I'm supposed to watch a special viewing of a new cable drama

My household was selected , so tonight at 7:00 pm I am supposed to tune in to channel 12 on my ATT basic cable and watch a primetime drama commercial free. But I can’t because I forgot I have a stinkin committee meeting. These people (mrkt rsrchrs) are counting on me!

I should have the meeting at my house and we can all tune in eh!?!?!?

Glad I went to the meeting instead of staying home to watch the show. D. watched fifteen minutes of it and knew i wouldn’t like it. PRivate detective drama lots of shouting and violence.

The twist was:it was a Tex Mex flavor with virtually all of the actors being Hispanic. I think he had the sound way low so it could of been from the spanish super station = my last name is often mistaken (it’s dutch).

So I know everyone was just dying to know :wink:

We did that once… then we got a phone call asking us what we remembered of the commercials. Turns out the show was just a sham, and they were testing how memorable and effective their commercials were…

Btw they were the commercials that Elaine Boosler did for whatever cleanser it was …

Hi Opal

When the call came the morning after to ask me how I liked the show, I told 'em I only watched 15minutes of it then lost interest. She said “That is what the four other women I’ve called already said too!”

Opal got it right.

They put test commercials into a crappy unsold pilot, then ask you about the commercials. They may throw one or two questions about the program in there, but they don’t really care about it.

You didn’t miss anything, except maybe a basket of lovely gifts and coupons they give you for your trouble.