I'm tired of raising my nephews...

Its 6:37 am right now. I just got off work a half hour ago. All I want to do is go to sleep. But I can’t. The goblins(my nephews) need to be watched and fed. I’m really tired of watching them. Somehow in this household I became the designated babysitter for morning hours until they leave for school. My sister(their mom) left for work 20 minutes ago. My mom is busy getting ready for work. My dad has left the premises already. Brother is sleeping.(He got off of work around 1am) His girlfriend the designated babysitter for daylight hours is still sleeping. She went to sleep before I left for work. I’m tired of their bickering. I’m tired of how long it takes a 5 year old to get dressed. I’m tired of telling them 10 times to brush their teeth. I’m tired of telling them to stop “swordfighting” with their forks. These are not my kids. I’m sick of this. I’ve told my mom. But I’m required to do this. Theres no one else. I know they’re just doing “kids stuff”. But I made a vow when I was 16 that I’d never have kids. I don’t have the patience for them. I don’t have the patience for my nephews. I like them when they listen to me. I like them when they’re happy and obedient.(HA!) Today, I have to pick them both up from school too. Bro’s G/F has some kind of appointment. I never volunteered to babysit. But again, theres nobody else. Yeah, we could get a REAL babysitter. But they cost alot. More money than we can afford. The only thing I’m looking forward to right now is my boyfriend coming over with some…uhm…herbal medicine. Then we can scurry up to my room and relax, then I come downstairs in a different mood. A happier one.

Theres my rant for ya.


Ow… my eyes!