I'm tired of the old web acronyms. Let's spread some new ones.

It’s time for the web to move into a new era with new acronyms.

Here are my contributions (I can’t claim they are original, but I’m the first person I noticed using them):
[li]GLASG: Giggling like a school girl.[/li][li]IYKWIM: If you know what I mean, as in “I’d like to access her database, iykwim.”[/li][/ul]

BIARA: BIARA Is A Recursive Acronym


AGOTM: As God once told me.


Lets Not And Say We Did

Dates to 1992 on Usenet. The augmented form IYKWIM,AITYD (and I think you do) arose in 1995.


That’s What She Said!

OMO: Oh, my OG!


You Have GOT To Be Fucking Kidding Me!

YEMTBT? You expect me to believe THAT?

OJFO. Oh, just fuck off.

YAAM. You are a moron.

WDYB? Why do you bother?

I’m tired of TLDR.


Your Posted Message Contained Far Too Much Text To Retain My Attention. As Such, I Did Not Read It, Despite Any Thoughtful Or Otherwise Useful Content Contained Therein. I Invite You To Post A Shorter Message Emphasizing The Same Basic Ideas, At Which Point I Will Read Your Thoughts And Give Them The Attention They Deserve.

My friends and I have been using ISLAGIATT for some time, in letters, emails and even - so hate me - in conversation. It’s a good acronym in that it expresses something that commonly needs to be expressed, yet also works as a word that is fun to actually pronounce: Iss-La-Jiatt" or “Iss-La-Gi-Att” depending on whether you like your ‘g’ soft or hard.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

I also FCOC a lot, but only in written form.

Female Companion Of Choice.

I also think YHTBT should be more common than it seems to be.

You Had To Be There.


I’m Amazed You Typed All That Out.