I'm thinking of joining....

…the Coast Guard, if they’ll have me.

What do you guys think…your opinions matter to me.

Why do you think I should…or for that matter shouldn’t?

And this is absolutely serious…I’m really considering it!


My husband’s secret fantasy is to run off and join the Coast Guard. So, I keep telling him that it’s an awful organization… :smiley:

I have the highest respect for the Coast Guard. I have been around recreational boats all my life, and I am very impressed with the important work they do and the professionalism with which they do it.

I say do the research, and if it still sounds good, go for it! It is a career to be proud of.

I want to do this as a 2 or 4 year experience, not as a career…


Sky, do the research, and think about this: being in the military requires a certain mindset. Not everyone can do it, or wants to do it. If you think you can handle taking orders all the time and the rest of the seeming-nonsense (I say because it will make sense to you some day) then I say Go for it! I have spent virtually my entire life being connected to the military, so I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can for you.

'Sides, don’t you know how much women just love a man in a uniform?? :wink:

Guarding the coast is a tough job. . .are you sure you’re up to it?

Guarding the coast is a tough job. . .are you sure you’re up to it?

Just make sure that you are joining the Coast Gaurd for the right reasons. Don’t think that it is just a Mini-Navy. Their responsibilities are much different form that of its big brother.

If you know what your getting into and you are still just sitting on the fence, I take the dive. If you are waiting to wake up one day and expecting to fell some felling like, OK, today is the day, it won’t happen. When I was in the same possision you’re in now, I just walked up to my recruiter and told him to send me to Boot Camp. After that I felt great. So go for it.

Just remember that the Coast Gaurd has the second hardest Boot Camp, right after the Marines. :smiley:

I have a great deal of respect for the Coast Guard. They are a small service, with a great deal of responsibility – maritime safety, law enforcement, drug interdiction, environmental protection, military service in wartime, search and rescue.

Their search and rescue motto – “You have to go out, but you do not have to come back” – reflects the noblest traditions of the sea services.

If you’re interested in active day-to-day service, in peace as well as war, along with the protection of life and property as an important part of your duties, the Coast Guard probably would be a good choice.

And the fact that they’ve rescued me off a burning boat in no way colors my opinion of the service. :slight_smile:

I would consider seriously whether military service is right for you at this time in your life. If so, the Coast Guard has a lot to offer.

I echo many of the opinions above…do some research and thinking and soul searching first. Be sure you can give what will be asked of you…but there is no finer service if you decide it’s right.

The Coast Guard is the “quiet service”, IMO. They do so much that most people don’t know even needs doing in the first place. I guess what I’m saying is there won’t be much in the way of glory or recognition, but you couldn’t ask for a greater opportunity for actual service.

FWIW, it’d be hard and demanding, but you’d find a dedicated buncha folks who’d want and help you to succeed.

Tough choice, but all honor to you for considering it.