I'm tired of getting "yelled" at, or "Cranky people KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES"!!!! (

Okay, what I’m talking about is when, either in a business situation, or a personal one, someone is mad or cranky about something, and they behave huffily or crankily with everyone around them because of it. Even if what they’re mad about has nothing to do with the person with whom they are being cranky.

Maybe I’m extra sensitive to it, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “man/woman” thing. Only two of the guys in my office do this. The others behave as IMO, is the “proper” way to behave.

And that is, if you’re mad about something, you keep your frustration and anger confined to THAT specific person or problem. You don’t act all grumpy and snotty with everyone else in your vicinity.

Be CIVIL for crying out loud, is that too much to ask? Especially if your coworkers are also friends.

GEEESH, why are people so cranky???

Sorry. I’ve got a cold and so does my seven month old. I’m not getting enough sleep these days.

I’ll try to be nicer.

Now shut the fark up and get out of my office.


I thought this might be a personal pitting. Heh.

Sometimes you can get them to back off a little bit with a kind smile and a gentle reminder “We’re all on the same team, here.”

Or it might get you punched; depends on the mood.

I get pretty irked sometimes when I need someone’s assistance in another office so that our office can do what we’re assigned to do. For reasons I’ll never fathom, the person I call acts like I am just some bored citizen who came up with a random request to bother them with. Um, hello? We work at the same place? For the same general overall mission? Yes?