I'm selling my paintings

I’ve posted about my art here before, and got great advice and encouragement about it. I said that if I ever got around to selling my work, that I would let y’all know, so I thought I’d start a thread to announce my website.

My website is RingmanPaintings.com. I also have a flickr page, and started a facebook page.

I’ve been starting things slowly. Partly because I haven’t had a lot of time, and partly because when I do have time it’s more fun to work on a new painting rather than working on selling them. I haven’t sold any yet, but I’m hoping to work on marketing more this summer and start building more of an audience.

If you have any questions, comments, or advice, then please feel free to share.

Did you sell Mice yet? I love that one.

I like your stuff. I liked your FB page so that when I have money, I know where to shop. Good luck.

PM sent. Many of the paintings struck a chord with me. Perceptive, yet with a whimsical touch.

Good luck selling these, I think you have a lot of talent. I really like Traffic Light, very cool! :slight_smile:

Why, oh, why do I keep seeing this on the main page and thinking it says “I’m selling my panties”? I’m also a fan of Traffic Light. My other favs are Hanging Plant (easier to take care of than a real plant), Monkeys and Face Off.

You should also upload the photos of your best paintings here.It will compel people to visit your site and that will really generate a benefit for you.Otherwise you may think better for your self.

are you really sell them ?

Your Paintings are very nice