I'm throwing it all away- within reason, of course

My logic in cleaning my house this way is this: If I really needed it, I would have searched it out already, right? I should relieve my closet space of the 10 years of back issues of Allure and Vanity Fair. My kids dont play with most of their toys, they dig through them until something is interesting, and then they just leave them all out! I am drowning in a sea of clothes that no one wears anymore. Papers! Do you know how many papers 3 children that are in school produce? I can’t find my surfaces for heavens sake!
My husband is out hiking Havasupai and I could not go this year because we had no one to watch our kids, so he went and I stayed. And it is driving me mad!!! Mad I say! I can’t put myself in a corner because something is probably cluttered there.


But it’s going to feel so goooood when you’re finished. Or even when you’ve made a dent.
So, who’s getting the clothes? I hand over all of my old stuff to the various veterans’ organizations. I just love it that they drive over here and pick up bags of whatnot.
I don’t envy you the magazines; they will be heavy.

Purge away!