I'm Still here - Joaquin Phoenix

And I doubt he’s good at managing money, plus even in the unlikely event he is lots of investments go bad in the best of times, and he has an expensive lifestyle and there hasn’t been much coming in lately (not compared to previous years).

Out of curiosity, does anybody know what they use as cocaine when a character has to snort it on camera?

But it worked so well for Dee Dee Ramone. Err, uh…


If he was in a place where he could know about this, Andy Kaufman might give a shit.

Finely milled flour?

So Phoenix’s Father is played by someone with the last name Affleck?

It must be Ben and Casey’s Dad, doing an acting gig.

It’s fake.

Not that it’s necessarily representative of the views of others, but I think this is the first movie I’ve ever seen get zero stars in PEOPLE magazine.

Phoenix will be back on Letterman next Wed (9/22).

… And it’s been admitted as a fake, to loud snores from the general public:

This whole thing reminds me of Homer Simpson’s line about “isn’t it ironic that the person being chased was caught by the very person who was chasing him”.

Someone else’s cocaine?

The enterprise appears to be a gigantic failure. The general reaction to the whole thing has been “meh” or “well, that was irritating.”

Am I the only one here thinking Joaquin wouldn’t even have his current shitty career if it weren’t for his brother dying?
With the exception of Ashley Simpson, Paris Hilton, and other pseudo celebrities who are famous only for being famous; I can think of no other celebrity that I care less about.

I feel ripped off and I haven’t even seen it yet. I wanted it to be real damnit!

This may be my favorite movie review of all time.:smiley:

That upcoming Letterman interview is going to be fun to watch, in a trainwreck sort of way.

Even though it all turned out to be a hoax, did Phoenix ever do any actual rapping during the whole “giving up acting to become a rap star” phase?

Not in major venues and he didn’t release a CD, but he had some club dates. NSFW YouTube of a performance in Miami.

Possibly it helped, but I still think he did an outstanding job channeling Johnny Cash.

I can’t think of a solitary thing that the Kardashian girls or Paris Hilton or that god awful woman with a boatload of kids did to deserve anyone’s notice.

The weird thing is you’ve gotta be way more specific. Kate Gosselin? Octomom? Mrs. Dugger? All famous for being godawful women with boatloads of kids. If the media ever completely loses interest in Paris Hilton I expect her to come back by having sextuplets.