i'm so sore!

Well, i’ve started going to the gym, mostly to lose weight, but also to gain some muscle. For the first time since middle school when weight training was required in P.E., I tried some of the weight machines while with a friend on Wednesday. After i was done, i was super sore. I didnt know just how sore til later that night and the next day. I could hardly hold a phone reciever to my ear, hold my book bag, etc. Now, i’m pretty sure i probably over did it, and wont do THAT again!

But, what i’m wondering is, since when i sleep my arms normally bend at the elbows, and when i wake up i can hardly move my arms back fully straight without feeling it. I’m beginning to think that as the muscle fibers repair themselves, they get locked in the bent arm position, and dislike when i extend my arm out. Is this the case? Have i caused my arms to stay in a slightly bent position for a few days? Any way to keep this from happening again?

I seriously feel like i’m constantly stiff in my arms. I can eventually bend them straight, but i have to slowly do it. The plus side is, my legs seem to be fairly strong, and i havent had the problems with them that i’ve had with my upper body (the legs at least get some sort of work out)

Anyway, on saturday, i’ll be with another friend who knows how to do weights properly so he’ll show me what to do :).

Never underestimate the power of a good warm up and cool down before and after a work out to keep you from getting sore. Although, if it is too late for that, heat pads can help a lot. Good luck.

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Doob, hop in the sauna before you leave for about 30-45 minutes. You will not get as sore and you can get sweaty with guys with nice bodies. :smiley:

Wow, i actually got a non sarcastic post from you, merc! Good idea, but um…the sauna would just bother me even more ;). I think maybe i’ll take a nice hot bath (after i clean the ring from it).

Hopefully by saturday i’ll be healed enough i can start over and NOT be so sore.

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Hey Doob… two words, “Use Heat”. That’ll help wonders. I’ve been doing some really heavy strength training since the beginning of this year, but man was I sore those first two weeks when I just started. Had the same problem with the elbows. The best thing I’ve found to do is to put heat on 'em when you’re not using them, and the rest of the time, to keep them in constant use. Straighten your arm, make a fist, pump it a few times, bend your arm, repeat. You can do this while you’re sitting in class or whatever, just try not to scream when you over-extend too fast. :wink:

Seriously Doob, I hope you feel better soon. Sore muscles like that can make you feel pretty useless.

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I’m sorrier. :slight_smile:

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Just keep at it, doob. Sounds to me like you’re just not used to it yet, and your muscles are retaliating against being used for anything except lifting food and beer. :smiley:
Keep going and you’ll get used to it. You’ll still get sore, but it wont be nearly as bad. You start enjoying it after a while, actually. I love the feeling the next day, where it hurts every time I move. Makes me feel like I really accomplished something the day before in the gym.

Also, I have no idea why I’m in this thread. Usually I run away when Doob says stuff like “I’m so sore…” 'cause well… it’s doob.