workers were put through decontamination and show no signs of illness. Biotoxin unidentified, building evacuated.

No specific cite; radio news (CKNW).

MSN report on the white powder - 2nd test showed no evidence of biotoxins but it’s being tested further.

I haven’t seen anything about the bomb reports yet.

Can’t a gal mail a friend some confectioner’s sugar anymore?


According to this news story I’m off in left field with the location of that biotoxin stuff, unless it’s appeared in multiple places. The story says Tacoma, Washington.

Drat! CNN reports that it’s all a load of hooey. Probably much the same as Ferret Herder’s MSN story.

I’m giving up on news reporting, I suck at it.