I'm sorry, but Paul Walker is incapable of acting.

His usage (or should I say poor elocution) of “bro” in Too Fast Too Furious was nothing less than disgusting. The first flick was at least tolerable, the second should have been scrapped before the script was rewritten.

The guy cannot act. He is without that talent. His appearance does not factor in to his acting ability, he just can’t act. What a turd. I’d actually like to hear someone defend his acting capabilities right after a viewing of TFTF. He should have stopped after the first movie.

Why apologize?

Let me see if I understand correctly. You’re watching Too Fast Too Furious and complaining about someone’s acting? Um, you’re watching the sequel to a Vin Diesel vehicle. Methinks you’re setting your strandards too high.

I don’t own it and I’ve never seen it, so I suppose I could be wrong but…

Isn’t it “2 Fast 2 Furious”? Which is just. SO. DUMB.

I know who we’re all talking about (yeah, he’s not great) but what else has he been in? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in other mov… oh, it just hit me. “She’s All That” with Rachel Leigh Cook(e?) and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Ugh. Are these the only three then?

He was Joshua Jackson’s best frined in The Skulls and was most recently in Timeline If you want to see his stunningly bad acting in an unbelievable plot, that’s your pic. Though I probably would have liked the movie when I was eight years old.

He’s actually a nice guy. I know some crew who kinda felt embarassed by his wooden performance while they were shooting. Nice guy, but a papr bag could pull off a better performance and it wasn’t dialog that called for a nuanced performance, either. He was very polite and thanked the director for the opportunity at the end of the shoot. He had his aerobicized, blonde girlfriend on set. Everyone called them “Ken and Barbie”. Not trying to be mean, but they were two tall, perfect-looking people that looked like bookends together.

Nice guy. Good looking guy. Just not “inspired.” He may learn though.

Actually the roommate was watching, I caught a bit of it and was stunned at how bad he was.

I did watch Timeline though (I like MC’s books). Paul was pretty damn pathetic in that too.

Also, I know that Vin Deisel is no master thespian, but he’s certainly better than Paul Walker.

I can forgive this a lot, although he does bring to mind that line from To Wong Foo, “He can stay, but he’s not allowed to think or speak.”

Walker was also in Joyride, a thoroughly poor movie involving a maniac trucker and Steve Zahn.

Don’t ever see it, it will burn your eyes.

There are thousands of talented people out there that not only would love the opportunities that this idiot gets but would do a fantastic job that could raise a mediocre movie to ‘entertaining’ level.

It’s not right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me make sure I’m hearing you right.

You were expecing acting in 2 Fast 2 Furious?

Aside from the icy menace of Cole Hauser (the bad guy, who’s also been in Tigerland and is currently doing an extended guest shot on E.R.) and the bodaciousness of Eva Mendes, there isn’t a single quality element in that whole movie, nor should any rational person expect one.

To me, the entire movie can be summed up in the scene where white guy and black guy (which is how I refer to the so-called “heroes” of this dreck-fest, since learning their names requires more effort than they deserve) race their neon-encrusted rice-burners against two guys driving (I think) a charger and a mustang (I’m likely wrong about the models). It becomes clear that “good old American muscle” is going to win this race handily, so white guy has to play “chicken”, and (rather improbably) the driver of the American car swerves and crashes, instead of just coming to a nice calm relaxed victorious stop.

I always took this as a metaphor for this movie and movies generally: you can have all the glitzy useless crap you want, but if you’re missing the fundamental strengths (a strong engine/decent writing and acting) then you can only “win” by cheating, and if the audience is dumb enough to let your cheating work.

Let’s don’t forget Varsity Blues!

Who in the theater didn’t feel something when star quarterback, Lance Harbour, his future destroyed by steroids, burst into the training room to stop another student from making the same mistake?

Who in the theater didn’t shed a tear of happiness when he led the team back on the field, and replaced the coach to lead them to a win?

Yeah, he sucks. He’s Keanu bad. No seriously. I mean it.

  • Peter Wiggen

I actually like Vin Diesel. He was pretty good in Knockaround Guys.

And in Saving Private Ryan* and Pitch Black

Isn’t Paul Walker the leftovers from some surgery Keanu Reeves had? And I think he was working in the Diner in Pleasantville
*the guy who gets shot by the sniper when they arrive in the French village - I kid you not Vin haters!!!

C’mon, people, let’s get with the damn program. You don’t watch 2 Fast 2 Furious for the acting, you watch it for the driving. The cars are the stars, understand? You watch it because seeing a Skyline leapfrog over another car during a bridge jump is just way too insane, not to mention a Camaro plowing into a boat (and yes, I know it’s totally unrealistic, all right??). I mean, same deal with Star Wars Episode 1, where the moviegoers who only wanted to see a thrilling podrace, lots of flashy lightsaber action, and a little melodrama here and there exited with glowing reviews.

Popcorn flick. Special effects extravaganza. Acquired taste.

Rented the DVD, mainly because I was into Initial D, which meant that I’d already heard endless comparisons to 2F2F, so of course I had to watch it. Didn’t really see the comparisons, but what the heck. Didn’t notice anything especially bad about Paul Walker’s acting (certainly as convincing as Eva Mendes, at any rate).

It’s only when he gets into movies that require acting that this will be a factor. So far the majority of his movies have been action flicks, and those movies require one only to look good and run around a lot- no one’s acting is “good” 90% of action movies. His looks do add something to movies like that (hey, I’m a girl. I think he’s hot) and make them more bearable to watch for the testosterone deprived. When he does Shakespeare, then your complaint will be valid.

Looking for acting talent in the average action flick is like hoping to buy diamonds at the Dollar Store.